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  • native cigs rolled in cherry leaves they call them longboy’s i believe, nice furniture they make there. Stairs? I’d call it a wobbly ladder! Yeah wood used here is often coconut lumber all cut with a chainsaw. We had to build 5 houses here in Buenavista Bohol and we were living in the US in Cerritos at the time.

  • Appreciate you documenting life with this family. I went through mandaue while in cebu during my stay, but only on a bus so I didn’t experience life in the neighborhood. Marylin such a sweet spirited girl. Very generous of you to offer walling off the upstairs. I think why so many expats go into the Philippines and marry a native is that their accepted and they know they can take their wife out of poverty and help the families. Not the case in united states. I’ve been back now almost 2 months and people hardly even speak to you, and the women ignore you.

    • Yes. But Merilyn doesn’t seem too interested in dating or the question never came up. But in conversation, I sense a level of intelligence in her. I hope this video goes viral like the last 1. I hope to use my YouTube earnings to sponsor her vocational education

    • @Q Adventures ya, I don’t think any respectable man would be looking at her that way. She’s just a kid. I was only speaking of some of the other natives of legal age.

  • a very humbling experience, all the respect and honor to you Derrick for showing this video!! Its just another part of showing how you give back!!! G-D Bless you !!!!

    • Thank you Bruce. I am most proud of this video. This family opened my mind to a different level

    • @Golden Gat if you want the bag, pls reach out to me via 1 of my contact options on my home page. would like to know which bag you would like so I can have the family make you a new one and get shipping info from you. thank you

    • @Golden Gate can you please reach out to me via 1 of the methods listed on my main page so I can send you some photos to see if you fancy any of the bags

  • Looks like Pihillipinos do not age well. All look chubby (alnbeit not as large as most Americans). Cute ss hell when young.

    • Well diet plays a huge role, if you’re eating almost nothing but rice and sometimes meat/fish then that will take a toll on your health and looks unfortunately

  • the brother is sitting there making shoes for gods sake with a disability this shows you the ingenuity of the Philippine people… Man that is something i could get behind, the craftsmanship of that furniture was fantastic, the fact my family used to do the same thing makes it even better! I would like to visit there when i come.

  • I hope you dont touch that young girl or you’ll be in jail or deported. The worse is get you you blacklisted.

  • Yes you are right that the chairs and couch ; this also include the table I saw in the camera . A lot of labor of love into it . I felt that the man did a outstanding job .

  • Thank you for helping out Marilyn’s family, you’re a good person 😊🤗🩷🍀🙌🙏 take care and God bless ❤👍

    • Thank you Bem. I will be uploading an update to the finished product of Marilyn’s home tomorrow. Make sure you tune in and share the joy with us

  • The veges are Swamp Cabbage , the best and expensive is Sweet Potato vines ,,, the big Prawns ( shrimp ) is a huge luxury 🙂

  • You’re the man Derek! Been binged watching all your vids! Keep it up and one day would like to enroll in your motorbike/scooter 101 class. Peace and keep it up! 🤘

  • I’m just curious, but you ask too much questions, sometimes personal, it’s okay if you need it to share people’s way of living! Maybe I am a private person, no concerns. South East Asians have different ways of living! It seems like you came from the U.S. with immigrant parents, U.S. has each diverse culture, were you born abroad? That’s why U.S. is a melting pot of races…But the real Americans are the native indigenous American Indians!

    • Yes. Am born abroad. I make videos for public view, so yes, I ask questions because I am curious by nature and the family is under no obligations to answer or even give me permission to post the vid

  • Well done to you mate, its something more people should see,,,,,these people are a beautiful race ….They are living proof that you dont need to have fame and fortune to smile and be a happy person… Ive been there a few times and enjoy each time Im there….Keep up the great work Derrick

    • Thank you Peter. I am glad you have Philippines experience. And I will do my best to keep you proud

  • The purse is nice Q adventures i’m a new subscriber at first i taught your caucasian then later found-out your not don’t get me wrong it’s really a compliment you have a slang dang God bless

  • I like your channel I have a suggestion my wife is Filipina and she said for me to speak in English slower is easier for Filipinos to understand you.

  • The furniture looks very nice! Looks like a very good quality product at a very reasonable price! I truly wish this family the very best with their business. I really appreciate you sharing this documentary and wish this family the very best in life and their future.God Bless.🙏🏻👍

  • Good interview, educational, engaging and enjoyable. Thank you , keep up the good work! I subbed on this video!

    • Thank you for the support of my channel. It helps me further my commitments here and hopefully, one day, earn the title of philanthropist

  • You gave 1,000 Peso for food ? That’s $26.09 Australia dollars. That’s not much money for food for every body ??

    • I’ve considered that. But I’ve experienced that the very people I am trying to help gravitate to her when she is there, words gets lost in translation, and I never get the full understanding to do the best I can

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I am mentoring her in the background and helping her family structure an LLC to manage her channel. I continue to pay for her internet service so she and her siblings can maintain their school grades

    • No. You read it wrong brother. Although she is 18 it’s just a sign of respect and gratitude. No romanticism

  • I really need to learn about importing. His work is fantastic. It would be really cool to get a few pieces, but also offer for sale in my market space.

    • Yes. If you figure it out, please reach out. We can have them construct the frame a little different for better packaging and shipping

  • Very interesting.
    Their daughter is quite pretty.
    I can imagine what piles of rotting oyster shells in my living area, and poop in the river just feet away from the living space must smell like. I don’t see how anyone could eat local seafood near there, knowing their own refuse was washed into the sea. I’d like to visit there, but not live in an area like that. There are good parts of the Phils where living conditions are much less toxic. The toxic cesspools of stagnant polluted water seem like something I wouldn’t want to get within several miles of. I wish birth control was a thing these days. Seeing people living in these horrific areas seems hard to imagine in a way. Thanks for educating us. Stay healthy.

    • Sorry Terry. Unless you are physically in the Philippines, the shipping cost makes the costs absurdly high. Nobody wins but the shipping company. We tried it. We are hoping to find a wholesaler or retailer that would put in a big order to make the shipping worthwhile

    • @Q Adventures duly noted. If Angel’s channel to reach millions in the long haul, they need to post on FB ( they pay 💰💰💰 & to reach million numbers need to post on TikTok, Snapchat (millions her age group reach) also on Instagram & create another channel exclusively to reach the locals through Tagalog Besaya language. No hard & fast rule but like school homework with proper focus & methodical manner just create 8 to 30 minutes of content & prior to doing just discuss & kind of have a script in mind , without just going on adhoc manner & by reaching millions of numbers then can introduce MERCH, exclusively products of Phillipines , in the long run it could bring in solid 💰💰💰& she / parents needs someone who guide mentor/ guide them continuously since their scope capacity cannot grasp the potential & accidentally when I tumbled upon your first vlog on her when YouTube highlighted it to me, I viewed it & she was eloquent & got talent & she needs to take control of the camera & speak her heart / mind with guidance from another to create that 8-30 minute content. What I see is 💰💰💰 7 figure greenback income not just the short term monitization or PayPal/ buy me coffee factor. With solid sponsorship deals. When I say 7 figure greenback I mean it , it’s 101% practical down to earth manner could be achieved but needs someone to guide them

    • @casscass11aa oh yeah… those baskets are natural. But I don’t know where it’s sourced. Locally for sure, but what city, I don’t know

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