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    • I really appreciate that Denis. I am resourceful here and share my thoughts with you how to simplify things during your trip, if this is your 1st time.

    • I got you Denis. There are so many ways to get the same thing accomplished here. When you get here, I’ll share whatever wisdom I have and you can make of it however you wish

  • Derek you found a great Filipina. Happy for the both of you. Hope to join you in the PI and find me a great amazing Filipina too..

    • It’s in Lapu-Lapu City, which is just across the bridge from cebu proper. Next summer is quite far still, by that time, I will have other rental spots. Reach out a month prior to your travels and I will present to you options

  • Hey what’s up Derek! I’m American living in Abu Dhabi with a Filipina GF. We both work. I see ur Lucky enough to be retired early at 44 congrats brother. What about ur GF? Does she work or are you supporting her and her family? Good Luck with your channel 😎

    • Hey Willy. Thank you for your support of my Channel. I love your line of questions and wished I could answer it in detail. But in brief, she was a Dental Office Manager/assistant. But we decided together for her to resign due to her unbalanced wage vs work schedule and I am helping her in developing an entrepreneurial spirit. She makes more money selling vietnamese coffee out of our home with a simple sign up on our door than working at the dental office. We also rent motorbikes out of our home and dabbling in other stuff for fun

  • Wat up Derek, I can’t wait to meet you and Sunshine, like you I have that entrepreneurial spirit and have lots of questions.

    • Yeah bro. It’s like going back in time with alien advanced knowledge here. Tactics that are obsolete at home works wonders here

  • Thanks 🙏 for sharing . I wish you great success ! Honestly like a lot of men in the USA I’m looking for a different life ! I don’t know how but I will find away to live in the Philippines 🇵🇭 full time before I reach retirement age . It’s inspiring to me to see guys like you that are trying to live a better life ! 😊

    • The planning is much more difficult, Michael. I talk to a few subscribers and the general consensus is the over planning. Before coming, my mind was already certain that this is where I want to be. And every action at home was supporting this decision

  • You guys are a great couple! Good topic. It gives me hope for the future. Making my first trip in February to the Philippines.

    I wish I could have Vietnamese food in the Philippines. (Pho 🍲is the best)

    • Load up on your vietnamese pho before you come here, Chris. Pho here are far in between and it’s junk. Maybe I am more critical growing up eating pho

  • Hello I have been doing some research about traveling to Thailand or the Philippines and happened to to see your guys channel which is great. But I would love to travel to the Philippines this year and wanted to know what time of the year is best to travel out there and if your extra room would be available to rent for a week or 2? Thanks Jonathan from Arizona

    • Hey Jonathan. Thank you for subscribing. The weather here is tropical, sunny and humid pretty much yr round. Anytime you can make it is pretty much the best time. Maybe I am biased and Google your specific activities you enjoy. Or ask me specific questions so I can see how I can help

    • I don’t mind Bob. It was filipinocupid.com. HOWEVER… I highly discourage it. 95% of users there are either fake or scammers. Ai was a very special situation and I lucked out. I am considering doing my very 1st Livestream in the next week speaking on this topic as a community awareness and presenting better options. Or feel free to whatsapp or messenger me. Usa # +1’626-626-6347

  • Nice to see people willing to acknowledge the Wokism culture invading America. I’m making my move later this year.

    • My pleasure brother. I also have accommodation and bike rental. But if you also like to do tourist stuff like parasailing, jetskiing, etc. I got some juice with the locals

    • @Q Adventures I’m a 40yr old guy from England my dream has been to travel and live in the Philippines if I’m honest I’ve been very nervous about traveling alone and thought maybe I’m too old but having found this channel I must say you are a inspiration brother 👍

    • @Q Adventuresforgive me if I’m prying but I’m just curious about your bike rental service; both cuz I may be a customer soon but also interested in how feasible it is to start a small venture. Is Ai part or whole owner? I’m looking to start a small software shop while I’m living there but maybe I’m fine just going through us channels since our customers would more likely be US customers anyway?… lots to learn 😅

    • Yes. So does a regular driver’s license from your home country. Just any driver’s license that tells me you are legal to drive

    • @Q Adventures just wondered because I’ve seen a few other youtubers talking about getting a license. I assume if stay long term would need to so that.

    • Your local license is good in the Philippines for 90 day(3 months). Thereafter, it is your obligation to get a filipino driver’s license. Which is a very easy and quick process. It’s called a license conversion. You just complete an application, they take a photo, pay a small fee, get your filipino license and keep your home license

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