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  • It’s funny but the comment I was going to leave was exactly as the person with the name Eddy wrote. I’ve lived here, Guimaras Island, since February, we snorkel every week. Love seeing all the tropical fish, you could check my video posted recently, two types of Threadfin. I’m just throwing this out there if no one has mentioned. It looks like your goggles were a bit foggy, if you put just a few drops of baby shampoo on each side (inside) then rinse, your goggles will stay clear. Your photography looked fine, it takes practice. Good luck to you both

    • @Philippines One Love that is awesome, what do think is the best snorkeling? We go to SEAFDEC and Ava Marie mostly, I’ve posted a few videos of Guimaras, just curious what spots you liked, also decent at Tahi beach by Gissie

    • @Bj Eddy 😁 im certainly not an avid diver ,, or Snorkeling , but its worth Putting the goggles on just to see ,like i did for a couple of hours .. I’m just trying to Promote Guimaras island to any one who has not been ,, my sea adventures are on a Boat catching fish , then you can Reap the reward ,, 😋 in Guimaras we stayed on the Neegrense side of the island ,, San lorenzo ,, Sibunag got a Boat from Pulipandan ,, about 1hr very Choppy ,, still enjoyable ,, the only time we ventured inland was to taste the Manggo Pizza 😋 also visit the Light house ,, Did a couple of island hopping tours ,, Had a wonderful time there ..
      Any one who reads this if you are near ILOILO OR BACALOD go to Guimaras island ,, you will Love it ❤

  • Try using music during your underwater filming. It would offer much more production value versus hearing your breathing and the water noises.

  • Thanks for sharing. My humpday consists of dust and debris on the construction site. I want to be like you, your my hero.

  • I’m glad too see you both enjoying life together, Derick has done so much for others, its time for him to rest a spell~Ya’ll stay safe~William~USA

  • Comon man your not old, do some abs gym work you’l feel just like your 20s. You are such a nice person

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