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  • Good luck. I hope you make your money back. Id be paranoid that they would drive off and sell it. You know if they ever do that the police will never find their asses

  • Q: Too bad you don’t offer car / taxi services…I’m here in Cebu now and trying to find a trustworthy car service its damn near impossible , and even from the high end hotel I’m staying at.

  • I saw your interview with Paul in Dumagete, and thought I would see what your channel was all about. Good luck with your new enterprises, and life there. I have been married to a Filipina for 30 years, all happy. She is from Davao City where we lived for many years before returning to Australia, as she considered I had become too old to be away from my free health cover here.

    • Thank you, Larry, for your support.

      Longevity in marriage is more likely with a filipina and I congratulate you in your marital bliss

  • Good luck ,rental its a good business,buy Sym brand in Europa everybody using Sym in rental, cheap and very reliable,same as Honda.Dont throw money on Honda , Yamaha,but dont buy China junk brands. I have a friend in Palawan ,an expat with scooter business

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for a Sym Dealer here. Give me your buddy’s contact in Palawan. Planning to head that way soon.

    • Hi Tynu. What is the name of your friend’s motorbike rental in Palawan? A number or web web perhaps. I have a customer that is heading to Palawan next week and said he can’t find rentals there. I wanted to point him to the right direction with motor rentals in Palawan

  • Mana ko like ma’am Ako to emo ka storya sa deca 3 ma’am katong naai ni hunong na sakyanan ma’am salamat kaau Ikaw ni daghan nimo motor ma’am mayta tagaan ko nimo osa ma’am

    • Thank you sir for subscribing to our Chanel and helping me safe the other night…just keep watching to our content we will do give aways from time to time.

  • Hi I’m dimitri from Europe Athens Greece. I’m planning to vist the Philippines.. Can I pls get your whatsap and your fb.. So when I’m ready to travel to message you.. Thank you.. Happy holidays 🎄

    • Yes!!! of course. Both, WhatsApp and fb messenger, are registered to my USA number. +1-626-626-6347. Thank you for your subscription and support, Dimitri

  • I just subscribed. Cebu(Mactan) is an area I plan to visit when I get out there in about a year when I retire. Renting a scooter for a few days or a week would be very convenient. I also like the room rental video that’s available that Sunshine Shoulders posted on his channel.

    • Thank you Napoleon. By next yr, I will have a lot more options. Be sure to reach out 1 month before boarding your flight

  • i am planning to go to cebu in june this year. I was wondering if I can rent your motorbike to go from Cebu Airport to Badian? Thank you.

    • Yes, of course. I do not have milage restrictions, upu are free to go to any island, and my scooters are well equipped. Please whatsapp me at +1-626-626-6347

    • It can, but you will be violating many traffic laws. Because you are going long distance, you are more exposed and it will be a miserable ride for 4 people. If you also savvy with a scooter, I recommend renting 2 scooters and each carry 1 child (depending on their age and how savvy they are being a passenger). Otherwise, traveling with 2 children (depending on age), taking v hire or ceres bus is much safer

    • I just realized from your last name that we are countrymen. Whatsapp me if you wish. +1-626-626-6347

    • Sorry for the delay in my response. Whatsapp me at +1-626-626-7347 or messenger with the same number derek quach

    • Pretty much, yes. Cost of doing business here vs there are absurdly different so it affects the price

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