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    • In infant stage of putting together a resource center so kids have access to a variety of resources including free internet

  • Is there any Malls near by? Maybe a bigger store has what you need. Since it so hot take them swimming to cool off.

    • My channel is not big enough to afford mall shoes for so many kids yet. Maybe one day… we all live 5 minutes walk to the pacific ocean. They swim all the times

  • Surprisingly, knockoffs can be comfortable. It is hit or miss. You’re a good man for helping these kids out.

    • I bought some legit sketchers at the mall for a cool handy and it fell apart like duck lips at the 1st sign of rain. Everything here is hit or miss

    • I would say that since basically everything is made in china nowadays “knockoffs” may not even be knockoffs anymore. They may just be real Nikes that didnt go to the use and sold out of china warehouse.

    • Have you seen the price for used ones there? I was looking for a pair there. In what I called the flea markets. I couldn’t find anything that fit. Used shoes are big there, for sale

    • Yes Eddy. I see them all the times. But never cared to look at prices as I never wanted to wear stinky used shoes…😂😊 also, if you are over size 10, it’s difficult to find here in the Philippines

  • That begs the question of where to find a local cobbler. Sadly, it’s a dying breed, but if you can find a good one, they can be very beneficial to know. They’ll also be a lot more knowledgable in helping find the perfect fit. Younge kids grow so fast they should try to get a half size larger so they can grow into them instead of lasting half the year. The most forgiving footwear for sizing is the sports sandals with straps.

    • Yes, Jared. But both the boys plays basketball. So half size bigger is not ideal. They can resell it when it gets too small

  • @Q Adventures. I got something similar Derek last December wen me and my girlfriend was in Makati. 2 guys sell them on the side of the road and both pair were do good. You look after so many of them children bro..🙏🙏
    God bless man.🙏🙏

  • As always Derek , you’re helping somebody else, this time they’re kids that needs rubber shoes 👟. They’re really so happy. They’re just shy to show it to you 😊❤. Again Thanks to you. Stay safe and God bless 🙌 🙏 ❤️

    • Thank you and I am aware. Most of this community knows me and we are in the wide open with parent’s permissions

  • Many children have never had shoes in their lives and never been cto school yes never sometime s they hide the fact

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