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    • @Q Adventures that’s so cool it’s always good to have friends that push up to try different things. I thought it was cool he had a Georgia Tech hat on that’s from my neck of the woods

  • Hi U2👋! A very nice adventure to experience 👍. Let me know if you found Starbucks in the forest?? LOL 😂. Thanks for sharing brother BUDHA🙏Blessings 🙏🌸🌺🌼

  • In the next episode Ai fights off an attack from a giant Komodo Dragon, will Jay’s barbecued lizard steaks pass the taste test and Derek forages for magic mushrooms. 😉🦎🍄

    • ​@Q Adventures Oh yeah, I’d make a great film producer 😐Fortunately those Dragons don’t swim too far from their island homes. Psylocybin mushrooms do grow in the wild there but Duterte has sort of made their usage illegal so although it would make excellent viewing to see you all take a psychedlic trip, the survival course you’d have to take in prison afterwards trying to protect your ass wouldn’t. Stay safe guys and watch out for poisonous snakes. 👋

  • Good learning video. Would love to do this next time im in the Phils again. Plz video if you get hit by 🐒💩🤣👍. Enjoy your adventure, looking forward to your next jungle video👍. Stay safe guys!!!

  • I love bolo’s, but it being illegal to carry blades, can you say it’s for survival training?
    If it’s sunny out, you can use a clear plastic baggy and fill not quite halfway with water. Twist it into a teardrop shape and get the air out of the bag and it can be used to magnify the sunrays.
    One good multipurpise tool to have around a camp besides a
    swiss army/hobo knife is an entrenching shovel, just be sure it’s a decent one not made in China.
    Bamboo is extremely versatile material. Naturally antibacterial/antimicrobial, lightweight with high tensile strength. Just be careful when you’re cutting it up, the edges can be razor sharp unless sanded down.

  • You joke about eating monkey but I worked with a Venezuelan guy that ate some meat and then he’s friends told him he ate monkey.

  • As a survivalist in North America it’s interesting to learn survival in other climates with the nature available to you. Thanks for bringing us along 👍👍

  • Hand full or small sack of uncooked rice. Was lucky enough to find bamboo bats, and they had a captive monkey die of a heart attack was the 2 proteins we got to try. Along with some plants we gathered on our hikes. Learned how to get water from vine, how to make a bamboo rice cooker, and make utensil from bamboo. Seems very similar to the Armed Forces ones. This was so awesome, brought back fond memories. ty you lady and sirs.

    • Jay is the Marine who introduced me to this. He took this course during his training days. This time, we only took the 3 day course that is much less aggressive than the ones you and Jay took

  • Hi guys, very interesting video with many good ideas if lost in the jungle. I’ll still carry my bic lighter in my back pocket. LOL Stay safe guys.

  • Now I know how to start a fire if I am ever in a jungle with bamboo. Great content .. keep it up Derek . Love it!

  • In the Philippines rural country side, oftentime ul see farmers with bolo holstered around the waist all the time whenever they venture out, except going to the village main plaza or town.

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