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  • That’s a nice gesture, but flip flops are a cultural thing. Watch a video of someone building a structure somewhere in PI and most of the construction crew are in flip flops.

    • @franklentz5388 as much as it is a cultural thing I think the culture stems from an economy point. Many small business owners have a hard time feeding their families even though they own a business. I just think name brand sneakers are very low on the priority list after food, basic clothes, housing and education and buy then there probably isn’t a budget so they kids are resourceful and work with what they have. I remember in an older video Marylynn’s brother repairs shoes for other people to extend the life of the shoe and also earn money for his family.

  • I love the fact that you support the local businesses instead of hopping on a bus to the mall. You definitely deserve customer of the year award for that shoe store. Nice work and Shoutout to Tino for the great deed.

  • I don’t see why this good deed needs to be put on film especially when their are kids on film..this is my opinion ..I also do help people mostly in the Philippines but never once I thought to myself let me film it.

    • Kudos to you, but at the same time, give some room for others to do as they do and not everyone should do what you do. I am a vlogger. Let me spread words of kindness in hopes to influence others to do the same whether with a camera or quietly

    • Derek is reating awareness and contributing to a good cause, it needs appreiciation and more should support with contribution so more kids in neighborhood can benefit

    • Ok, you wrote 2h ago. So maybe try read all comments under this video and maybe something will come to your mind.

  • Maybe somewhere in my mind I know these are human beings and despite their circumstances by no means at all I want them to feel belittled

  • Good job 👍. I’m glad that at least one kid chose the Converse. They’ll be the most durable of the selection.
    I wonder if there’s a market over there for milirary surplus. I know they’re sold for pennies on the dollar for odd sizes over here. They’re contracted to produce a certain amount of every size, but very few will wear a size 4.5. They’re sold pretty much for the cost of shipping just to make room.

  • Thank you Derek and to the donor for the donation. I hope that all expats would step and help others from time to time.

  • I’m just curious. Are those shoes Chinese knock-offs or ‘real’ branded shoes – also made in China or Vietnam, etc.

  • those show can last long if they take care of them, lot of chinese here in jamaica and they sell those shoe from their wholesale stores

  • Derek, you’re walking on the wrong side of the road. ALWAYS walk on the side with the TRAFFIC COMING TOWARDS YOU.. That way you can see the bikes/cars/trucks coming towards you. I had a friend who was hit from behind and was handicapped for life. Spread the word. Nice gesture BTW

  • @Q Adventures. Great job again Derek and seeing you help so many of these kids and bring a smile to their faces.
    It’s crazy to think that young water boy only earns 3.50 pesos a day. What I would earn in a day he probably wouldn’t earn in one week.😢😢
    Philippines salary is so poor.😔

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