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    • most are disapproved but the US embassy loves to schedule them because this is the money maker for them on the fee’s they charge. meanwhile CR1/IR1 take years to get the interview.

    • @@qadventures the only disadvantage is when you apply for a CR1/IR1 they will ask if you have applied for any type of visa before, if yes they will scrutinize you even closer because they will think you are visa shopping. The entire US immigration system is screwed up. Filipinos should be given the same courtesy Americans receive when visiting the Philippines.

    • ​@vwandtiny3769 Why? Unlike Americans, filipinos are one of the nationalities well-known known for over staying on their visa.

      Maybe there should be something for our former colony. But we should also get something in return.

  • The bay behind the US Embassy on Roxas Blvd was terribly polluted and visibly unclean until the previous President was elected- im not being political here just how it was- rubbish everywhere but it looks nice now —

  • Love him or not love him Pres Duterte did a mammoth clean up job!
    Did you visit Mall of Asia while you were there?

  • Derek, you just invented your slogan for the shoe giveaway program, “one Sole at a Time”. Good Luck tomorrow Ai 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

  • Good day my friend! Shout out to the gentleman that set you up with the condo. Good looking out. I just left Manila Metro in November and in some areas it is clean and beautiful. I’m not giving anyone credit or blaming anyone but all places in the Philippines could be clean if the people wanted to keep it clean. Ai we are praying for you with your visa process. I love the Philippines I love the people of the Philippines and Im proud to get to live there for periods of time

    • The fastest way to come to the USA , you need to return to the USA, then petition you’re gf as fiancée visa unless they gave you another info. Two of my nieces came in the USA with Fiancée visa. Took only three months.

  • Aloha my braddah! Can’t wait to show you the island and meet the two of you in person. Gonna be a lot of eating and laughing 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Ai is so perfect fit for u. It is so important to have woman like that in your life. Most man not even realise how important good partner is.

  • After the one time I ate street food, I had a type of food poisoning. Because of improper cooking.

    Even if the street food is safe to eat, I will never eat street food again.

    • @@qadventures I have learned, I will always eat at Home before I go out anywhere. Even if we are going to a restaurant.

      Why You ask…. 🤔

      Thank You for asking. 😉

      Because I may not like the food. For health reasons.

  • Hi Derek, I did the K1 visa for my gf by myself also. Submitted it back in July 2023. We’re still waiting for approval with US embassy interview in Manila. Good Luck, bro!🙏

  • Good luck with your application Ai, Lina says, just convince the Immigration Officer that you are genuine and will be returning to Cebu after your vacation in the USA. All the best from us here in New Zealand. Bob n Lina.

  • Poverty / planning. Decades ago, a family needed many children because manual labor was needed to work the family farm and there was little machinery. Today not.

  • Oh my goodness – so exciting for you and Ai to be planning a trip to Hawaii – y’all are going to love it – my son went there on vacation a couple of years ago. Good luck on your visa Ai!! ♥♥♥

  • @Q Adventures. God bless you Derek and Ai.🙏🙏
    Good luck to Ai hopefully she can get sorted.😍🙏

  • 500 peso taxi ride? That’s insane. I’ve heard bad things about the trike and taxi drivers charging extortionate rates to foreigners.

  • I hope Ai gets the visa even though I think it’s not going to be easy. That wide beach reminds me of the beaches in Florida. 🏝🇵🇭

  • Hi Derek,
    The most important criteria in granting a Non-Immigrant tourist visa ( B1-B2 travel for business and/or leisure ) is overcoming a written public law of the United States which treats every applicant ‘the presumption of Immigrant Intent.’ In other words the applicant has to convince the Consular Officer that she has strong and binding personal ( familial ), economic ( own property in the Philippines, financially able to support herself to travel ) and Professional ( stable Job with growth opportunity, or in the case of students actively enrolled in a reputable university ) TIES that will bind her to the country of origin and implicitly guarantee her return.
    So the burden falls upon the tourist visa applicant to OVERCOME the PRESUMPTION of IMMIGRANT INTENT.
    Good Luck !

    • Wow!!! That’s a great perspective. But still, I would focus on mentoring kids for, hopefully, a lifelong result

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