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  • I saw on the internet that there a couple limitations which can occur on US dollar bills, but not on the peso bills. Lightly folded bills that don’t break the fiber, are acceptable 1000 peso bills. This is a quick research on the subject.

    • You are correct. I have gotten turned down for small pen marks on US currencies but I simply went to the next store and they took it.

    • Great!!! If you need a scooter rental, pls let me know. Otherwise, enjoy everything the Philippines has to offer

  • that is insane. After watching your video, I did some research. The new 1k bill is made from polymer (plastic) Bending it would really damage the bill and would crumble over time unlike paper bills. You have to keep it completely clean. The only wallet that this can fit in are IR protected wallet that protects debt and credit cards from being scanned and cloned. That type of wallet flat and ridged. I applaud Philippines efforts in recycling plastic there is way too much plastic in the ocean which damages the Eco system which fish and other sea creatures consume.and hurt by it. However, this is not a practical use of recycled material. There are approximately 5.25 trillion pounds of macro and micro plastic pieces floating in the ocean–not to mention trash.Thanks for the heads up.

  • I’m now watching your video on the driving course I live in Chicago and Angeles City Philippines I’m often told by friends are you crazy driving a bike in the Philippines my main comment to them is I feel much safer riding a bike here than I do in the US because there are so many bikes and scooters that people are much much more aware of you!!

  • Bahala wla koy bago 1000,basta di lng ko mka bayad og 20k og mapilo🤣🤣🤣 shout out from Masiwa seafoods.

    • Yes. I get it Bryan. I just thought it was hilarious when Ai informed me what is said amongst the locals so i made the video. Some local subscribers also encouraged me to stay away from the new bills in the Philippines and my water delivery person and a restaurant declined to accept it. Still… what is said in my video is not matter of fact.

  • Folding a bill does not change its value. They are just being idiots. Even the American dollar if it has marker on it or slight tear some in Philippines will deny it. US Treasury says even if you have 60% of the bill it’s still valid at face value.

  • Next time you go to grocery and they hand you back a crumpled up urine sweat soaked P50 tell the cashier. “Sorry I can’t accept this”

    • Thank you for the humor brother. I never stated the money is worthless if folded. Only the local merchants are hesitant to accept but I love it when ppl live outside the phils and chime in on how non factual I am when I never stated anything matter of factly.

    • @Q Adventures Nah I’ve been going to the Philippines for several decades just got back a few months ago. Sorry wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth. It’s just lame how they won’t accept their own currency because it’s folded. If the merchant won’t then as long as the bank or money changer will it’s hassle but all good in the end. As long as the person doesn’t get stuck with a worthless bill. As you stated it’s 3 days pay for some

  • They look ALOT like the currency in Britain ” Plastic Notes ”
    If you crease them its PERMANENT!
    Thats probably why they dont want people to do it.

  • This sounds beyond absurd. Paper-like money is meant to be folded. If what you say is true, the I.Q. of those officials at the P.I. treasury is in serious question.

  • at lest now the people there in philippines knows how every expats feels why in th ephilippines theye will not take any america money that is folded too. maby with this new philippines new money they will start to take america money that is folded now. not to refused not to take folded america money. ask any expats from any country they will tell you this is nothing new to any expats the philippines been doing this to expats with there money from there countrys for meany meany years now. they jsut need to stop not accepting any folded money it makes no sense to us at all when in are own country they take any folded money. all this is jsut foolish for a country not to take any money that is folded.

  • That is RIDICULOUS, but it is in the Philippines, nothing makes sense there, when you have a president who likes to be called BONG-BONG.. or BONKERS would be better as a British word, anyway a man called leading your country called BONG-BONG you really know your in deep trouble..ingat..

    I Subscribed and will be back in Cebu this November..Regards from Ray a very normal name as my British parents were normal..lol

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