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  • Please calm, I watch your videos, I wish you didn’t need to have the click bate images. I understand, LOL don’t worry! You both are doing a great job explaining the situation there. That is what I enjoy! I am not saying anything bad! You are doing a great job!!! Please understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I understand I really do, I wish it was a click bate but honestly in reality it’s happened to me in walking street exactly on that day🤣

  • Ai you are incorrigible, that was pure clickbait and I fell for it. Shame on me though I guess! Best moment was Derek trying to explain that the camera is focused on you and not the bar girls😀. A good christian boy like myself is struggling to think of a good reason to hang around that part of the city to be honest but maybe I could be tempted by the excellent food or something……yeah let’s go with food😎

    • I wish it was a clickbait but in reality it’s totally happened to me in walking street exactly on that day🤣to be honest I have so much fun in walking street but also my nightmare because of what happened but I didn’t let that to ruin my nigh😅

  • I have been to that street to enjoy the treats in the 80’s when I was deployed there many times. LOL> The base puts out a list and numbers on them who tested positive for STDs – so you can see which of your gfs have it. hahaha!!

  • It’s not the place I would want to see. A lot of eye candy, and all the beer you can drink. Q. Keep your hands off. Just kidding. We know you’re there to promote her Vlog.

  • I have to ask, why are you 3 doing in Angels city? Not your kind of thing. Many Vlog are done there, we all like the walk about. Seeing the city and people there.

    • We’re there because of my curiosity coz for me it’s nice and it’s better to see and hear from my own eyes and ears the things that I hear from other people😊

  • Hi my AI another cool video you are really entertaining you Derrick always have some interesting stuff I enjoyed the town you’re always having fun makes me want to go out and have fun I hope I made both of but go out to the Philippine sometime I think you’re both a lot of fun and very nice people have a great vacation and thanks again😊😊😊

  • I will be there next month and didn’t know where to find my favorite food. I liked this video because you showed me where the Silog places were so thanks.

  • With the sparkle shorts and tank top Ai is lucky she wasn’t propositioned as the guys hooted a little when she passed the bar but Derek and Jay being with her kept the guys away. Now if they did the one in Cebu might have more ladyboys from what i’ve seen in videos.. haha surprised so many families walking

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