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  • In 2006 (when I still worked), I almost married a student teacher from Davao. She worked as a teacher, and that paid her tuition. When I went there, I paid for her graduation and proposed. 6 months later, I had a near death experience, and she decided that our relationship was mostly based on the money I had spent on her for the past two years. Today, she is happily married, has 5 children, and her husband thinks of me as a dear friend. BUT, I am now totally retired, 71, and barely survive financially. If I was to hit the lottery (LOL), I’d go back a third time and visit all my family I fell in love with (See the photo). But, as the saying goes: you can not save the world. May God bless this beaautiful lady; and if someone does come to her, I hope and pray it is not someone that will take advantage of her. Huggs, and thank you Ai.

    • Come on, coyote. She is a good girl. Bar girls have a heart and feelings too, man. What’s the difference between a bar girl and your ex-wife? Not much, really. She did you good behind your back, probably in your own bed, and on top of that took you to the cleaners. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in the Phillies…

  • It is life’s reality but or this 68 year old man it hurts my heart knowing nothing good will come of this journey for her

    • I think she is a very nice sweet girl I think she will do well in life she is not doing anything wrong she is heading in the right direction she is working hard for her money senior service talking to Lonely People a lot of men are lonely and just need somebody to talk to it’s not always about sex you keep up the good work I am proud of you think positive and don’t let anyone get you down God bless you Jesus loves you good luck in school I know you will do good in life sincerely Dennis and thank you AI for bringing this lovely girl on your video show touch my heart❤😊

    • The best career for a Filipina is to find a foreigner and then do all these silly things, like college, while on a full stomach. The Philippines is a different monster and in literally a handful of years, she will be unemployable, with college degree or not. She needs to find herself her own Tim K.

  • I think she is a very sweet girl and I think she is not doing anything wrong she is just talkin to man that are lonely and need a friend it’s not always about sex I give her credit for going to school and trying to get ahead in life she’s not letting life obstacles get in her way you seems very very sweet girl she will do good in life no matter what she does has a lot of ambition nobody should ever judge her they should praise her for what she is trying to accomplish God bless her Jesus loves her thank you AI for always making nice videos this video really touched my heart❤😊 sincerely Dennis from New Jersey

    • She is wasting her time with college and all that bar nonsense. In a few years, she will be unhirable anyways due to her age, no matter how much college she has on her.. The best long term career for a Filipina is to find herself an AFAM, and then do her college thing, for fun if she wants, with a full stomach. Her age clock is ticking.


  • Is hrm like hotel management? Intercourse like learning all the operations and jobs having to do with a hotel? I think that would be a really good course to have because it teaches you business and how to run a business.

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