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  • malls are so fun. WE have one indoor mall here in fort Wayne, Indiana. (usa) lot of outlet malls

    • It’s not a Walmart but there is a store like Walmart. I can’t think of the name and a store that Carry’s Kirkland brand like Costco that’s a membership store but not Costco.

  • I just unsubscribe I thought it’s angels channel she’s just using her to get more subs. I hope she share her income with sngel

    • @Will N Listen i’m not even monitize yet but i do my best to help gel specially her confident infront of the camera as she want to become a vlogger…

    • @Will N So your solution would be just to give a bunch of kids from the mountains a gopro and YouTube channel and set them free online with no mentorship, training or adult supervision? Think about how your comment came across, Ai and Derek are both spending alot of time and effort in setting Gel up for her dream of being a vlogger. Derek stayed behind the scenes because that’s his style but he also said after a few videos that he didn’t feel it was appropriate for him to keep focusing on children or one family as he did his part and would continue his help behind the scenes and pass the baton to Ai to show gel about vlogging. Setting up a successful YouTube channel is more than just turning on your camera and making a video. Gel’s channel will focus more on her life and what her and her parents decide is right for her channel regardless of if anyone likes it or not. Your comment was also unfair to Gel, to you it was just another kid in a western shopping mall, to her it was her first time there and a dream to go and her first movie in a cinema and riding an escalator. What’s normal to you and me is not to her, this is new and exciting for her and if she cannot have fun regardless of what any of her viewers think what’s the point of it? Please be respectful as I’m sure Gel reads the comments and deserves to laugh and have fun with her family doing whatever they want and not what you and your gf want to see. Just be patient and respectful to everyone involved please.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Chill that’s why they got editors. Edit the content by responsible adult. The little girl is more shy now Confused. No need training let kids be kids. What a crock angel popularity is going down. You getting viewers interested in Ai and not Angel. Ai and Angel attracts different group of people. She needs an editors let her make her own content and get a good editor many talented editor in pinas. Ai is not she needs an editors herself

    • @Will N This will be my last reply but just to be clear, the only valid point in your comment was that AI and Gel attract a different group of people. Now, since Gel is from a rural mountain community with sparse internet at best and now has a YouTube channel with no content at all yet and almost 650 subscribers, who exactly do you think all those people are? Surely not her classmates, but Derek and Ai’s community who also see something special in her just like they do. My best advice is sit back and enjoy the show or move on with your negativity. You do not get paid for YouTube subscribers and Ai stated her channel is not even monetized yet so she is not in it for financial gain but because she has a good heart and wants to help a young girl fulfill her dreams. If one day she is monetized and makes some money from the story than good for her there is nothing wrong with that.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 ching ching let your retirement check do the talking. You freaking too late Q adventure got angel wifi already that’s just prove it you only thinking with your lil head.

  • Ai, hello from North Carolina! I love your videos and what you do. Please be careful. It’s probably okay to ride around in the back of the truck in the countryside, because there usually is very little traffic, but in the city at those speeds and very busy traffic, it is so very dangerous. I’m sorry to be critical, because I think you and Derek are the best!

    • Fnally is correct. I had a childhood friend fall out & get killed. I love your vids & Gel is an angel. Her whole family is amazing.

    • The two times I was in the Philippines, the only fast travel was in a Jeepney or bus out on the open roads. Inside the city, it is so crowded, they travel about 10-20 MPH. A little over one million people live in the City of Cebu. Many million more all around Cebu. It’s not like the U.S. or Germany with 90 MPH freeways. But, of course, always be safe.

  • Just remember many people will say you can’t help everyone in the world but that’s ok because when you help one person like Gel you change there world you and your husband is a blessing to the world 🙏😇

  • The country girl for the first time coming to the city ” I want to ride the elevator ” lol anyone seen the movie Crocodile Dundee 🤣!

  • If no one is going to say it then I will, It’s so nice of you to treat Gel and her family with western style activities,but Gel looks very embarrassed and anoid at times, maybe minimize having the camera in her face and let her enjoy these experience, or give the other sister camera time and show her some attention before they start fighting…. Just a suggestion 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Great video, however, I was very concerned about the safety of those riding in the back of the truck…😲 Gel has a beautiful, supportive family from what I can tell. So cute to see Gel try to contain her excitement and remain composed as a vlogger -in-training. (I caught myself smiling throughout the entire video. Well done Ai. 👍🏼👍🏼)

  • Aww so precious and organic!! Not polluted with the city life! Does she have Venmo? Would like to donate to her!

    • no she don`t have i put the link of paypal for those people who wants to donate specially to gel…

  • Great trip to the mall and that make it a great video. Thank you for sharing. 🙂👍👍👍🙏

  • Love seeing Gel’s family with her for this mall visit. Awesome family and parents. The city is nice to visit, but stay country Gel.

  • Gel, and Ai: In 2008, I went to Ayala Mall (close to SM.) The children in my photo live in Hippodromo next to Ayala. Later, we all went to Dalaguet and visited family there. When we came back, I bought a bed for the family to sleep on and not use the floor. I have pictures of all the kids and a lady I was seeing then. This is exciting for me to watch you all going there for the first time. Ayala has 3 levels with the underground being a giant grocery and department store. I am having so much fun watching everything, and am signed up for Gel’s channel when she gets time to open. But, like parents say: “STUDIES FIRST”. Hope we can stay in touch as I watch you grow. Hugs from United States: Alabama.

    • OH i see hipodromo i have lots of memories there we back when i was a student thats the place where i am a working student before that area also is very near to the place where i grow up

    • @Philippines with Ai I met the ‘Gesim’ families and the “Romero’ families from the internet cafe there near their home. The adult ladies went to markets and then sold meats and vegetables at shops near the big church. Joanne was a seamstress and made dresses. All 4 children in my picture were my angels from 2008 til I lost my Facebook account. But, I’ll never forget EVERYTHING about all their lives. My love for them and Cebu is FOREVER. Thanks for the reply. Hugs!

  • 13:36! My favorite place to eat in Philippines: JOLLY BEES! Loved the ESCALATOR ride where the steps move. I laugh when Gel was ‘scared’ afraid the bottom was going to eat her. LOL!

    • thank you so much for supporting our chanel in behalf of angels chanel and QAdventure thank you so much we do aprecaite it god bless.

    • @Philippines with Ai I wish you guys all the best. I look forward to the videos on all 3 of your channels. 🙏

  • amazing day! good times, good times! Gel has a great intro and personality shines on the camera. that candy store, oh my goodness! 😮 happy for you guys, fun day, movie and all! Peace! great job Ai, keep up the great mentoring. 🤘

  • Awe.. I regularly tell my daughters…(12 & 14 yrs old)….. ” stay sweet” Alit to handle for any 12 year old.

  • Gel seems more shy now than the very first video when we all first met her. She was very open and talkative.

    Hopefully she will relax and just be herself because she’s very intelligent.
    I’m excited to see her in her new vlogs

    • yes as what she said shes shy on me coz im gone for 2 weeks coz i go home in my province….

  • It was nice to see you all having such a great time. I wish I could have joined you guys. 😄 That was a fun video.

    • yes she just shy at first but at the end she gonna make you lough shes sweet and adorable child😊

  • She is a very intelligent 12-year-old girl. I agree there is something about her. Not quite sure, but something. Let her keep being a child and stay humble. And don’t forget about the other children. They seem like well-mannered good kids.

  • Wow! That was another great video as always
    You have a new subscriber
    Stay always safe
    Take care and God bless

  • Ai , it is so good to see you help Gel . Can’t wait to see more of your videos and also what Gel puts on here YouTube sight

  • I just wanted to say great job on this video with Gel and her family it was so nice of you to treat her to a Mall visit and to see the xcitement and joy on Gel’s face as she experienced these things for the first time. I know from watching some of your partner Derek’s videos that you are working closely with Gel to help her be the best vlogger she can be. So I wanted to make one suggestion. It would be wonderful if you could get Gel to talk more. I understand she’s shy and all this is new to her but she is going to have trouble with her videos (my opinion) if she can’t express more of what she’s thinking and feeling. Video is only half of vlogging we the viewers also want to know what she’s thinking and feeling. There were two points in the video where I noticed her offering up what was going thru her mind on her own. One was when she was getting her candy for the movie and she said that she wanted to save the candy to take to school with her. Another was when you all were in the theater and she said that by the time you got done you all would be like this (and then she made a face with her eyes crossed). Now neither of these things offered important information but it did give an impression of what she was feeling. That;s what she needs to have more of in her videos. She’s not always going to have you or Derek there to ask things to get her to talk. There was one other video where she did a good job or talking and that was when she took Darek to see her family’s garden. She talked quite a bit in that one. So maybe when she’s doing a video she needs to imagine there is a person there walking with her just like Derek was that day and she needs to learn to have a conversation with that person she’s imagining just like she did with Derek. if she can learn to do that more it would really make her videos so much better. Anyqay, again, thanks for the wonderful video of Gel’s visit to the mall and thank you for all you and Darek are doing to help her at becoming a vlogger.

    • @Mark Preudhomme Gel did very well talking and showing her personality in the latest video she did with Ai. Alot of laughing and being goofy with each other. I think the mall was just very emotional as it was alot of firsts for her and she doesn’t yet know how to direct all those emotions to the camera. She will learn and become more comfortable as she gets more practice.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 I agree completely but do keep in mind when I made the comment you’re responding to that video had not yet been released. Also I wasn’t being critical of Gel for not saying much in the mall video. Rather I was saying that as her mentors they should really encourage more of that to increase her appeal to her subscribers when her channel goes live. Frankly i see the latest video as proof that they are doing just that. Also don’t get me wrong i’m not suggesting the latest video was only because of me. Rather I see it as Ai essentially agreeing with my point of view. Which to be fair, she likely already had that same opinion before I ever said anything. Seeing as how Ai is a very effective and talented YouTuber in her own right.

    • @Mark Preudhomme I completely understand your point I wasnt sure if you seen the last video yet shich is why i mentioned it because in my opinion it shows alot of growth in front of the caera for Gel. Yes its a silly video but if you notice she is naturally having a good time with Ai and the camera is just an afterthought which is good. Everything takes time.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Yeah it’s a bit of a silly video but they are having a good time and it’s impossible to hear Gel’s infectious laugh and not want to laugh along with her or at least smile. I also like the way she has taken to refering to Ai as Auntie Ai. Now of course as she starts creating her own content it won’t do for her to be laughing so much but for now it’s okay and I’m sure she’lll improve in time as Gel is a very smart young lady. I also like the point that Derek made in the latest video released on Gel’s channel “the life of a Banana Merchent” about not letting making content for her channel become a chore for her. I look forward to seeing her growth as a content creator.

    • @Mark Preudhomme I completely agree. Gel and her entire family are probably going through some drastic changes at this point, hopefully for the better but none the less still very significant so its best not to make it a burden and burn her out but let her do it in her own time and learn and enjoy the process. Everything takes time but looking at the majority of the comments on all 3 channels most people understand and just want to watch her flourish.

  • From hard working little banana seller ,one chance meeting a fouriner, one honest intelligent conversation, beautiful eyes and adorable friendly smile. And her life is forever changing for the better. Just being herself changed the lives of her whole family..a great deed for one so young. She serves as a valuable lesson for others.

  • All clean and new mall, threw the eyes of young lady. Not knowing what to expect and what to look for. We go shopping to find something. She never been shopping. It’s like me just looking around. The food is what you smell while inside. She needs a baseball cap 🧢. Chocolate ice cream

    • Everything new, she not overwhelmed by the crowd of people. Just the variety of things, to see. From a small hut living to a big mall. She will never be the same. But, In a good way.

  • Oh my goodness Gel and her family are the sweetest people ! When the girls were at the candy counter… the smiles on there faces was so beautiful my heart was going to explode. As a father of three and a grand father of 4 my life is my children. I hope you realize that you and derek are true Angels. I envy you being able to be there and interact with these wonderful people. I hope you would allow me to share in your Philanthropy and I will be supporting your channels monthly. I’m retired and not rich but I can help and this would make me happy to help you guys and share from afar the goal of making Gel’s community prosper. What you have discoverer is so pure and simple it comes thru in your vlogs and I expect your channels are going to blow up ….but I hope it dose not change them.. but instead just makes thing better and easier for them. Tell Gel that I will be supporting her channel also as soon as there is a link for that one. With love and compassion your new subscriber Ron

    • Hi ron thank you for your comment yes i put her link above in my description so that people can support her also…thank you and god bless you

  • I found Q adventures about 2 months ago and the very first video was Gel touring Derek around her family’s land. And obviously found your channel from there Its amazing how you both are more interested in helping others. I have supported you both now and will do more in your future adventures. Much love and respect to you and Derek both. I also am an American dating my beautiful and sweet Filipina girl for over a year now and hopefully can get her to the US within the next year getting her a fiance visa hasn’t been easy. If you can give me any pointers to make things easier im willing to take any info you have.

  • Forcing that kid to show appreciation every 5 second sruins the whole thing. “Do you like it?” “Are you excited?” “Are you appreciating me?” “Say you are excited again ” “say it more” “say you like it again ” say it again… jesus christ, shut up. Let the kid enjoy it

    • That was a little bit much don’t ya think?

  • Ai, Thank you for sharing. It’s great to see Gel and her family experience things for the first time. When she was scared of the escalator you realize all the new experiences she is having and will have in the future. Beautiful to see a little girl just be a little girl. So happy for Gel her family and proud of you and Derek!

  • City life is not inherently better than country life. Gel and her family seemed very happy in their mountain paradise. Hopefully they don’t get caught up in the pitfalls of the urban experience.

  • Dear Ai,
    Angel IS very sweet and clever, but PLEASE, PLEASE do not put to much pressure on her and the family. I can imagine how hard it can be to be “center of the world” for to long time and constantly have to answer questions and have a camera pointed at you. Go slow and let her also remember that, even though she is “a star” right now, there is also a real world she has to live in and that there is a (unfortunately) great possibility that things are changing. Everything maybe came to her to easy and to fast. Don’t expect to much of her and don’t make her expect more of herself than she is able to handle.

  • Congratulation to your new vlog w/ the help of Q Adventure’s have fun in the Mall Mountain Angel w. your familia

  • I would like for you and Derek to research out how much it would cost to have corrective surgery done for Jesus. I’m thinking of a gofundme for it.

  • Gel and her sister should be in posters and advertisements in that mall, even mama is pretty, Beautiful family GOD bless them 🙏😊

  • What’s going on with that filipino guy trying to be a “Crip gangster”.. going to get himself hurt some day.

    • Crip/bloods here is very different and the other countries like US but let’s go back to Gel’s brothers he don’t know about crips and bloods he just wear it like his style😊

  • Hello Ai….I am following from Turkey…..I came to your channel to hear about Angel…But alsı I love you of course…Warm regards to you all…Stay health..

  • Its so refreshing to see people her age so pure, so sweet and so nice. Truly a gem. Please dont change, Angel. Good Luck sa yo and your family!!!

  • Gel – try to interact with your audience more…example…tell something about the drinks you and your sister chose in the mall, how they are made, the taste etc. Not just it’s good and you are very happy or excited. Act like you are talking to your friends and tell them details about your mall visit…

    Gel – subukang makipag-ugnayan sa iyong audience nang higit pa…halimbawa…magkwento tungkol sa mga inumin na pinili mo at ng iyong kapatid sa mall, kung paano ginawa ang mga ito, ang lasa atbp. Hindi lang ito maganda at ikaw ay napakasaya o nasasabik. Kumilos na parang nakikipag-usap ka sa iyong mga kaibigan at sabihin sa kanila ang mga detalye tungkol sa pagbisita mo sa mall…

    Ingat 👋

  • Gel – check out ‘The Filipina Pea’…watch how she interacts…like she is talking to someone she knows and is right in front of her. She gets better every time. You have to find what is best for you but you have to interact with your audience.

    Gel – tingnan ang ‘The Filipina Pea’…panoorin kung paano siya nakikipag-ugnayan…parang nakikipag-usap siya sa isang taong kilala niya at nasa harap niya mismo. Siya ay nagiging mas mahusay sa bawat oras. Kailangan mong hanapin kung ano ang pinakamainam para sa iyo ngunit kailangan mong makipag-ugnayan sa iyong madla.

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