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  • This is a problem I have seen happen with many Filipino families do with their children. The parents restrict their kids and block their dreams of moving forward and succeeding in life. Angel has a lot of potential to be successful and is hungry to do things on her own, and she doesn’t see her age as a problem. She has the Go-Pro so no one should stand in her way to do what she wants to do. Gel would make an amazing motivational speaker for the young kids in the Philippines. She is amazing!!!

    • Im sure her parents want her to do the right things so she won’t get influenced by negativity like others have such as the blogs sexualizing the Filipina, its popular on YouTube for the beautiful woman in the Philippines exploited as sex toys for foreigners

    • Well, I was kinda pleasant surprised about what she said about her parents. It made me feel she has very caring and responsible parents and I could easily understand from there perspective. After all they want and guard there child being so young, like not wanting her to change her attitude (to stay humble).
      The fear of breaking the GoPro show respect to ate Ai and Kuya because how can they ever repay such expensive equipment?
      I don’t think they don’t try to hold her back from growing. Instead I think they’re protective and not to misunderstood, also the parents grow into a new situation that takes time to adopt and adapt (adjust?).
      English isn’t my native tongue either.

    • There is just so much wrong with your comment I don’t know where to start. Her parents are not blocking her dreams they are just expressing concerns. I’m sure the issue with the gopro is that Ai and Derek lent it to her and they are concerned if she breaks it they wont be able to replace it. Besides that you have to keep in mind Gel lives a simple life in a small community in the mountains and now within a few weeks huge changes are happening like having more than 500 subscribers on her YouTube channel that doesn’t even have a video yet. They just don’t want fame to go to her head nd ruin her and want her to remain the humble well behaved caring child they worked very hard to raise while she pursues her dreams.

  • I understand her mother’s concern. Gel is still a child and as long as she is under her mother’s roof, she has to obey her mother’s rules. While I understand wanting to make a channel, her mother is her legal gardian.

  • Don’t overthink… That is key. In life, but also in YouTube. So many don’t get started because they think everything must be perfect. If you look at the first videos of many of the most successful channels, you will see that they were clumsy and unprepared. Starting is hard, but it is a learning curve. Don’t let the lack of perfection hold you back from starting. I agree with your parents in some things.. learning is important, so should come first. Also, embrace the opportunity, but don’t change yourself because of it. There will always be people who are positive and others who are negative, but your real fans are there and appreciate you without you having to become something else. You will do great!

    Great interview, both of you.

    • yes it’s true thats why we’re her to teach her , guide , and mentoring her specially in her age still need guidance specially im the world of social media.

    • @Philippines with Ai It is good that y’all are sticking with her. It is a crazy world. Lots of opportunity, but a lot to handle also.

    • @chlupl yes at her age is not easy but we see it to gel she can make her chanel successful

  • Give it a chance Gel. She needs a little bit of help. Even if it doesn’t work, a great experience.

    • @Philippines with Ai looking forward to seeing her videos, knowing they want be like other Vlogs. Waiting. A trickle of water over the water fall.

  • Oh hey Angel I hope you’ve been well. I hope all of you are doing well. God bless you all 💯🇨🇦❤️🙏

  • Kudos to her to being brave enough to get out in front of a camera to begin with. I know at her age I would be so nervous I’d freeze and have nothing to say. I imagine most viewers are old farts Dereks age or older just cheering you on and wishing you the best, so don’t feel pressured to please your audience. Focus on yourself and your studies, the things you like instead of what you think others will like, and new viewers will trickle in over time naturally. Those Go-Pro’s are pretty darn tough, waterproof up to 33 feet and made to survive a few drops, but if you’re still scared of breakage you can use hot glue to make an exoskeleton.
    Believe it or not Gel’s English is well above the average and perfectly understandable. Infinitely better than our Tagalog.
    Please give your dad a hug and reassure him that you’ll always be his girl. This is your journey, but I can’t imagine the feelings that man is going through.

  • The beauty of the mountain and vegetation reflected on Ai and Angel on video, God blesses you both 🧡🧡❤‍🩹😻.

  • Gel has a brilliant mind, at such a young age, she is very mature and so articulate and eloquent. Her English is amazing! Please stay grounded and humble and she will go very far and succeed in whatever she wants. Thanks to Derek and Ai and to your awesome subscribers. Peace! wishing Gel and you guys the best!

    • thank you for tuning in to my chanel we help her to build her own chanel as she desire to have her own.. me and derek is happy to help her😊

  • Work on your schoolwork first and if you like to show how your life is ok . Relax ok win you are talking then .

  • Be your self in life ok . You are still young and you will all be nice ok .if you make videos about your life going to the hills .

  • Please watch over Gel and give her the support and protection she needs when starting her own channel, people can be very mean and even dangerous, so just keep her safe, she is an amazing young girl that will do great things if she is giving the room to grow to her full potential 😊

    • yes even if shes not in my chanel we’re still here for her guide, teach and mentoring her behind camera😊god bless

  • Yellow light, Gel is still a minor and her parents should be the ones who will decide the content of her videos and the subject manner. How is Gel different than the other kids her age? Is there a program that will benefit all the kids in her area?

  • Gel has a wonderful voice. She is intelligent and well spoken. Along with her parents, Ai is a good mentor for her. Gel WILL be very successful. I believe in you Gel! 👍🏼👍🏼 I look forward to seeing your first video.

    • thank you so much for supporting us soon we gonna announce next week her chanel but as of now we still preparing her chanel…god bless

  • Beautiful young lady. Your English is very good even if you think it isn’t. Give the boys a pass until you are in your 20’s finish your education before you even think of a relationship. The world is your oyster you are a very polite young lady and I hope your dreams come true. Listen to your parents they only have your best interests in mind.

  • may i suggest some names, gel of the mountains or gel in the mountain mist or angel of the mountains or angel from the mountains

  • she is young and has no family members who are experienced doing this kind of work. she needs you to walk her through the first few videos. she’ll get it quickly, though.

    • yes we will here for her to help and guide her she have lot of potential and its one of her dream to become a vlogger😊

  • It’s so incredible to watch someone and know that she will be a star! This is so incredible to watch – I can’t wait to see Gel’s journey! I’m a dad of two girls and Gel has been virtually adopted 😊. What a wonderful souls she is! Ai, I can tell how much you adore her, it’s all over your face and smile!!! Please tell Gel her English is outstanding…

    • yes, i dore her shes like a doughter to me.we will do our best to help and guide her, at her age its not easy for her but we see to her that she want to become a vloger we
      ‘re happy to menturing gel…thsnk you for tuning in to my chanel god bless you😊

    • it is a rare opportunity to be at the very beginning of something you can just tell is going to be big. I to can’t wait to follow along with her YouTube journey and see where she takes us.

  • Such a cute jolly child, already broken 💔💔💔 crushes at school haha
    She will be fine getting confident not to break the GoPro and balance her school with her YouTube channel in making. We’ll be watching and enjoy her progress 👏🏻👍🏻

  • I think she will be a very good Blogger. It’s good that she’s thinking about her studies and congratulations. on her graduating her grade and tell her to keep up the good work.

    • As with anything it all comes with time and experience and since she lives in a small community in the mountains this is all probably a bit overwhelming for her. Just imagine living there dreaming of being a vlogger and visiting the USA one day and then a perfect stranger stops for a pack of smokes by chance and a couple weeks later you have 500 subscribers on YouTube anxiously waiting for your first video. That’s a lot to unpack for anyone. Yes she does need more confidence and I’m sure she will get it but Rome wasn’t built in a day. What the kid needs is the support of a community who is willing to be patient and watch her grow.

    • we’re going to anounce(next week) soon, we still preparing her chanel and edit her video after we post the video to her chanel i will anounce it and also the link of her chanel

    • @Conrad Huhn we’re very happy to help people whos welling to help of, we saw it in gel the potential and she want it so we help her and porsue one of her dream…As long as we can help we will help people who needs help…

  • @PhilippineswithAi maybe you can start her out as your video editor or graphic designer. This way she can build up some confidence and develop a skill set.

    • She’s not ready for that quite yet as she needs to focus on school. Actually from what I understand it is going to be exactly opposite and Ai and Derek are going to meet up with her to get her videos to edit them for her. Being a video editor and graphic designer (well at least the learning part) is very time consuming. Gel is better off just vlogging some of her day and handing it off to others to handle the technical stuff in the background for now.

  • No rush at the moment school and getting the education she needs comes first.
    Things like this will bring confidence but certainly think she is to young to go it alone at present.
    Just build the confidence and respect her parents wishes also and in time things will work out so everybody is happy and comfortable.

    • thank you though we do respect her parents honestly before we do video we ask first the permision of parents as a respect to them as gel said she little bit shy coz i was gone for 2 weeks i go home to my province but i tell her before the day and she understand it. thank you dough for commenting i do aprecaite it god bless😊

    • @Philippines with Ai sorry I didn’t mean you I can see you respect her parents and gel.
      It was more for some of the comments, but you should be proud of yourselfs as you have helped gel and her family so lots of respect to you 👍

    • @john kennedy theres nothing to say sorry😊yes im proud and happy that we help another person who are welling to help too and i can see gels potential and thank you coz with out you guys our subscriber we can’t do this😊

  • Angel is very sweet and kind. I can’t wait to see what kind of content she will make for herself. Starting at such a young age will help Angel become very successful creator of amazing videos! Please keep us updated with the progress and share when the channel is ready for launch, thank you for supporting her this far!

    • Thank you also for supporting us yes even if she already have her own chan we still here at her bach to teach,guide and mentoring her behind the camera

  • It’s okay that Gel is not ready yet. She should take her time and make sure she is ready to make videos. Gell should concentrate on her school, that is what’s most important right now, the videos will come when she is ready. Just keep helping and working with her Ai, she will be a star when she starts doing her videos. I’ll be there when she starts. 😊

    • she is😊we still preparing her with no rush as she want to have her own chanel it was one of her dream to become a vlogger thats why we help her to.
      thank you though for supporting us god bless

  • i think she is to young to have a channel let her grow up for a few more years, but she is a really lovely young girl

  • Have Angel practice looking at the camera during the interview and not look away when she speaks. Having eye contact is important. She will communicate and connect better with her subscribers. I know she is young still learning how to interview. She will do great and has a bright future ahead of her as a vlogger

  • Can’t wait til Gel gets a little more camera experience and can LET GO. She can share videos of things she does around the village; things she makes like crafts, or foods, or playing with pets. It will be a great journey to watch her grow. Because I understand the culture somewhat, it’s a blessing to see everything along the way. For me, it’s like a parent watching their child grow up again from 3 to6 to 9 to 12. Gel’s shy, sweet disposition (hard word), makes us all proud. Take care and stay our ‘Philippine Angel’.

    • yet you took the time to comment not once but twice. Thanks for the channel engagement I’m sure she appreciates it, even stupid comments feed the algorithm.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 great, maybe I’ll post another!!

  • Her family and gel have to realize the GoPros are made to take abuse. She can use it in all sorts of conditions and doesn’t have to worry. I really hope her mom lets her be free and make some content really hope she lets her use the equipment because she’s never going to go any further unless she puts her effort and passions into it. Maybe you can explain to her family how GoPros are durable. Great video and good luck

    • I think her moms concerns are that Derek and Ai lent Gel one of their GoPros and if something happened to it she wouldnt be able to replace it. I am sure Derek and Ai will talk to her parents

  • Gel, you need to get use to looking at the camera and trust yourself to just have fun. It’s always FUN in the Philippines.😁

  • Hi your doing very well. You will get better the more you practice. I’m from the USA 🇺🇸.

  • you both are so beautiful with your sexy body and your sexy skin tone color that is so sexy on you and you are so gorgeous with your pretty eyes and your pretty smile and your pretty long hair and you are so adorable

    • Bro relax man take a cold shower the young lady is 12 and Ai has a partner and you cannot seriously tell me comments like that have ever worked for you. Grow up dude.

  • You can have mine have a gopro hero 2 that i have never used just sits in the drawer ! has 2 batteries but probably dont work !

  • I feel like she feels a lot of pressure to make perfect videos first try and is judging herself based on youtubers who have been doing this for a long time. I think it will help a lot to show her some of your bloopers and slow parts that normally get edited out. So she doesn’t think you have to be a choreographed vlogger the entire time the camera is on. Also I suggest that she carry a notebook with her always. Anytime she has an idea for a video or possible questions she can ask people when she interviews them she can write them down for later. Its hard to think of things on the spot sometimes.

  • Hiya Gel, I would love to see how you would be able to break the Go pro 🙂, I have not been able to break mine yet!, even been in the water, attached to the farm dog and drone etc etc!

  • Just wait until Gel fulfills her moms wish, to see their homeland from a ship🧐 Hopefully she see’s it from her viewpoint😘

  • I was subscriber #49 to Angel’s channel, she’s almost at 600 today. Personally, I think it’s better that she’s focusing on her studies for her tests. Education is always important, YouTube channel is for fun and needs to come 2nd.

  • Gel, you are such a sweetheart. My wife and I will be sure to watch your video on the 10th. An early congratulations on starting your YouTube channel.

  • She is pure gold. After she gets a few videos behind her she will get more comfortable. Till then Angel. I’m proud of you for your strong commitment to your studies.😇

  • It’s going to be awesome for all of us to watch Gel grow up. Her future bright and her ceiling is high.

  • She needs a solar phone charger..she just relax and speak to the camera like she she would her classmates.

  • She’s adorable!😊 Y’all have a beautiful smile!!Wish u keep her safe and and guide her in the right path! God bless u both and have a wonderful life❤

  • The length of the video doesn’t really matter. It does not need to be 45 minutes. Actually if you want to make shorter videos like 15 to 20 minutes or even less then it’s fine. Whatever makes you happy. Don’t stress over the long videos. Ok?? Concentrate on your studies then do your vlogging.

  • Angel has been on other YouTube channel since he keeps saying the same thing is she a scammer or she does not know what to do a lot of people are helping her not just you

  • the other YouTuber that helped her wizard birthday not telling everyone the truth really think about it everyone helps her help is on her birthday give her all this stuff she’s not going to do it so why help her

  • It is very good and understandable that the parents are being cautious with their daughter doing videos. I like watching the whole family. Have mom and dad do a video on gels channel.

  • Nice video and i think she must be ready to have a YouTube channel but think she has more important things to focus up and give her some time. She is a lovely girl and i am sure she will have succes but maybe its not the right moment. Her education is most important because that will give her opportunity to get something in life. She is still young and just let her grow in to it. wish you all much health and happiness. take good care and God bless you all. Much love from the Netherlands.

  • I believe Gel’s younger sister will do as well as her or even outshine her if given the same opportunity.

  • Get your father to upload the video from his mobile directly to your laptop, then edit from the laptop.

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