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  • I just came across your channel I am glad that you are both OK and safe. I think I will subscribe. Are you both engaged or a couple?… Is Jay with you or the gentleman that is wearing the blue shirt?? Just curious….I’m moving to the Philippines soon.

  • I got a question when you say call the police is there a 911 or how do you know the police phone number?

    • Yes we have a # but it’s different from the other countries. You have 911 ours is different every places here in the Philippines different #.

  • Your videos are great they’re so interesting you’re always so happy you and Derek have some cool Adventures enjoy your trip and thank you for always putting a smile on my face you really are a happy person😂😂😂❤ Dennis😊😊

  • This sucks, I’ve heard horror stories from other vloggers. Even with cameras and not at fault. Sorry that happened and none of you guys get hurt.

  • Can you say korupsyon sa pinas?! So what’s the purpose of having insurance if you have to pay someone under the table? Those trike drivers are nasty!!

  • If you are not a local and you look like an Expat or white foreigner, Some Filipinos will take advantage of you and will make money from you, they assume you are entitled and affluent or rich, but not all foreigners are rich!..Sir you don’t look a Western white caucasian, so be wary and be careful of the laws in the Philippines. I also live in the U.S.A. Everyone is required to have insurance and legit Drivers License, as a Filipino I rear end someone here in the U.S. and I paid thousands of money it was just a scratch fender bender..If you rear end here in the U.S. you are always at fault, no matter what? They don’t need CCTV, you have to be honest and exchange Driver’s license and Insurance and wait for the Police it’s about honesty!!

  • It really makes me sad, and I heard of this happening many times, that whenever there is an accident many filipinos will gang up on the foreigner and try to get them to pay even when the foreigner was the one that got hit. And in this case the mother was trying to talk to you and say, hey why are you not backing me up trying to get this foreigner to pay. The car was rear ended by another tricycle driver, so how they thought you would pay is beyond me. Also the first tricycle driver, they can not see to the right of their sidecar, so really I am surprised that since he is moving to the right, you would have to give him any money. I know of some foreigners that no longer drive because of this mentality.

  • I’m moving to Cebu in a couple of months, and I’ve heard of many stories of foreigners who got conned by filipinos when driving accidents occur. It’s the same in many countries. The foreigner is at fault, if they weren’t in the country, the accident wouldn’t have happened. I’ve been driving for over 50 years, with a very good record, however, I will not drive in the philippines due to the mentality of everyone pointing to the foreigner to try and get a buck. I almost decided not to move to Cebu, mainly due to the lack of any kind of rights foreigners have. Foreigners are at the mercy of the Philippine countryfolk. For a country that supposed to be the friendliest people on earth, there is definitely a dark side.

  • A lot of these drivers don’t have insurance. It is pointless to sue them. It is frustrating when a lot of these drivers, especially the motorists, don’t have any discipline. If they make these drivers including teh motorist must take teh written test, I wouldn’t be surprised more than half will fail. A lot of these people bribe the authorities. Some don’t have any license. The system must change. The nation should centralize all public trans. No jeepney, no tricycle, no habal-habal.- just buses with designated stops. This will eliminate the traffic and remove drivers who are not qualified to drive. Don’t get intimidated. The firmer you stand your ground and know the rules, they will shut up. Don’t put up with their stupidity. Most important, drive with a dash cam- front & back.

  • Guys insurance is very cheep in Philippines also don’t be scared to call police MOST PEOPLE HERE DONT HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE & should not be on the road you won’t a 3rd party policy covers you for driving other people’s vehicle cost under $ 30 dollars per year and it is the only insurance you can get don’t be fooled PAY NOTHING never pass on the rigth

    • Yes you’re probably right to get insurance, I didn’t know so I didn’t have any. Can you recommend a good insurance for foreigners?

    • @Jay first hire a fixer get your philippines DL second look up any insurance company. To convert to the Philippines DL JUST GO TO THE LTO AND STAND AROUND THE FIXERS WILL COME TO YOU don’t pay anything untell you have the DL THERE FEES 1 TO 3 THOUSAND PESOS

  • A dead body could fall on your car roof from the sky and there’re 100 people ready and willing to say they saw you hit that person.
    A moto concho taxi hit a parked car in Dominican Republic and guess what: foreigner had to pay the local and the police was there to make sure of it.
    I was personally rear ended in Costa Rica by some punk speeding, the police flat out told me the car was owned by another foreigner who was currently out of the country and the kid had no money to repair my rental car. I ended up paying.
    You’re a TARGET as a foreigner in most of those countries.
    There’s no shame and accountability any more.
    Just be careful and have eyes behind your head.😎

  • I have a friend living in Davao. Two years ago a motorcycle with two guys ran a stop sign and T-bone my friend truck. The two guys were hurt bad. My friend had to pay the hospital bill of the two guys and gave the family $5000 for costs..he had to sell this Truck.. No Justice in the Philippines… it’s Sad

    • Hi please don’t say that here in the Philippines we have justice as long as you know how to hundle the situation and don’t let your emotions to be in top coz that’s your best enemy and drag you to the but positions 😊

  • Dude u lucky u are not dead on that motor cycle it’s crazy driving over there that’s why I will let girlfriend drive when I move there and buy a motorcycle.

  • aaah So Mike compensated the trike drivers salary. I know in Japan no matter who is at fault the foreigner is blamed. The Japanese feel that the accident wouldn’t have happened if the foreigner wasn’t in Japan.

  • Vietnam is the same. Any accidents you get the whole neighborhood there. Of course if they know you’re a foreigner they will blame you even if you didn’t cause the accident

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