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  • Congratulations on being a good second mother to the two young ladies. With your guidance and love the girls will succeed. Happy to hear you had a great time in the jungle. 👍

  • You are in Angeles City. I saw you in the Walking Street video from ItsMyLifePhilippines. Please do some videos about Angeles City and Walking Street, coming from Ai’s perspective.

    • Yes your not wrong I’m in Angeles city now we arrived here Friday afternoon from Olongapo City and we do video in W.S at night coz I want to know whats inside of Walking Street😁I’ll visit that Chanel if I’m not mistaken his the man who took a video the I saw in the walking street that the camera was exactly pointing to the 3 of us me my boyfriend and our friend when we pass by but I’ll visit that Chanel😊

    • @Philippines with Ai Yes, here is the video I saw you in. I see you at around the 2 minutes and 35 seconds point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmlDaqdGwnk I hope you and Derek will do some vlogs about your adventures in Walking Street and Angeles City.

    • @Bryce Tubb yes I saw it the video and I took a screenshot of it😁 I was right his the man the I saw it’s totally obvious that I look into his camera😅

  • First let me say what a great thing you and Derek are doing for your nieces and it is obvious from the videos they are in that they both understand he situation and appreciate it. It is a life hanging opportunity for them that I am sure they probably have dreamed of in the past. About the jungle , I had faith in you the whole time because I heard somewhere that you grew up in the province so I knew you were just built different. The difference between a Filipina and a western woman is that when Derek said he somehow lost his underpants in the river you assured him it was ok that you packed extra. A western woman would have let him know about when he was cracking jokes before you left that they all packed light and you brought the whole house with you haha. Keep doing all the great things you are doing and have fun and be safe :).

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