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  • Either or brother. Its about the journey not the destination 😂
    Enjoy ❤ 22 hours? Wow. But that should be an adventure for sure

    • @Q Adventures yessir 👍. Looking forward to the upcoming videos. Assuming you’re going to vlog the ride. I’d be curious to see the ship and the room with the Aircon and bunks.
      Then again if they book a stranger with u guys he or she might be shy to the YouTube 😂

      Regardless. Safe travels man

    • Looking forward to update on help Jesus smile .Keep up the good philanthropy work Derek. I plan on my first ever trip to Philippines in November. Your videos are very helpful, thank you sir.

    • I am continuing to reach out to resources to help Jesus as I am having difficulties. I called phone numbers but the listed numbers are inaccurate. I sent emails and messengers but no response. Bit I keep trying

    • @qadventures  that’s unfortunate, but I think things will work out. Sending prayers 🙏 your way for success. As you’ve said things are a bit slower in PH. Lol

  • Sigh…. no such thing as an EX-Marine, tsk tsk lol. That would cool just to do even with all the headache, just for experience. Backing… civilian vs Marine lol

  • Enjoy the ride and time in Manila as you head out north as there is so much to explore and see. Get some good rest and waiting to see the Adventure ahead.

  • Hey Derek, LOVE this vlog! I find these types of trips to be super exciting…..similar to travel packages on trains here in the US (you know what I’m saying). This is MUCH better than
    flying. The experience is worth it and we’re happy to come along! Safe Travel 🙏🙏🙏

    • @Q Adventures I hope you both have a blast and learn something you never knew before. This type of training is very useful. I’ll be in Manila soon.

  • Great channel Derek! Subscribed. Thinking of visiting Ph this Fall. In your opinion, what say 2 or 3 cities are a must visit? Been to Subic Bay/ Manilla many times early in life via U.S.Navy, so not planning on going there. Thanks!

    • Funny… I just arrived in Olongapo yesterday and doing JEST today.

      I think spending some time circling the Bohol island is nice. Lots of nature and known for most beautiful women.

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