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  • HI U2 👋! Agree 100%. I’m going on my Alaskan Cruise 🚢 next Saturday 👍🙏. People are rude & noisy. Especially with talking loud at night & letting there room door 🚪 just SLAM?? WTF!! Having a wet dream (lol 😢) and BAM !! neighbors door slams!! Sorry about your not so good adventure. I’m the Original Chicken 🐔 Legs 🦵!! LOL 😂. Blessings 🙏🌼🌺🌸

  • The trip isn’t on your own schedule. You at their mercy, it’s like it’s all about them and not about the passengers. Is it the J.E.S.T. ? That’s what I went through back in 90-91, it was in Subic. Feel for you all, I know I’d be frustrated.

  • I think you got the wrong cabin type. We went from Manila to Bacolod on the 2GO. Had a cabin with two double beds, had made into a queen and had a CR in the cabin. Had a fun trip. Thanks for the videos. Enjoying them and what you do.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 it was same brand. St. Michael the Archangel 2go. But i think what the issue was, mine was a two person cabin. They needed three. They had those types of cabins on the ship we went on.

    • @Sam McCall I think I would be most concerned with the bathrooms. Thin walls are kind of expected I think. Even in higher end hotels you can get lousy neighbors and thin walls

    • You are perhaps right. I preferred the state rooms with private CR but everything was sold out. What I had was the only option for my travel date

  • Derrick, it’s sure not the love boat😂! You live and learn but thanks for showing us your ordeal. Wow, i can’t imagine only 1 working restroom for the entire boat and cafetaria line us insane! I will fly PERIOD! The price you paid probablycan pay for a flight to Manila. You’re entitiled to feel what you feel. Im sure it’s very sub standard for us in the West. Enjoy your trip in Luzon and happy motoring👍.

  • Need to get the new Bose QC buds. Has maximum noise cancellation. I literally always carry noise canceling buds on me at all times.

  • For the record the overnight from Cebu to CDO was pretty comfortable.
    You have convinced me that my plan for getting to Luzon is better. Not fond of the long ferries.
    I will stick to my plan of: Cebu -> Leyte, ride north through Samar -> Allen, Samar -> Matnog, Sorsogon and the rest is on the bike. 👍

  • Once again I’m way off topic…I’m 6’1″ 210 lbs. What size scooter would you suggest? I’d like to do some travel so not just in-town use. Would adding an extra 100 lb lady change the engine cc needed? Would also want a comfy ride due to a bad back. Sorry to bother, you seem like you would have the best idea about this. Also, perhaps a used Jimney? How much do they cost? And are they available? Or a better option? Thanks for your time.

    • I am 6’3 and weigh 300 lb, I have rented the Honda PCX 150 several times. it is the perfect size for me. Plenty of power, very comfortable, and lots of storage under seat

    • Yes, like Wayne said, the Honda PCX works just great for your size and purpose. Of course every pound of weight will affect the performance of the bike, but I have seen families of 4 or 5 on 1 scooter. So you are ok. Also these jeepneys are probably not the most effective to purchase for your purpose. You can consider a multicab (pretty much a small and cheap pick up truck). I don’t know what they cost to purchase but I am speculating that it’s about 300k php

  • Wow that looks like a tiring cruise, I’m sure they’ll have coffee on the survival trip. I like riding the bike also you experience so much more.

    • I envy your trip while you were here. You rode a scooter everywhere you went and had no reservations for fear. You are the man, Eddie J!!!😇

  • Derek, I’m not there yet (be there in December) but I have been told to remember two words when I get there….improvise and accept. Take a deep breath and hang in there. Trip can only get better from here 🙏. You guys be safe.

    • @billgregory9585 you have to define the word “better” haha. He is on his way to a survival camp, in my case the trip would be about to get alot worse. My biggest fear about survival camp there would be you have to eat balut to survive.

    • It did get better. I came from a career in sales. I am usually more patient, but when people are blatant about deceptive practices, I can’t help but feel disappointed

  • Thank you Derek very informative descriptions about taking that big ferry from cebu to manila. Plan to come there soon and take that trip bit now will fly or take the smaller ferries islands hoping

  • You are right, Derek. It has nothing to do with being entitled, it is a service you have paid good money for. Staff should be eating after any customer waiting in line or in a different room etc. I can’t believe a drill be held at 10am… you are way more patient than me, my friend. I know never to use that service and for that, thanks for letting us see it ourselves. Enjoy the rest bro.

  • Feel your frustration. SM are the main share holder hopefully they start putting some of the profits back. The customer is only seeing what is broken above the water line. Of course your lady is not fazed at all… Safe travels..

  • Man, i was expecting a grand video of the most awesome experience on the ferry. Did not expect you to have such a bad experience. You dont sound entitledd at all. A little sleep deprived grumpiness is expected. Lol

  • your description of your trip plans at the end of the video sounded really awesome especially visiting the refugee camp where you and your family were kept , very touching actually and as for you complaining , you have every right to

  • Reviews… This is a great video and review. Thanks. It will save me a later headache when thinking about ferry rides.

  • Improvise, adapt, and overcome.
    Remember this and it will serve you well… especially going to the survival training. Will be there soon to partake in all the fun and enjoyment. Personally, ive heard that traveling by bike and island hopping is a seriously better than taking the ship.😊 and no you dont sound entitled in the least.

    • Yes… we will circle the entire Luzon on our way back and take smaller ferries from southern Luzon and island hop our way back to Lapu-Lapu

  • Well if i see the room you stay in i cant call it business class but more look like standard. And you looking Asian they is easy to mistake others to see you as local. Had the same problem with a friend coming from Indonesia visiting Thailand.

    • I don’t think I was isolated. The intercom affected the state rooms as well. I just didn’t understand why it was so important to make intercom announcements at 2am

  • Sadly I have learned just from being with my Filipina girlfriend and dealing with her family is they have no concept of business sense, no concept of Money Matters and no concept of organization or customer service skills. I don’t know why they don’t teach that but they definitely need to hahaha

    • I can’t speak on their behalf, but I make it a point to stress how important customer service is with the filipino community I am directly involved with

  • OMG you complain like a broken record over and over. Let go of it. But thanks I’ll never take that big ass slow-moving subpar don’t get value for your money ferry trip. 22 hours! Forget that.

  • Hi Derek, understanding you frustration.
    I have had many experiences similar to this, although it was travelling by small ferry that was worse.
    They set sail from cebu to ormoc, the conditions around cebu was not that bad, once in open water the sea was rough.
    Most people filpino were sick/ vomiting.
    Lucky i lived to tell my story, thought yhe ferry would capsize.

  • Man, eating rice and that “dinner” for breakfast is like drinking beer at 8 am for me. 🙂 I can’t handle that. I can only eat that kind of food in the evening, maybe at lunch, but usually in the evening, just like beer. 5:52

    Regarding this, I’d call my US lawyer and the American embassy, Derek! 🤣🤣🤣 Just messing with ya… 7:43

  • Sorry to see you were off to a terrible start of the journey, and I totally understand and agree with your frustration over the situation on the ship. It is unacceptable. And I am also thinking, if they can’t keep up with the maintenance on the elevators or even the toilets, how much else more critical equipment on a ship are they not keeping up with the maintenance.. Not good at all. Hope the rest of the journey will be a better experience.

  • So are you trying too say you didn’t enjoy the ferry ride pretty much nonstop for 25 minutes 🤔 😂

  • I’d fly to go to Manila you definitely need a wind sock for your mic. Your not on a cruise ship in USA 😁 A RO RO boat can transport your bikes, I presume they have them

    • Roros are designed for short journeys as they are my preference. But I wanted to experience something new and get to Olongapo as quickly as possible 1st as this is the starting point of our journey

  • thanks derrick for blazing the trail for us coming there so we know what to do and not what to do hahaha

    • Santander port in south Cebu. It’s only about 300 pesos for passenger and bike and 30 to 45 minutes ride

  • Out of curiosity, what would this cost with ot without the bikes? Reminds me when i left in 2020 on Philippines airlines business class. Moves 3 different times because the seats were broken. And one bathroom worked on the whole plane. It’s more fun in the Philippines 🇵🇭 😅

    • Each passenger was about 3600 and each bike was about 4k after all fees. But prices are not fixed. Passenger fare depends on availability and bike costs depends on the value of the bike you declare. I declared the minimum allowed (5k)

  • I took that ferry from Manila to Cebu 2 months ago and my experience was pretty good. I had a 2 person business class room. I needed to take the ferry cause I had so much heavy luggage which would have cost a fortune on a plane. You can check out blankets down the hallway. Just ask the attendants where it is. The bathrooms definitely need a serious upgrade to Western standards but all were open during my trip. The food in the Horizon Cafe was good. It’s separate from economy because they serve you at your table. In economy you stand in line to get your plate. You can dine in the economy section if you want but they’ll look at you funny for taking the downgrade. I know cause I did it once. It’s best to arrive at the Cafe just before it opens. For me the best part of the whole experience was the arrival in Cebu and watching my future home come into view from the observation deck.

    • Yes, Gary. I am glad you had a good experience. Maybe we had the worst luck, but the series of events for us was horrific.

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