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  • 5:03 Said “conspiring.” Does that mean if I rent a moped 🛵 from you that makes you my co conspirator?… Lol!
    Hey, but seriously please help me in planning my upcoming trip. 🛫

    • 😄 🤣. I co-conspire in situations like this all the times!!! But yeah. Reach out to me via 1 of my contact methods and I will be more than happy to help

  • Hey, Derek, really enjoy the channel, I don’t think anyone can answer the question how much does it cost to live in a certain place, obviously location, lifestyle and age all factor in to this difficult question, how much it will cost you to live and what kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Are you single and want to date and go to out bars and restaurants several nights a week or do you want to stay at home most night? Do you want to live in the city or province? Do you have health issues and need to be near a Hospital ? there are Way too many variables to give an accurate answer. My only suggestion is to look at the average cost of housing, food, gas and electric in a particular area and also what are the average salaries for different workers in that area, that would be a good place to start and obviously everyone has a different budget in mind, so do your homework, thanks, Gordon 😎

  • You’re a good man, that comes through with your personality. Because of you and guys like you, I feel like I have friends over there. Even though we’ve never met.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Hello Derrick, I have been following you for a while. I am in manila buy will there in Cebu tomorrow. Is it possible I rent a
    Room from you for a week or two to find me a place to stay.

    • Yes Johnn. I have another John continuing his adventures tomorrow. Come on by and we get you settled in. You might just need to relax for a few so we can clean the room, depending on your time of arrival. Please WhatsApp me. USA # +1-626-626-6347

    • meaning you arrive at 6am or 7am tomorrow? that’s fine also, but the room will not be ready. you can set your things here, hang out for a few and we will get on it. our other guest, I believe in leaving at 9am

  • Derek, i took this information from the Buy Me A Coffee website. “We charge a 5% transaction fee, and creators keep 95% of the earnings. We make money only when you do. We’ll never show ads and we’ll never sell your data.” I had my PayPal account hacked so it is now unusable. It is my understanding that any money donated to you through YouTube there is a 30% fee so I rarely use that except maybe during a live stream. Hope this information is helpful.

  • Those asking how much money THEY need to live there are making/looking for excuses and want to blame someone else instead of being accountable. Those people will never pull the trigger and just go, because some YouTuber said they need “X” amount of money and they don’t have it so they can’t go. There are THOUSANDS of budget videos out there already, you don’t need any more to figure out YOUR budget. ONLY YOU can determine how much money YOU will need to support YOUR lifestyle. All YouTubers can do is tell you how much things cost where they are, it is still up to each individual to determine THEIR budget for where they want to live and THEIR lifestyle.

    I think having a way of donating outside of YouTube is a smart thing. Why should YouTube receive anything from YOUR subscribers donations? It’s also great that you put those donations to good use in helping other people that can use a little boost in life. I much prefer watching the videos with locals and hearing their life stories and opinions, seeing the province and the smiles and joy of the people. Instead of just some resort or mall that have been shown a 1,000 times by every other YouTuber. Even information videos are getting stale, the same information has been given out 10’s – 100’s of thousands of times, how many times do you really need to hear it to get it into your head, sure, every now and then there’s something new to think about, but it’s mostly the same thing. Each of their personal opinions is going to be different because they’re based on THAT PERSON’S beliefs and life experiences.

  • Hey I just came across your channel yesterday and I ended up staying up until 3:00 a.m. watching a bunch of your videos because I really enjoy your work, you give a lot of good information and have fun doing it plus you help people just because you think it’s the right thing to do and I really respect that. I hope you and your family are doing good and I will keep catching up on your videos, have a great day 👍

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