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  • Sounds like he was over in pusok on Matumbo-pusok road . Same thing happened to me at a K bar with 15-20 beautiful Filipinas to choose from. Actually a little intimidating, plus I didn’t want to spend 20k-30k php for a night of entertainment.
    Should hit up Paul again in Dumaguete for a follow up.
    Keep up the great work Derek.

  • I saw Jason’s interview with Dumaguete vlogger Mike. That was funny what happened to him with the locals.😂🏝️

  • Had to edit since I was only able to make a quick comment earlier. I am very happy that this is being done. I planned to do something similar when I got back to the Philippines. I wish I could be there for the meeting. I have many other ideas to help filipinos but need to look into more before I can do them. Will the students receive NIMS certification? Will the group be teaching cnc programming also? So many questions. 😀

    • I am not a technical person Timmyl, but from observing the TSDA we visited, they do have a few cnc machines, but programming is manual. The local college and universities teach more specific stuff and curriculum is set the the sponsor. For example, a freight company in usa funds the college and you want them to specifically teach maintenance machining for your specific ships and that is what the students will pay their tuition to learn.

  • Nice Video.

    Can I ask is the yellow Scooter a Rusi Rfi 175. And if so would you recommend one. Reliability etc.
    An idea for a possible vid is a review of the different Scooter/small bike that are available in the Philippines.

    • It is an RFI, David. I don’t recommend Rusi anything as parts are difficult to get and performance is subpar to its counterparts. I purchased 2 of the RFI because I like the bulk for more comfort in long distance travel, I have a mechanic on staff and I mass purchase parts

  • Every city and town for centuries had brothels, majority of developed nations out lawed them, so it the developing nations and 3rd world countries that still have them

    • Prostitution is still alive and well in Europe and America. Rub and tugs are common and easy to find.

    • True, but developed nations they are constantly shutting them down, and yes they start up somewhere else, but developing nations they turn a blind eye, and let it all fall on deaf ears

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