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  • Congratulations Gel and hats off to you and the entire family. Anthony, I cannot ever say enough how much your support for her dreams has played a huge part in them becoming a reality. This is not the end of the line for us at all, now that you are on your way we are just going to step back and let you fly with your new wings. I and the team are always here for you every step of the way and any and all resources available to me are also available to you. Good luck Mountain Angel and I cant wait to see whats next.

  • Congratulations 🎊 👏🏿 💐 🥳 🎉 almost 3k in a month that’s got to be a record.

  • Happy that Gels channel is reaching monetization already, congrats. Thank you and all the supporters for making this possible.

    • Just in your name alone, you are a HUGE help to this community. For that, I thank you🙏🫶❤️

  • Wish the best for Gel and her father and her whole family! Thanks Derek for your supportive help to them. 😇

  • i would suggest nursing school then very easy to come to usa and earn big money the san francisco bay area is full of filipina nurses

    • She still has a few years. I just hope to learn her passion in life and having the ability to steer her in the right direction

    • Forget about the USA, NEVER BRING ANY FILIPINAS BACK TO THE UNITED STATES, GENERALLY SPEAKING… IT’S A WRONG MOVE !! by the way, nurses are major red flags in the USA……

    • @Q Adventures i know she still is very young but you might want to mention it to her there are millions of filipinos here in california i just think that if she became a nurse she is set for life and can support her family it is they easy way to get to usa if a nurse except for fiance visa but she is years away from falling in love lol

  • I always support you because i know you want to do good. But please don’t push to much on Angel and give it some time. I am scared she will attract some wrong people that will try to make her wrong steps. If you wondering who i am i just want to let you know i have some experience with some website that use Philippine girls and sadly most of these website’s are USA related. But don’t worry i trust you. But see many Girls from the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia are used by USA or Russian guys that only want make money from them and not really care about he person the dealing with. For me is most important that these girls go for good education because that is the portal for their future. If there is any way i can help you just let me know.

    • Gino… 1st and foremost… I thank you for your trust and support. I assure you that all Gel’s donation accounts, email. YouTube, etc are all in full control of her father and support of her immediate family. Doug from Brand Solutions is just helping from the background only having communication through me. All the potential dangers and exploitation were discussed with her parents before even registering her YouTube channel. Although we are not perfect, I feel we have done all we can with precautions. Please reach out to me privately if you want to be involved. Would love any additional check and balances. Just not sure what field you are in

    • @Gino _58_NL Gel has a great potential to not only change her own life but also be a great inspiration to others. One of the main reasons for her website aside from future brand protection is that it seems to be the safest way for her to communicate with her audience in a controlled manner, meaning all contact gets filtered and the ones that check out will get passed to her parents for review. Gel will have the ability to share on her website but know one will have direct communication with her. I would hope that she stays away from other websites and utilizes her own, As far as pushing to much, I think everyone involved understands school and family must come first and the whole YouTube thing has to remain fun for her without adding stress or pressure to her life.

  • She done so well, in so few of time. And Derek you made it happen. And her, for her being so sweet person. Her dad is helping her as mush as he can.

    • @chrisfoutz9003 her father is her biggest fan and I am his. His faith in his daughter and this entire youtube community is just awesome. I love their videos together.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 well… the product sells itself. The product being the cause, not to be misinterpreted as the person. 😇

  • You have changed this family’s lives forever. She is a true gem. You have touched so many lives around you. There is a halo somewhere above you. God bless 🙏

  • Oh man Derrick, you had my heart in my throat with that title. Thought something happened to Gel.
    Congrats Gel on your channel.

  • Gel is so sweet. She embodies what so many people love about Filipinos, soft, sweet and humble. Good luck to her she will go far 😊

  • Hi U2👋. Concentrate on school first young Angel 😇. Like 👍 a home cooked stew 🍲 it takes time for things to fall in place 👍🙏. Spread your wings and fly Gel!! Good job Dereck @ AI👍Blessings 🙏🌸🌼🌺

    • 🙏🫶 I’ve asked her and instructed Anthony that this is a hobby that pays. Only create content 1 day of the week and chop the content to 3 separate videos and done

    • Exactly 👍!! I commented before this is your free fun time after your education 😊. If it makes some money great 👍. Just hope her father keeps a eye on her and makes sure she is safe🙏😇 Blessings 🙏🌼🌸🌺

    • YouTube pays accordingly depending on your content, audience, channel engagement, but you must know that aren’t you a promotor?

  • 5:14… You should keep that off camera. I’m sure you can the her that your not paying her Internet next month off camera. It’s embarrassing to her..look at their expression

    • @Q Adventures Ok, I went back and watched your videos on her and her own channel and I think despite your good intentions, you are putting too much pressure on such a young girl. Starting LLCs, multiple accounts, youtube bureaucracy, paypal nonsense, expectations about splitting up income, etc, is just way too much for anyone of that age. She is suddenly expected to become a youtube star and moneymaker for an entire family and even extended people in her town. Too much. She has not even made a dime from youtube and like the other commenter keeps saying, youtube takes a long time to build up any meaningful income. Such expectations on this girl is too much too soon in my opinion. Adding in the “paying her own bills” is just compounding this issue.

    • @Q Adventures Something like this needs at least six months of financial support to even think about breaking even, not a few weeks. As I said, Americans have no idea what any of this means without stating dollar amounts. She cannot pay her own internet so I might pay it for her but not without knowing the details. Internet in the US is $100 per month but I have no idea what it costs there. I have no interest in dealing with paypals nonsense. I have no interest in paying that third party finance company without knowing how much of a cut they take. These are details that most people need to know if you are looking for outside financial help with your endeavors.

    • @old bird I don’t think so. She definitely is up to the task, it’s all embodied in her passion. Don’t worry too much for her, she will be fine.

    • @Sentinel-911 No one that age should be worried about paying bills. Pressure can destroy young people like that. Lets hear some actual numbers with this? So she is about to be monetized, how much will she be paid by youtube in her first few months based on what we see so far in her channel? And thats if youtube doesnt pull some of their famous payment delays or demonetizations. Youtube demonetized “Mirco Tere & Bella” with 159k subscribers.

  • I know you mean well but it seems that your interviews over expose these young girls poorness. Your Stearn and overbearing at times

  • It doesn’t matter if Mr beast promote your channel..the YouTube creator personality is what grows the channel, not any other promoter or supporter.

    • Trust me if Mr. Beast promotes your channel I’m sure your going to see a bump in views.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 temporary bump …long term viewership is what you want. Only the individual personality can get that for their own channel

    • @ALEX shorts🇺🇲 I agree with that 100% with that. She definitely has the personality for it, that’s how it all started.

  • love what you are doing ( man you and the supporters are doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work, i am doing the same thing by myself, it’s very hard. )

  • What an amazing HUMBLE and lovely man, Anthony is. It shows how great of a father he is to the beautiful Gel and her family. Love it.

  • Congratulations Angel and family. Just stay as sweet as you are and dont over do it , you’ll be fine.🙏

  • big congrats to Gel and her family also non of this would be possible if it weren’t for you, Q adventures/Derek and your awesome subscribers and people who have donated. In addition, please don’t forget a lot of people come to the Philippines for college i.e. doctors, meds, nurses, engineers, IT, etc. financially it makes huge sense. you know one can pay 3k to 15k per qtr in the states and in the PI that could pay for the year if not the whole duration. Peace!

  • Still you were a great help mate to start Gel off on her own channel > a shining star ! …….remember you were looking for the gun makers and that all went out the window when you saw an angel ! ……………………………. I suggest to continue looking for those gun makers then you can do something about those bloody roosters 🤣🤣🤣!

  • Hi Gel,
    U r a darling angel. U r soo well behaved n brought up by ur parents. U carry ur self around very well. Don’t worry u will reach ur Target and goal as desired by you very soon. Will support ur utube channel as much as we can with likes👍👍 n shares n viewings. God bless you n ur family members abundantly ❤❤

  • I know that everyone is hyped about gel‘s channel. But honestly, I hope Anthony will do some more videos as well. He is a cool and genuine dude 😊

    • I DID advice Anthony to be Gel’s permanent cameraman. I love his interaction with Gel vs Gel’s solo. The father/daughter dual is great

    • I bet he is also great in front of the camera. Would be quite interesting to see more of him 😊

  • In the beginning she showed you kindness and humility, and now she is recieving her reward. She’s just awesome.

  • Congratulations Gel on being monetized. 50 short hours and you will be a u2 star. Anthony is so kind and sweet, he has the best daughter, any father would be proud of. Thanks Derek. 👍

  • Awesome. Love your great work Derek in helping people. You are a superstar brother. Gel is awesome! Aloha!

  • We will ALL support Gel and her wonderful family and Anthony is a Star and Great Father as I Loved her videos on how her parents met, and then the Farm video and swimming pond. I think there is so many parts of their life that we all just Love to see. The help from all the people in the community who have supported Derrick & Ai in discovering her and helping her advancing her channel has been great. Advance congrats to Gel as this can be a life changing experience for both her and us who Love seeing province life.

  • Dear Derek, how u doing? I found your channel randomly looking at some videos about the Philippines. I’m a guy from Brazil and I was amazed by your videos of the girl Angel Gel, she’s wonderful, I was amazed by the kindness and politeness of this little girl. If you can, please send her my congratulations for the sparkle in her eyes, her smile and her intelligence.
    I was really touched by her and her family’s life story.
    I hope you are well, God bless your life ever, with my best regards from Brazil to you and to Angel Gel.I will be extremely happy if I can receive a simple hello from you and Gel.
    Always take care of yourself and congratulations on your woderfull actions.

    • Hi Moacir. Thank you for enjoying my content. I am finding more and more Brazilians watching my channel and I am so grateful. Please share my channel with your friends and family to help my channel grow

  • Anthony, I can’t express how much respect I have for you as a REAL man, that takes care of his family like you do. There are so many single mothers that got abandoned as soon as they got pregnant, I have no respect for those guys at all. They are not men, but little boys. You have a lot to be proud of, Anthony. The best of luck to you, and your beautiful family!

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