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  • Best wishes for the new school year Keth and Kat! Studying hard will go a long way towards getting what you truly deserve in life.

    • Sure… everyone has a preference. I have had 3 customers abandoned there 400 a day rentals for mine due to the simple fact that they spend more time on the roadside fixing the cheap rentals than on their vacation. All my bikes were purchased brand new and maintained after every return

    • Too well… I credit Calvin for my success here. That’s why I continue to set up his meet and greets in cebu on his behalf

  • Question for you I’m planning on a visit soon and I’m a sportbike rider how difficult is it to get a 750cc or bigger sportbike in the Philippines?
    I’m 53 and 6’4″ guy and I don’t fit on small bikes
    Thank you

    • To rent, I haven’t seen any. It’s more expensive than some cars here in purchase and the demand for such big bikes are not here.

    • That can be quite expensive in importing. There are 400 cc kawasaki that runs about $6k USD. I looked at a Ninja 636 and they wanted over $14k for it. Please share the process if you decide to send your personal bike

  • Interesting to hear about the rental business. I see there is a welder being unboxed, what are you going to weld?

    • That’s the next fun video. A tent frame. 3 people with zero experience that has nothing better to do than experiment

  • Uy.. what kind of discount we are talking about? because if some rents a bike for 750 PHP for two months.. well you know what bikes cost in the Philippines.
    Even in tourism areas like Coron its just 500 PHP..
    ..but if you do a good weekly or monthly price, maybe I think about it 🙂

    • My 750 bike is for a large 175cc bike. I wasn’t sure if the 500 you mentioned is for a Honda wave or Beat that is a much smaller bike. All my bikes were purchased new, well kept without mileage nor geographic restrictions. My rental business was not designed for bargain 1 day renters. More shooting for long term renters and adventurers here

  • Congrats Q! Not sure if you covered it in previous videos but wondering how you opened the motorbike rental business in Philippines.

    I was under the assumption that foreigners have to have a Filipino partner.

    • I do have filipino partner. Risk is high if you don’t know anyone here, but I am comfortable with the risks I take. Generally speaking, you can own the business outright if you invest $250k or more into the country

  • Good job training the new staff … I’m hoping the next time you can film them giving an update on the inventory including reciting the correct prices plus features… keep up the great work …

  • YO Q my boy J Scott is coming over to rent a bike and hang out with you Please give him a good deal He is a good guy looking to have some fun In jungle survival training and hang out with you Love your channel He got me to subscribe

    • For the man to tell me to go dance with indigenous 4ft jungle ninjas???? He getting a deal of a lifetime. Already has the ferry purchased, airbnb booked and his bike reserved. He’s gonna be well cared for. Good man

    • You will like Joel known him since high school He is smart and funny you will have a blast I hope to meet you and hang out some day Enjoy

  • I like motor bike content. Do some riding in traffic videos? Also team honda uniforms for the staff 😊

  • Hi Derek, is it required to have a special permit to drive a scooter in the Philippines or does a driver’s license fill the requirements?

  • i bought a new honda xrm on leyte i wish i bought a bigger one it was a little slow but fun to ride in tacloban traffic kind of like going into battle haha wow for the full year i lived on leyte i had over 60 flat tires lol

    • Yeah. I think the xrm tires have innertubes. I pretty much replace to tubeless tires on all my bikes for this very reason

    • @Q Adventures you will still get flats with tubeless tires plus all the tube repair guys would charge more have to take the wheel off the bike to repair it haha

  • Awesome video brother. I be there in 3 weeks. Can’t wait. Keep up the great work with the community! Aloha!

  • Hello…Love your business and videos….if renting for a month minimum, is one just limited to staying local?

    • No. That’s what separate my business. Unlimited miles, go wherever, no hefty deposits, just go have fun

  • Great video on the different kinds of scooters here in the Philippines as well as showing what you have to rent out.

  • How much does it cost to buy a bike like John’s Honda? Also what is the chrome bar on the handle bars?

    • 133k when John bought it. You can convert it to your own currency. But the registration rules had changed to 3 yrs registration now. It might be a tad bit more to cover the extra 2 yrs of registration

    • All my scooters are automatic, Ted. One of my 1st customers was similar to you where he only has experience on an electric bicycle around London. He ended up circling the entire island of Bohol on my smaller scooter over a 34 day period and reminded me every other day with a short video on what an “epic” time he was having

    • I have all contact information on the description tab. You can also reach out via Facebook messenger https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100013812859059

  • Hi I’m On my way! To cebu on October I will differential stop to rent your scooter. Thank you for your business.

    • My pleasure to serve the traveling community. I look forward to meeting you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via any of my contact info on my description page

  • Can I rent without a bike driving license? I own a Honda shadow but I never bothered to get a license and registered the bike under a family’s name who has a license.
    I’ll be visiting Cebu soon and was thinking to get one on rent. Is it possible?

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