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  • Hi! Derek brand new subscribers here. i like your content. Happy Birthday Angel!🥳

  • Great Content brother. Keep the 🔥 content coming. Have a prosperous day

    • Gel will have her own channel mid July to be independent of someone like myself. I hope you can subscribe to her channel as she will showcase her mountain lifestyle, community and culture.

    • I am sure that those children had many days to remember before meeting “Q Adventure” and will have many more after he is gone.

    • I’ll be up there in a heart beat when they request of me. Other than that, it’s Gel’s story to tell and I have done enough. Any more from me will probably cross the line of content exploitation

  • its a natural thing to do this for the pig, its what filipinos do when they do lechon.. its normal..great content and Happy birthday to Gel..and keep doing a great job brotha..watching the vlog now
    Its so beautiful there, i cant wait to move to PH also and do vlogs. My channel will also help people there as much as i can…

  • Great job Derek … I really like how her father is involved with all these activities… that’s a great idea to bring them to your house for training…

    • Yeah. Only Ai and myself in a 3 bedroom house. We have extra space even for the entire family to enjoy the ocean, all my equipment is here, and plenty of comfortable work space

  • Bro I’ve been wondering this for a long time but in countries like this is fish easier and cheaper to get?

    I’m pescatarian so eating fish or chicken exclusively is like my dream. With all those fish in that bucket I would say that it looked cheaper. You should ask about the seafood availability and price someday.

  • Angel is amazing. Her smile just melts my heart. Thank you for the video. So happy to see the community are enjoying themselves.

  • Seeing slaughter makes you appreciate your food a lot more huh? That’s the problem with mass production is people get comfortable with a plate of bacon showing up at their house everyday lol

  • Wow Q, you really blessed my day, what a wonderful video, you’ve planted a good seed in this young girl. please guide her and set up proper perimeters around her, just as there are future subscribers to her channel there will be many predetors as well. once again thank you.

    • Don’t have 1 yet. We will help her set up a profile, etc in the next week or so. Please pay attention to my updates

  • I am guessing based on your comments that you were raised in the protection of the city. Not being exposed to the reality of life away from the stores that supply your daily needs. I am glad that you get to see all of this first hand…

  • It’s a different story when you get to look your dinner in the eyes. But that’s the respect you should show the animal

  • Happy Birthday to a very special young lady. Stay humble. You’re beautiful in and out.

  • Great JOB Q! I love seeing people in the same area share like this. You don’t see that to much in the USA.

  • You thank the animal for their sacrifice. Its better to see it. So many people are clueless about their food. And take it for granted

    • Yeah. I captured the process from start to finish. I edit out a lot of the squealing not know the reaction I would get. But the raw footage will serve as a reminder to myself the sacrifice of 1 life to put food on my table

  • Bro that TV setup is nicer than a lot of poor American households. I’ve seen flat TV’s like that stacked on books and using a coat hanger to hold it against the wall with some screws.

    • Sure. This family salvaged that a while back during Odette. If you pay attention closely on the house tour video, I took a peek in the back of the TV to see general age of TV

  • Starlink’s cost of PHP 45,000 for the hardware installation and PHP 2,500 for the monthly subscription fee

  • That is a radio that we call a CPE. Its a cat5/cat6 cable. Most likely not a coaxial cable. Just fyi. And yes doing this type of setup in that environment is very hard. Its amazing they can do it at all.

  • I felt like something was slightly wrong with the party even though it looks so nice. That’s when I thought to myself, “Where’s the music?”, Here in Texas when there’s a birthday party and we gather like this we’re blasting freestyle music and/or 50 cent’ song, “it’s your birthday”. Haha

    • @Q Adventures us subscribers should invest in sending a Bluetooth speaker there for them special moments. It makes me wonder a lot of things like what kind of music they listen to? I’m thinking with the strong Spanish influence in the Philippines they probably listen to Hispanic music or something similar.

    • @Jason Will thanks for the info it’s cool to learn about other places and what they listen to and what not. I guess I would fit in there since I’m obsessed with ’80s and ’90s music being from the United States myself.

    • Yeah. And once in a wild, she shares a glimpse of her child innocence like when she was hugging her father on the floor. Gel is a fascinating tween

    • My eyes haven’t been dry since I first started watching Derek with this little angel, she reminds me of my neices here in Daanbantayan bless you all!

  • Growing up in USA in the 50’s, it was like this! Now its all gated communities and everybody is divided! How beautiful to see the community spirit there!! Beautiful!! Gel is an amazing young lady!

  • Wonderful to see her happy and excited! Very glad that her online safety is a major concern and that it is priority. I was surprised that she is 12, she is wise and articulate. Awaiting the video of Saturday’s adventure.

  • Wow great job giving her a party and gifts well deserved that little girl was amazing giving you a tour
    and speaking English on your first visit, a very lovely girl ❤❤

  • Hi Derek thanks for making her birthday very special.
    Happy birthday Angel 🎂🎉🎈

  • Happy birthday superstar! Beautiful vid Q!🙏❤️BiG future for this bright angel ❤Keepm coming!!👏😊

  • A feelgood video that’s hard to beat. Thank you Derek and Ai for giving us all the opportunity to share in this joyful occasion for Gel, her family and friends. What a most loving community spirit they have created in a special piece of paradise. It warms the heart. 🥰🧡👋

  • Great to see u making her dreams come true, please send my greetings to Gel n her family, i wish the best happy birthday n the best in life yo her and to all siblings, GOD BE WITH ALL OF U🙏😇💙

  • she is an angel and her parents are such good people and should be so proud of how they have and are raising their children. The gift of leadership and being good parents is the wealthy gift in the world. To the whole family keep living and loving and spreading kindness as you do. ❤️

  • Hey buddy. Its Derek, Your doing great things over there. Thank you for helping these people. Your a good man.

  • Watching now my friend. What a wonderful blessed life you’re living. Let’s do some good when I visit.

  • Happy Birthday Angel and thanks so much Derek for bringing this video to your audience. Gel will never forget this day.

  • The angel that is captured the hearts of the YouTube community. Happy birthday angel. God bless. Can’t wait to see your own YouTube channel. Hope you get a chance to read this comment.

  • Really wish everything with the pig was in a separate video… Understand that is reality, but still. 😕 I could have missed that section and been just fine

  • Where the damn DJ Bru…Very thoughtful of you to give her this experience that they will remember for a lifetime. Its all about the journey we take cuz all destinations lead to the same place.

  • I’ve bought several pigs over the years when I would get to Leyte, I’d go every 6 months. They cut the pig’s throat and catch the blood and cook it in with the pansit. Those were my very best memories of the Philippines. Women drinking Tuba, men drinking Red Horse, lots of cars games going on later at night. Just always a great time.

    • Men drink Tuba as well. One glass is passed around for everyone to drink out of. Been around a lot longer than Red Horse.

    • @Nobby Norberto … I’m sure they do but when I was there, I didn’t see any men drinking tuba. I bought red horse, the men drank it. They requested it. Regardless, it was a good time, we all enjoyed it.

    • 🤣 funny. I was hoping to neutralize as much as I could. But she was more thoughtful with her teachers which tells us her mindset. Lovely

  • Wow, it’s awesome video! I’m touched! I glad you show this one.
    Thank you, Derek!

  • Always loved how the kids would ask your blessing with the forehead to my hand. You have made this a birthday she’ll never forget. I’ve been to several areas in the Philippines where people live just like this family. They work from the time they wake up almost until they sleep. As little as they had I never heard them complain about what they didn’t have. Where is this place in the Philippines?

  • Happy Birthday, Angel! may, you be able to go to college & university!! And, make your dreams come true!🌹🍰🍧🧋🎈🎉🧸

  • She really is a sweet little girl and her family are good people. You discovered a great family on that mountain.
    I hope her channel will bring her and her family blessings.


    That’s how my Filipino cousins talk…using sound ePPects! (Hahaha)

  • So kind of you Derek to give her your GoPro. And you’re willing to teach her how to Vlog. Bless you brother

    • More importantly, she’s having so much fun with the gopro. Haven’t reviewed her footages yet, but it should be fun and natural

  • Happy birthday Angel I see she is so happy. Thank you Derek for bringing a great story into our lives.

  • You have it backwards. Mano po – Respect for one’s elders is traditional in the Philippines. When a Filipino child meets an older family member, the youth customarily greets them with a gesture called mano po, taking the older relative’s hand and placing it on his or her own forehead to express profound respect for the elder. The elders response is ” Bless you” so the child or youth is receiving the blessings. Not as you keep saying in your videos.

    • Yes that was annoying me. You are correct.
      I have only watched a few of Derek’s vlogs and I have gathered that he has Chinese heritage, born in Vietnam, lived in the USA and now in the Philippines.
      Maybe he has seen similar customs along the way which led him to believe the child was blessing the elder.

    • You are correct about my background. I have only recently started my path to wisdom. I am still very ignorant of many cultures and traditions