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    • @boy dominationshe’s not pretty by western standards. She’s a 5/10. It’s just that you Filipinos think anyone with white skin is automatically attractive. Also, most of the foreigners that go to the Philippines are left over guys that no western women would touch so those guys think any girl is a 10/10. I went to the Philippines and saw plenty of young foreigners with white skin Filipinas.

    • @boy dominationalso that white skin worship shit is extremely cringe and it’s why the Philippines has no culture. Unlike Thailand that embraces their skin color and culture.

    • @Coyote_00 sorry…but it’s not only white skin…. beauty also depends on the proportionality and symmetry of the face… there are also Filipina white skin women with low level of symmetry in their faces… It is obvious that Foreigners are going for these types of women…brown and low level of symmetry of faces….That is why Filpinos have stereotypes about foreigners… when you hear a filipino telling you that foreigners love the EXOTIC women… It is actually an insult….you can ask any local men about foreigners dating EXOTIC women and ask them what it means…LOL🤣

    • ​@coyote_0056 What are you talking about? 5 means average. The average woman isn’t attractive. So your rating is off.

  • I love all your content. Always positive and very giving of your time to improve people’s lives.

    • @Q Adventures. My wife is Vietnamese but I would love to move to the Philippines one day. Hopefully, more sooner than later. My wife worked in Manila for a couple years and didn’t like it at all. Lol.

    • You’re about to get into war between all the guys watching this video. I’m not one of them because it’s awkward as hell thinking of dating someone named Genevieve since my niece, who is one of two twins, is named Genevieve. I’m just enjoying learning about the women over there in the Philippines.

    • @Metatron  He can’t help it. He probably bought into western nonsense where youre suppose to date someone around your age only.

    • LOL … Dam Bruh … two comments on the same page for the same lady… David Bond was right (i.e. interview) … you are #THIRSTY !!🤣🤣 #THIRSTLOVE

  • They say $55 a month for university tuition is expensive. Wait until they see how much it is in the U.S.

    • Hahah. I purposely asked that question to illustrate the difference for you guys back home

    • @Q Adventures Cause they lived in a provincial area. Here in Manila it cost about $1k-$2k per semester

    • and u can get a baeutiful apt for 300.00./mo in the filipines..but in the US, the same quality of apt would most likely be over 2000/mo…u need to understand that the cost of livng/education, and rate of pay in the filipines is different than the US

    • @MrVikingsfootball09 Where in the Philippines is it possible to get a beautiful apartment for $300 monthly? Seems a bit idealistic to me.

  • Hey Q Adventures, thank you for showing options and possibilities that await those willing to leave the United States for a better life. Best wishes.

    • My pleasure. If you ever wanna jump to this ship, there’s a huge supportive expat and locals community waiting

    • @Q Adventures Are you on social security benefits or you just have a business that keeps your income at bay considering you are living in the Philippines. I have a job here in the USA and I want to move to the Philippines when I get older. Right now I am just saving money. Do you have any tips for me. I am 29 years old

    • @BATTLE ELF found my fellow Texan lol doesn’t it also break your heart the idea of leaving Texas? 😭

      It’s okay though from what I’ve seen of the Philippines it’s like going from Dallas to San Antonio except this hypothetical San Antonio is much cheaper to live in and has much nicer people lol..

    • @Q Adventures I guess I missed that part about her grades. My bad 😅
      Well anyways I’m from Los Angeles too sup!!!!✌️
      Im 30 year old Mexican-salvadoreño born in Los Angeles. Been to Philippines 4 times already. Good to see a fellow Californian enjoying the beauty of the Philippines.

    • I think she was just play running though. We were just messing around and having fun. I’m just a sarcastic prick everywhere I go in the name of humor. They the ones chasing me back and I’m not single. Just fun, promise

    • @Q Adventures now that I remember you did mention(in another one of your videos) your were sarcastic to the point that your gf gets mad lol. Again I apologize for my comment. I was drinking my coffee and watching your video on the clock 😳

  • Lots of expats foreigners old men from the U.S. goes to the Philippines to search and form relationships with younger women. Espicially in Dumaguete, Cebu and other regions and Provinces in the Visayas. Of course Luzon and Mindanao is a famous destination. Sometimes 50 years age gap or more.!

    • This is just a fun video guys. I said it’s not a dating sight. Don’t take it so seriously. I’m not quite old at 45 and I have a girl

    • Thailand is popular for hooks ups! Filipinas are just too friendly and hospitable sometimes naive young or old thats why they are taken advantage easily and most speak English unlike in Thailand they don’t care!

    • If you are looking for hook ups, Philippines is not the Country. Your approach with this young ladies is too creepy for me!

    • ​@fred bigornia 10 x their age. That would make a guy who dates an 18yr old 180 yrs old.

    • @fred bigornia Did we watch the same video? I’m not sure were “creepy” was, I even re-watched it a second time to be sure. First of all before he even approached them on camera he obviously spoke to them off camera and got their permission to film them. Second when he assumes they are in high school he has an absolutely normal, civil, human conversation with them keeps it brief and then leaves. Third, when they chase him down to come back and tell him they are in college he again has another very intelligent and normal conversation about schooling and grades. Fourth when they say singe and ready to mingle he clearly says this isn’t a dating site. So if you really feel having a conversation with someone of the opposite sex who is younger than you is creepy, then that’s a “You” problem. I’ve seen channels that it seems as though the people are either exploited or ridiculed and even harassed but from what I’ve seen of this channel and the man filming this is not not the case here but totally opposite,. He seems to be trying to build a community to even help when they can which is the furthest thing from “creepy”. I would watch a few videos before you make rash judgements, you may change your mind. Sorry for the long comment, have a great day.

  • The thing about being late is you will missed some topics that the instructor will discussed and activities.

  • Derek, you and I think too much alike, bro!
    I had a weird idea to do the same thing and search for those “1911” pistol makers in the bush! (Not that I was planning on being a “GUN RUNNER” or something like that).

    …or should I ? 🤔🤔🤔


    • You stop it!!! LMAO. I recorded a short of the process 10 yrs back. Now that I have a channel, I wanted to share the entire story which fascinates me.

  • Hi Derrick, enjoy your contents and video. Would like to meet up in Lapu Lapu when i visit again in Dec 2023. thru Feb. 2024.

  • I’m not going to lie if I lived in the Philippines I would feel extremely at home at that McDonald’s. Looks like anywhere in the US when you’re facing it.

  • that’s dedication right there, commuting an hour each way to go to school that’s shows commitment. it’s also amazing how well their English is, it’s so proper and not tainted w/ the all the US slang. great vid man, not skipping ads. Peace!

  • My recommendation is that you stop comparing in the Phils to the US. Also, stop telling the locals about issues in the US. I think the more oblivious they are about the problems here, the better. It seems that your body is over there, but your mind is still in the US. When I can be there every day like you, I will think of the US as little as possible. God bless bro. 🙏😊

    • There is nothing wrong with telling people about our country. It happens to be in the gutter right now. No need to shield them from the truth.

  • The culture in American is not friendly that’s because we have people like whoopi gooldberg and sunny of the view who is always trying to say that white people are racist but whoopi is married or dating a white men, what’s that all about.

  • We’re getting some white knights in the comments trying to supposedly protect the innocence and purity of adult women in college. lol

    • I thought it, you said it, brother. 90% of them probably still living in mama basement, let alone experiencing a different country. This video is just casual fun but these white knights morphed it to some rescue mission🤣

    • @Q Adventures I think that they believe since Filipina women are Christian and having higher moral values that them white knighting is considered a virtue to those women and thus increasing their own potential chances.

  • There’s a lot of beautiful women in Visayas and with really great sense of humor… This is without make up you’ll LOL

    • Genetics. I thought so also. Initially, I thought they were kids practicing a dance routine and wanted to ask them about safety in the PI but it just evolved to laughter and pure fun

  • As I said before in another vlog …Most Filipinos are fluent in Tagalog and a local dialect. Most can communicate in English with difficulty ( it feels like having a “nosebleed”). If having difficulty communicating with one person …do it in a group together so they help each other and can come up with the right words or phrases. ❤❤❤❤

  • Nice spontaneous conversation, like the way you have brief conversations and don’t impose say bye and then the young lady comes back to you to carry on the interaction..

    • Yeah… only in the Philippines!!! And no one wanted nothing from no one. Just a fun convo😊

    • This beauty is a 1 time thing. It was spontaneous and I don’t wanna disrespect my lady at home by exchanging numbers

    • Thank you. It was. Spontaneous walk up. They were full of life I I wanted to be infected with their joy

    • Thank you. We are working diligently to have her own channel by mid July. I hope you can subscribe to her channel and show some support of her work

  • cute kids in college man its a shame that its so expensive here 55 a month for a degree compared to 200k here for the same degree absolutely disgusting what our country has become.

  • Omg as a 20 year old black American male seeing these young beautiful women all natural makes me want to take a trip

    • @Q Adventures figures you would say that! you like those middle/highschool girls?? sounds like you were disopointed when they said they were in college and then were done dancing so u had nothing to show and got disappointed.

  • Why is it that expats go 100 mph with foreign women?? How about taking your time. Would you buy car without a vin number in North America? Or buy land without a title? Slow down Q. How about living in country and adjusting to life in new country. Idk . What’s the rush?

    • No disrespect sir. It’s something to see the crazy titles vloggers put up on their videos to get viewers. It’s just crazy to me. Keep eyes n ears open bro, don’t be fooled by the hospitality of foreign countries. They all hip to the game and then some

    • @Anthony no disrespect taken at all. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to say anything

    • Genevieve… please reach out to me. That was so much fun… I would love to feature you in a few more videos if you would like

  • ..congrats derek, you can make a funny and interesting video out of just about any situation…👍👍

  • Genevieve …. She has an amazing caracter and smile.
    Her graspee voice is unique.

    Anyway to chat with her,?

    • Sorry no. I didn’t have any intention of exchanging info with her. Was just there to satisfy a curiosity. It was spontaneous



  • You sound like a Filipino as well? Are you originally from the Philippines? Where you from bro, and how long have you lived in USA prior to moving to the Philippines?

  • Derek .hey man.
    My name is Cliff.
    I love your content.
    I admire your honorable conduct and appreciate you .

  • They are do funny and gorrgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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