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  • Did you see the fires in the squatters areas in Lapu Lapu today? If not, Andy Omar posted a Short about it.

  • husband speaking age 80 the PH will NEVER be clean until the schools don’t start teaching the young students
    that it hurts the country and themselves when they throw trash on the ground. Give a kid a candy bar, the wrapper
    immediately hits the ground. WHY ? because they learned from their parents who learned it from their parents. Schools
    should spend a few minutes once a week covering topics like that. Turn your dam headlights on at night, trike operators ,
    put on some reflectors on the back of your trike, it is your life if you get hit by a car with a impaired driver. etc.

  • Nice Q. I used Thailand ESIM. That was 1/4 the price of the Philippine ESIM. Plus I had a local cell number. My Wife love Thailand yes the food and fruit she loves.

  • I love Thai food. I’ve never been to The Philippines but I have been to Thailand so I can’t compare the two.. But, both are vastly different from where I am here in The South of The USA. My dream is to visit The Philippines.

  • There is also so much more to Thailand than just Bangkok. There are beaches and jungles and everything in between whereas Singapore offers a different lifestyle but not so much of a diverse one. 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

  • Derek, Ai: another excellent video. I respect every one’s opinions and preferences, but after having studied, worked and lived in 6 different countries, my personal choice is USA. My immediate family is also liking it in here, but many relatives still prefer ASEAN and Australia.

  • You got a very price for your Air BNB… my Thailand internet service is @ $10USD a month… greed a lot of food choices especially in Bangkok….

  • You are right, Thailand has the better infrastructure. The streets are cleaner although there are slums in both countries, the Thailand Governments are more organized and clean streets quite regularly. Their sense of urgency in Thailand is a priority when it comes to customers. The problem with Philippines is that the whole country is all islands and very difficult to set up proper infrastructure. I absolutely love Thailand and its people. Good to see you guys enjoying yourselves. Respect. Jim from the Land down Under! 😊❤

  • I would like to visit the temples in Thailand for sure , Luckey for you guys seeing all theses places,have fun guys enjoy the good life .🇨🇦🙏

  • Hello from CA. Indonesia & Malaysia are more suitable for me. Indonesians are friendly like Filipinos with same language pronunciation(Malay-Polynesian) & Malaysians speak English with great food, amazing infrastructure & safe. Highly recommend Sarawak & Sabah in Malaysia for nature & my favorite: Sumatra. Thailand has largest overseas Chinese community in the world, with a population of approximately 10 million & you speak Chinese. Great job with Ken but not surprised. When my passport was stolen in Bali, Chinese people took me , navigated the process & invited me to stay with them(still have foto of 79). Best 4 u & your lovely wife! Take care.💙 Love the infinity pool at your Thai hotel. May i know the name?

  • I’ve always been curious….economically why are the Philippines poorer than some other small countries. Thanks for your first hand observation.

    • @@xrayeyes2023 but there’s much more poverty in the phillipines. I was actually asking Derek because he could explain why since he lives there. Imperfectly aware all countries have poverty but also aware that the phillipines have much more.

  • Derek, do you have any reservations about Ken and his back story? At this moment do you think you will see him again.

  • @Q Adventures. I follow another vlogger Derek who lived in the Philippines with his vloging girlfriend and they lived outside Cebu in the province, but they are now broken up and he’s living in Thailand, coz he rented a Condo for a year and he would say the food in Thailand is so much nicer than the Philippines.
    The view from your hotel is amazing man,but it reminds me of the firefly restaurant in Makati which has an awesome view on the 32nd floor and the food there is so good. If ever you go to Manila again head over to Makati and go to the firefly restaurant and you will love it.❤

    • @@qadventures Hey no worries Derek my pleasure. You will enjoy it bro,coz Makati is a nice place and alot of lovely hotels there. Me and my girlfriend stayed at the berlingo hotel which is basically above the filling station restaurant. Lovely place and so friendly staff.

  • Hit 100k today . thanks for the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over last months.started with 8k in February

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    • Amazing, I think an investment is easier with proper guidance, especially from a financial advisor…it helps reduce the chances of running into losses. All thanks to this same Mr. Larry Marshall who made it possible and I was able to pay off my mortgage.,

    • Wow, amazing to see others trading with Mr. Larry Marshall, I am currently on my 7th trade with him and my portfolio has grown tremendously.

    • I’ve also earned over 450k so far investing in a crypto market with the guidance of this same Mr. Larry Marshall services, so surprised I found people talking about him here, Good man.

    • This is not the first time I am hearing of Mr. Larry Marshall and his exploits in the trading world but I have no idea how to reach him…

  • I have been to Thailand several times as a visitor. I am happy to confess that i can never get enough of it. Greetings from Uganda in East Africa ❤


  • I like your show very much. I also watch a show called is-woko. It’s about these men that cut down Trembisi trees. No offense but it is my favorite show. Do you know of these workers?

  • Do not forget the taxation of expats in countries that one choose to retire in. Thailand just raised tax rates.

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