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  • Good USA morning Derek, Ai and Ken!!! Safe travels and best wishes to you Ken. Derek congrats on this “W” – well done sir.

  • Poor Ken looks a bit shell-shocked, and confused today.
    It must be very hard for him to comprehend it all.
    I hope and pray UK comes through for him.
    Many thanks for helping Ken.

  • Safe travels… wishing you All a Happy Holidays…. Ken be strong and keep Derek and Ai @ Q Adventures up to date of how your doing… hope to see you singing and playing the guitar with all the harmonies in the world… Rock On!

    • Same here😢😢😢——Thank you Derek… AI…Bernadette…and all who contributed to make this happen… God’s Blessings to you all 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Derek you have easily earned my deepest and most sincere respect for all you have done for Ken. I’m quite certain if you had not intervened he wouldn’t be here today. That said, I pray that all these old expats are paying attention. You need to go home well before you reach this point in life.

  • I think he was sad to leave you guys. I hope he gets the care he deserves in the UK. Thanks to You Derek and Ai and all the supporters for making this happen.

  • Blessings to all of you I hope ken is going be ok.it made me cry to hear him ask you when will I see you again

  • Wishing Ken all the best on his journey back home! My hat goes off to Derek, Ai, and to everyone else that helped out along the way, and thanks to those that’ll step up to lend a hand once he arrives in the U.K.

  • Well ken manage to travel alone? Take care ken and have a nice safe flight.thnx for a very good sir derek kind hearted .if not for him? I think ken s life here in the Philippines is more more miserable and will die because of illness..God is so Good !!

  • Thank you for all you’ve done for Ken. May Ken have safe travels and a good outcome from treatment of his health condition in the UK. It has been a mission but well worth it. Well done to all involved. 😀

  • WOW!!!!!….. What an adventure..
    I really hope Ken will get the best treatment from the UK Government..
    My deepest respect to you , your wife and Bernie or Vernie..
    And all the supporters along the way..
    I hope they will upgrade him to at least business class..

    • My experience as a disabled person of Ken’s age flying back to UK was a nightmare. From the staff on the British Airways flight to the aggressive behaviour of ground staff at Heathrow and then a botched operation and a further 6 months wait for another.
      Called the ambulance once. Waited 5 hours. At A&E waited another 3 hours in agony. The A&E department was full of drunks and people on drugs. If you asked the admin staff anything they snapped at you because they are under such pressure. Later having to use public transport I realised how dangerous the country has become. Gangs of robbers roam freely as do pickpockets. I noticed Ken keeps his wallet in his back pocket. Not a good idea.
      I hope he will be taken care of properly over there.
      And I hope he can make it back to the Phillipines where he will be much safer. Personally I’m scared to go back again.

  • Thank you this great piece of human kindness and gift for others. Many blessings to you Derek and Ai. Enjoyed the whole documentary on your channel to Ken’s departure.

  • Farewell to you Ken, the World is rejoicing with you. And to you Derek, your Blessings shall Overflow!!!

  • 😢It is so sad to see Ken crying ,even though he tried by all means to hide it from you. He is not sure of what the future holds for him back home. You have treated him with love , respect and dignity and as a result he enjoyed your company. Wishing him all the best . Thanking you and your family for all your hospitality. Watching from South Africa 👌👍👍

  • I thank GOD for you. Thanks a lot for being there for Ken all through this process. May you Never Lack anything in your Life. GOD bless you.

  • A good WA🇦🇺 evening Derek, Ai, Bernadetta,… and Ken… (if you get to see this, I wish you all the best 🙂👏🙏🏼 Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2024 🙏🏼.

    Thank you Thank you Derek, Ai and Bernadetta, Everyone for all the help Philippine side of the equation and the UK side and going forward😊🙏🏼

    So sad 😢😢 will miss you Ken albeit through Derek and Ai’s channel, good luck/Pob lwc

  • All the best Ken. Live well for the remainder of your life. Good job To this blogger and his wife. Sure the lady who housed him when he had no where to be will miss him dearly.

  • Huge thank you Derek for all you have done for Ken. Please keep us updated insofar as you can. 👊🏽💥

  • Farewell for Ken wouldnt be possible , its all because of Derek’s good heart! God bless on your advocacies!!

  • Amazing job, well done all who helped but especially to you Derek whom I’m sure without your help Ken would be in a really dire situation. I really hope there is a follow up for us all to see how he gets on.

  • Hi Derek, i immensely appreciate your unwavering help to Ken, all the way, including monetary help. I am watching Kens departure for UK, which you initiated. I am a happy subscriber from New Jersey.

  • I realize that you are doing truly GREAT THINGS for Mr. Ken. However, I wonder if you will continue your efforts to assist Americans (and others) after-the-fact. This MUST have (rightfully) upped your ratings and comments significantly as you are certainly milking it for all it is worth!

    • Good question. “After the fact” is important. Hence my ideal demographic are local youths. Ken being there and I am here, I cannot do the impossible and sacrifice 10’s of youths to peace 1 elderly

  • I think Ken is sad to leave and nervous to return home. I do hope we get updates on how he is doing. We will miss seeing him on your vlogs. Take care Ken and safe travels.

  • I am not going to lie i cried watching this, seeing him leave was sad i could feel his pain, i wanted to come to airport as i live close by but didnt want to disurb. I am British i can assure you Ken will be extremely well looked after, we have excelent care for our elderly he will i am sure be in a lovely care home and treated like royalty fed nice warm meals and 24hr care. My grandma always said she will never go into care, she spent few days there after a fall and never left lol she absolute loves it. Ken will be very popular hundreds of stories to tell. I really hope we get to hear more about Ken so sad if we dont. Thank you to you beautiful hearted people who all helped Ken and all the people who donated.

  • To whom it may concern… To the UK crew accepting Ken if anyone is watching, can you please video Ken (if possible🙏🏼🙏🏼) arriving at Heathrow and send to Derek for us all to see that he made it, would be much appreciated🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • En seems very overwhelmed, hope he makes it back to UK safely and gets treated for his ailments.please keep us updated

  • Safe journey Ken The Lord Bless you and keep you. Thanks Derick and family for all you have done God bless you 🙏

  • Happy to see him finally going on his journey to go home. My deepest and most sincere respect for all you and Ai have done for Ken and to those that’ll step up to lend a hand once he arrives in the U.K.. May God be with him and to you all.



  • Its Wheels Up & Farewell to Ken. We will All be watching for Updates & worrying about him. Please let us know any Progress when you hear from Him. Its shocking to watch him go. Many of us are or almost his age so its very easy for us to relate. I think Derrick you have made some changes in us all along with Helping Ken. Many Many thanks to You for your Humanly kindness.

  • Just woke up to this and am crying . Happy for Ken and happy for Derick and all who came on board showing that humanity is still alive. Thank you Derick may never lack in this world,

    • 4:30 am Monday first thing i did is look for latest video but makes me very vey sad to see Ken going now and can sense he is sad too

    • It was soo touching😢 💔 hope to see ken together with his girlfriend once again happy together., thank you also for her uncondional love for Ken. 😘

  • Well done,Derek and Ai.
    I’m just a bit apprehensive…
    Does he have any relations to take care of him in the UK ?
    Often times,with that kind of pension and warm friendly&kind people like Derek&Ai,a 79yo MAY be better in the Phillipines,methinks!

    • Unfortunately not. Neither does he in the Philippines. He is in the care of Heathrow Travel Care now. Much more qualified than Bernadetta and i

  • Thanking God for placing all of these angels around Ken to help him while in a foreign land.
    Also thanking God for Derek and his compassion and humanity that he not only showed for Ken but many others in need.
    May the good Lord continue to bless his efforts in doing good and may he be blessed abundantly 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

  • May good favors come on your way Ken and may your goals and whatever you expect come to past in JESUS name, Amen.

  • You did it Derek. Well done! May all the good that you do return 10 fold. Not many like you out there. Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

  • Bon Voyage Ken. God bless you. Safe travels. Good luck in UK with the next phase. So happy Tiny and his wife the viewers Bernadette and the UK embassy and nonprofit are all assisting you. It’s a Christmas miracle. When people come together anything is possible.

  • The people who will assist him should be at the door of the plane with a wheelchair,and they will take him to whoever is waiting for him ,it is a wonderful system.
    Safe journey Ken big hugs from Ireland.

  • You put your compassion to the higher ❤ level in helping this real in need human, I 🙏 you won’t change in extending your time and efforts to help,I salute you Sir.

    • I am just in the infant stage of my work. Please watch my other videos. I will be able to do more as my channel grows

  • Good morning Ken, Derek, & the gang. May God bless each of you for your kindness towards Ken. You all are his family as far as I am concerned. This video is bitter sweet.

    You all thought of everything. Even money to snack on while traveling.
    I can’t wait to hear about Ken arriving in the UK. Again may Ken be protected by our Saviour in his travels.

  • Derek and Ai and all who made this possible you did a fantastic act of kindness and charity on Ken’s behalf. I know it was difficult at times but so rewarding to get this outcome. I donated a kidney altruisticly this past July and I got to meet my recipient in September. I made a huge difference in his life and I can only imagine how this act of service is making you feel knowing you helped Ken. May the new year bring you much joy and happiness to everyone that made this little miracle happen.

    • OMG, Mel!!! You are a better person than me. I applaud you!!! Now I have a person to understand my satisfaction in what I do. I love you for sharing your personal experience

  • the only words I can see to type, thru my ugly crying in happiness for Ken.. is THANK YOU and God bless you all 🙏

    • My Pleasure my Friends! You guys do so much! How was the Cake? I’ve never tried that place myself. Have Fun in Leyte! FIRST TIME ON YOUTUBE!@@qadventures

  • Good luck Ken! Thank you so much Derek for all your assistance to Ken, you’re such a good person! Hats off and respect for you, keep up the good work🙏

  • Wow amazing how you managed to get all lined up for Ken to make his way back to the UK, God bless you and all that helped realizing his dream to go back home. 🥰🙏🏻🌷

  • What you have all done for Ken is amazing, you have gone above and beyond what normal people would do and so much respect for you.

  • Great job Derek,Ai and Bernie. I don’t think there’s a dry eye here in the comments. I hope we will be able to get a follow up on Ken after he gets settled. Maybe one of your subscribers who offered to help over there can help with updates.😢👍🏝

  • Thank you for everyone who helped him. A sad but amazing story of how we still have a caring community that is willing to get out of their comfort zone and help someone in need. Gives me faith in humanity again. Thank you ❤️

  • Hello,Praying Ken is guided well along his journey back to the UK.You folks have done a wonderful job helping Ken and being his kind and caring good Friend’s along his difficulties in the Philippines.I am sure he is anxious and sad to leave you all.God Speed Ken.Love,Pia and our Family in California.😘🙏👍💪👋🖐✈️🛩Safe Travel’s to the 🇬🇧 UK Ken.