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  • Congrats on your new channel bro. You have a nice girlfriend there. Good luck with everything. I have the means to go out there and live like a king, I just have to pull the trigger. LOL

    • Thank you Tim. I had to go through 8 other girls to find her, but she seem to be perfect in every way. Hope it stays that way.

      Just come visit for a few weeks. That will help you solidify whether you will or will not want to be here.

  • Hey Derek, new subscriber to yur channel after watching yur interview w Old Dog, yur background is so similar to mine except i did’nt fly over on ‘airplane’ to US, my family background is much similar to your except my family was fr Saigon we left VN in 79 via Malaysia to US in 80. Like yur self i am looking forward to retire in Phils, been to Cebu and Bohol , planning to be there next yr, hope to meet up in person. Trying to catch up on yur videos, wanting to know yur perspective on local people, how to treat u as a non ‘White skin’ Expat

    • The locals are the coolest. The dating scene will not be as easy as a white man but it’s not difficult either. I had to go through 8 girls to find this 1, but that’s common. When I pick up girls in person, I usually get the cold shoulder because I look filipino but the problem disappear as soon as my western accent comes out. Look me up when you come. Will be more than happy to help you integrate

  • Here from Pauls channel Derek to support your channel ! I have been to Alhambra too – think there is a Carmel there I visited.

  • Here from paul watch his vlog with you,
    I am a filipina living in australia now but i m from bacolod city just 5 hrs drive to dumaguete, your story is such an inspiring mate,.
    Good to hear you love the philippines to live there and happy to help its people.

    • Oh… thank you. I just feel like I am so indebted to the filipino people and culture. It just makes my decision to live here much easier with all the natural wonders here

  • I have a friend there that actually live there in bantayan santa fe i been there also once, her american husband they have a beach resort name Rick’s paradise resort that they rent out, and another friend australian and was our neigbour also here in aussie that also living there with his wife in bantayan.

  • from what I’ve seen they’re not big on cleaning up trash wonder why that is? most of these videos I’ve watched seem the same way from village-to-village certain places in Mexico when I visited was the same

    • Yeah. That discussion is as long as the Bible, Eric. It could be irresponsible tourists, it could be local habits and on and on. I problem I don’t see myself spearheading but nevertheless an important one

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