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  • May God bless uand family hope Ken is fine I was in Philippines matbunki family there scam stole money so people should be careful baby the woman clearly her self but ur family have made me feel there is good people everywhere love from Ireland lena

  • International Airline passenger on wheelchair assistance gets help from checking in through arrival at his/her final airport destination including baggage claim and whoever takes over the welfare of said passenger, especially, if supports are pre requested ahead of flight. The airline crew is mostly accomodating for the convenience of seniors and passengers with impairment/s.

    • When I went to Manila in 2019, I requested wheelchair assistance (bad left knee) and I was treated like royalty at every airport I went to (Atlanta, Washington D.C., Incheon/Seoul, and Manila).

  • He probably lost his NHS card but the number is the same one he uses for social security (pensions) He will have to re-register with doctor in the area he lives in. Even emergency services will need this information. No snow right now but temperature ranges between 6c and 10c

  • A very good if cold UK morning to you both!!
    I am watching you on catch up because of the time difference, but you never cease to amaze me with your kindness and down to earth attitude towards life. I always enjoy listening to you, even to the point that it makes me late for work sometimes! Good luck with all you do and Merry Christmas!!. Look forward to more interaction with Ken and updates as to how he is doing when back in blighty!!
    God Bless!

  • Hello,you are a wonderful couple.Glad thing’s have come together and Ken is going home very soon now.Your Friendship’s are now longlasting with Ken.Wishing him the best on his long journey to get good healthcare and settling down in his future hometown.Good luck growing your channel,and your helping your community in the Philippines.Happy Holiday’s folks.Love,Pia and our Family in the California S.F.Bay Area.❤😘🙏👍💪👋🖐💞💞💞💞💞God speed Ken.✈️🛩

  • Be careful giving out Ken’s flight arrival time to uk , we have lots of scammers in uk, he may end up going with the wrong person.

  • 😊😊How I wish that you can keep in touch with Ken because now you are part of his life and he is part of your family. Keep on doing the good work . I enjoy your channel 👌👍

  • Enjoy your stay in Thailand ! Looking forward to see more about you hard work in the Phillipines. Continue be you, dont change ! Hugs from Spain

  • Thanks for the update! Im not sure if the airport staff will accept tips ( unless you are in the States) but they are really kind and helpful. My dad travelled throughout Europe when he was completely confined to a wheelchair and relied on many kind staff and cab drivers. I hope you both enjoy your time in Thailand ❤️

  • Thanks for squeezing in time to even read this Derek! Much appreciated.
    Without doubt you are one of the best Hunan beings in the planet!!.won’t take more of your time!
    Enjoy the rest of your well earned vacation!

    • Of course I read, Cynthia. I am nothing without my supporters and I wouldn’t be able to give back if I can’t even help myself

    • @@qadventures ah that’s nice, just you mentioned, thousands of comment! Lol. Only so many minutes in the day!
      Keep up the great work!

  • I like the sound of that.. …’worked it out’ the traffic issue by the side of the road, this observation is not very ‘woke’ either but it sounds like Asian style from the good old days! lol

  • Just be careful helping others §!!!! God said —— Everything we Do here on earth theres LIMITATIONS !!!
    Remember ——- There are Tons of SCAMMERS Around §!!! Most they take advantage of people who have a good heart !!!

  • FYI 10 years ago i went to heatrow airport to transit flight. i took an italian coffee. 8 pounds!!!!!!! I think now it is more expansive since the pandemic

  • Good Maryland USA morning to you. Ah Derek my friend, you’re making things difficult for me. 😀What I mean is I’m sympathetic to the fact your channel has grown and you’re getting more comments and that reading all those comments is difficult for you because of dyslexia. So I want to try to make it easier for you by not leaving long messages, which is already challenging to me. It’s even more challenging though when I see a video like this one that leaves me with so many thoughts I want to pass on to you. So I offer this option to you, unless I specifically ask a question then you needdd not feel any guilt about not replying to me, just leave a heart, or a thumbs up to let me know you read it and appreciate what I said. Of course if you don’t like what I said you can leave a thumbs down or some other negative emoticon but I doubt that will happen much if ever because mostly wwhen I comment to you it will be to compliment you or give you information like my recent post where I explained how social security works with past due payments. Of course if you want to actually give me a reply as you usually do, that’s fine, I’m just letting you know you need not feel obligated, just let me know you read and understood and maybe even appreciated my comment with an emoticon. Speaking of Social Security, you hinted at you don’t expect to get much because you stopped working in the US at age 37. To that you might be surprised. My disability took me out of the work force in my early 40’s and during my work history there were long periods of unemployment and worst of all the bulk of it were minimum wage jobs. The only thing going for me is I started working at age 13 (part time of course because of school). Anyway despite those things working against me I managed to earn enough credits to qualify for Social Security at a rate of $1300 per month. Now granted that’s nothing to gt excited about in the US but from what I hear from all the Philippine Vloggers $1300 per month US goes a long ways there. Now of course I don’t know how long you worked or how much you made but I suspect if you felt you made enough to stop working at 37 and still have some of that money set aside supporting you, then your Social Security will probably be nicer then you think when the time comes to recieve it. Of course being in your 40’s now you have a long way to go before you can claim Social Security but don’t just assume it will be nothing when the time does come. You earned that and had money taken out of your pay to get that so you deserve it even if you aren’t living in the US. Okay enough of that, pretty much everything else I want to say to you is in praise of you or to give you encouragement. I think deep down you already know most of the things I’m going to say, it’s just your humble nature tend to block you from saying these things yourself, even still it’s always reinforcing when you hear praise coming from someone that doesn’t owe you praise unless you genuinely deserve it. You know, I think one of the things that has helped your channel do well is that humility you frequently show, especially when it comes to older viewers like myself who recognize and appreciate that because we don’t often see much of that in younger generations. I also want to let you know, at least for me one of the things I respect most about you is your efforts to break the cycle of dependence between young Philippinas and Foreigners. It almost embarasses me that so many of my generation and older see the Philippines and it’s people as a way for and old many to hook up with a beautiful young girl that they could never get with back home. I mean I kind of get it, it must be very good for their ego’s to be able to get with a beautiful young woman at their age but it’s rarely love as much as it’s both sides seeing a financial opportunity for a better life. I just don’t get why all these foreigners can’t go for a little more age appropriate woman. In various videos from the Philippines I’ve seen plenty of women in their 40’s and 50’s that are still very beautiful and way better then what most of these old farts could hope to get back home. I also want to point out something about your philanthropy work. It doesn’t have to be a success story in order to count, it’s the effort that matters the most. Win or fail as long as it’s coming from the right place (your heart) then that’s a success in my book. I do understand though that an actual success were a noticable difference is achieved is way more gratifying so I encourage you to keep striving for thoses successes. Just don’t deny yourself the effort if things don’t turn out the way you hope. As long as your intention is pure then if it doesn’t work out the way you hope, that’s almost always going to be on the person you tried to help. Okay there were a lot of other things I could have said but I think I’ve said enough for now. You are a good man on a good path and you don’t need to apologize for yourself as much as you do. One last thing, this has to do with that comment you made about your independence being seperate from your relationship with Ai. I get it, you taught yourself to be independent from a young age and you are proud of that as well you should be. I realize that you’re just saying that if (god forbid) Ai ever left you, you would be okay. The thing is you know deep down that’s not going to happen, that what you and Ai have is real and lasting and she’ll never leave you unless you give her reason to leave. Don’t let your pride in your independence though be come a reason for her to leave though. I’m sure by now Ai knows that side of you but a woman likes to hear that she has become such a big part of her man’s life that he feels like he couldn’t survive without her. You admitting that to her is just another way to say, “I love you”. Anyway that’s it for now, keep up the good work, enjoy your vacation in Thailand and I’ll look forward to your next video.

  • Cathay Pacific airlines is an excellent airline. The interior and the staff and amenities and food is incrediblle. you can eat and drink as much as you want. even in regular seats. I flew many times with them from Hong Kong to Toronto and the stewardess will take care for sure of Ken. there is maybe 200 tv channels.

  • Here in USA T-Mobile is running a special 4 iPhone 15’s with 4 lines for $100 a month, do they have phone plans like that in Philippines?
    Question, when Social Security does finally fund Ken’s bank account will that be a Philippine bank or a UK bank?
    I’m just getting updated on whats going on, my computer got corrupted and I normally fix my own computers but since I have a new generation computer it became complex so I ended up taking it to Best Buy Geek Squad to have it fixed, This is an AMD build I should have stuck to intel

    • Heck no, Philippines don’t have anything like that.

      For Ken, it’ll be a usa account he had for a long time

  • Adult diapers very wise. Several changes wrapped individually in paper bags so he can take out of the carry on to change in plane. He can then put soiled one in bag to discard. I know you cant force him but far better to wear than end up soaked on plane. Not sure if incontinence or bowel but either way a long journey to be soiled.

  • Yes. Many people get discounts and tip on discounts price. Should do full price before discount.
    If possible.
    In USA its funny. Restaurant adds a credit card percentage to bill before you see it. If u pay by cash they don’t reduce it. Plus they expect one to tip on that fee plus the taxes. Thats incorrect.

  • I have took Cathy Pacific, it is a awesome plane nice luscious seats. You’re not crammed in like a pair of sardines like air China my God, whenever I travel overseas I always make sure I’m flying with Cathy Pacific had a few bad experiences with air China. I thought I was a sardine by the time I reached my destiny never again. absolutely if he doesn’t want to wear a adult diaper that’s on him, I want have gave him your phone number. You might get every quack in a world that don’t like you saying comments but you already gave it that’s the way it is

  • she has nothing to be ashamed of that all part of living and learning, myself one time I was crazy about this Philippine woman and I thought she was being straight with me, I built a beautiful house a beautiful store, drop by unexpectedly and found her in bed with another man. Life sometimes is cruel and unfortunately all we can do is just live and learn that mistake cost me a little bit over $70,000 so you tell that lady she got nothing to be ashamed of, we all make mistakes especially when you operate by your heart instead of by your head. I now have a beautiful little Filipino she never asked me for one penny, I got her started in a little**store where she can support herself and her grandparents, and whenever I talk about helping her she says right away no no no no I have a good business I can take care of my grandmother and grandfather but thank you anyways I really appreciate you caring, there is a person that is not trying to take advantage of me. And I hope in a couple years I plan to take one heck of a vacation, but my friend when you operate by your heart sometimes you get stomped on. And that is life you are a decent man no doubt about it but please relay my message to her she has nothing to be ashamed of,

  • absolutely body don’t ever get involved in that crap, definitely tell them to join a dating site I agree with you 100%.

  • wake up I do disagree with you about the dating sites, but they are definitely much more scammers and bowl crap than anything on him dating sites. But you do meet decent people but they are far and few between, most of whom is there to try to scam you and looking for your vulnerabilities. Definitely with dating sites you have to be very careful, but to get back to the other subject absolutely don’t ever get involved in setting someone up. That can be nothing but a headache.

    • You would probably be better off using Facebook or Instagram instead of a dating site. Too many scammers and inexperienced men that will get taken advantage of. Otherwise it’s better to meet someone in their country when you get there.

  • I will say, thank you and all the other people who helped Ken. He was not able to do this alone. I know Paul was a lot of help. And all the giving help as well. And you started it all. Hands Up🖐️. Guys should learn from this.

  • 7c at the moment but very variable so clothing changed daily for amount you need! Actually very odd even for UK

  • I hope this lady in Germany hasn’t lost too much money. Too muchscammhng here in our world now. another word for stealing’. You are doing great things and are a super kind man

  • Way to crush my hopes LOL So how did you two meet? I tried the Filipina cupid a few years ago and I had hundreds of responses within a week of setting up my profile so I was just overwhelmed. I don’t have the radar to filter the fakes so I hope to just come there and explore and try to see what happens. Are you two married and if you marry in Philippines does it transfer back to the States or how does that work? You two are a great pair. I see how she is right with you on everything and you are a true inspiration for others.

    Don’t go for being a philanthropist 😀 Bill Gates comes to mind for most of us when we hear that term. You should go with something like just doing God’s work. So often people use philanthropy as a personal gain and you seem to be doing it from the heart.

  • i’ve been watching your video regarding Ken and i salute you for doing this! kudos to you & your wife!! but i have a suggestion on his upcoming trip and would like to suggest that he wears a compression socks and a pill of baby aspirin if it doesn’t conflict with his medications. this is to prevent blood clot. this is what i always do when i travel on a long haul. hope you can read this before his trip.

  • I love the relationship between you and your wife ❤️💕She is a very good example of what GOD WANTS FOR EVERY MAN,A WOMEN TO HAVE👋HIS BACK🫂🤗MB


  • Derek you are wonderful! But you need Moderators on your YouTube! To filter out the junk posts and save you time and frustration!

    • @@qadventures omg you answered! You’re like a celebrity too you know. You and Ai are in my prayers and I have great admiration for you. Wish I could send money but I’ll watch all your videos when I have time.

  • airport staff do not take tips, but he will need money to buy a sandwich or coffee or tea etc……Airport staff will care for him, they are amazing……and others will be there to meet him, because ofnyour adverts…….many thanks……

  • Derek don’t waste your time to those oldtimers to hook up with young PI women. You are a good US citizen who doing good deeds to help people in need. GB you and your lovely wife with all you doing ❤️🙏🏼

  • Does he now have acess to his usa pension now i know you were hrlpung with getting it reinstated derek?
    500 pounds wont go far

  • Your parenrs should be so proud of the man you are. your a great kind man with rue compassion and service.
    Kenbis looking a lot better he looked like death before you got him food.
    This is a great outcome because of you and others who helped. ❤❤❤❤

  • Think be easier for ken if you setnhim up a youtube. Then you can arrangevto go live with him.
    He will need a laptop when he gets back to do that.
    Technology is hard for elderly.
    Help him set up a youtubevchannel before he goes and a gmail email.

  • These scam traps are getting ridiculously out of hand. Had my own share of similar experiences. I wish people stop falling for it.
    Thanks for the update on Ken. What a fascinating story. At his age though, hopefully, he gets the same help in UK. It would be good to know what org is going to look after him, and if they will take any donations for his care.

  • Bravo to both of you and all involved. It always feels good to help however big or small. Humanity and positivity still exist and can become contagious. Good luck and safe travels Ken.

  • Derek you are good man. Be blessed. You have helped Ken so much. You be blessed and your business grows fr you such a good man.❤

  • Finally, and I hope Ken has the sense to enjoy his remaining years in UK and not try coming back to Philippines as he is too old to function there.

    • I am not certain where he will be yet. As soon as I know an address, I will announce it so viewers from the UK can send support at their own leisure

  • Why didn’t ken fly with British airways ? U.K government have a duty of care to take care of ken from departure to pick up at Heathrow airport, all care expences are free as long as ken has been organised through appropriate channels, ie British embassy in Manila or consulate in cebu, cebu consulate will interact with Manila embassy, its not rocket science. Luv to see ken before he goes, where’s ken? Q.

    • I am sure there are millions of better ways and another millions after that. At the end of the day, it’s the embassy that booked this flight to coordinate with their schedule of availability to receive Ken on the other end

  • I have a small suggestion before Ken,s flight. Ken is an elder and may be with some memory laps we don’t know. I think you can write a short letter for him to carry . To say call someone to pickup Ken from airport give a person contact number and name. To make sure he will be pickup from Airport on time. Thank you.

    • I am writing a letter, but not for someone to pick him up. Rather, to transport him to a charity called Heathrow Travel Care which is located within the airport and government officials will be expecting hi.. Great suggestion

  • MANILA – While it is regarded as one of the Philippines’ best assets, the hospitality of its people is also being blamed by authorities as key factor in why outlaws from other countries often hide out in the Philippines “I will still say that the Philippines will be one of those countries where fugitives would really prefer to hide simply because we are very welcoming, we are friendly to foreigners,” Philippine immigration chief Siegfred Mison told foreign correspondents in the Philippines on Wednesday. “Not knowing that they are fugitives, we welcome them with our standard brand of hospitality. So, it can be a valid reason why they would want to come here to hide,” he added. Mison does not know how many fugitives from other countries could be present in the Philippines, but he said that of the 40,000 persons listed in the agency’s database of derogatory information, more than half are foreign nationals with crimes against children.

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