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  • I really liked this video, It showed so many aspects of your area you live, A lot of the culture of the city life and so many happy people and kids. Thank you Derek and Ai Q adventures 😂

  • husband speaking age 80 First comment – amazing how the little boy sits on the bike up front. Garbage everywhere –
    I blame the 4th generation back. Parents just drop everything on the road, kids see it, and the habit is set. Give a kid a
    candy bar, wrapper comes off and on the ground with no thought of maybe that is bad. will never change if the
    schools don’t try to change the attitude. A couple min. a week starting in first grade – tell the students why it is not good
    to just throw every thing on the ground. Then when they get a car or motor bike, turn your lights on at night. It is your life.

  • That’s a great outlook to have on life while focusing on what you can give back to those deserving instead of those who don’t. Yayyy! 😀

  • 2nd comment – cock fighting is a cruel sport and I will not watch it. In Snohomish County, North of Seattle,
    in the country as you might take a Sunday drive, you will see the little peaked huts for the cocks. I know there
    are Filipino’s living there and cock fighting lives on. Don’t get caught because there is a big fine.

  • I Agree the Biggest appeal for me is the simpler life and interaction with regular Filipino’s is so much more gratifying then the sterile condos and expat touristy insulation as most tend to cluster together and go to malls which have zero appeal to me. As your Buyong street is a microcosm of how actual Filipino’s live, laugh and love. I might have stopped at the BBQ stand though and had some of the delicious skewers of chicken or pork. I just left the Philippine’s and already yearn to be there and your videos show how good life can be there if you live in the moment and enjoy the surroundings and the people. Thx Derek & Ai

  • I use to take wife to Maribago Bar & Grill way back when we met in 2006 and boy the had really good buko shakes but it’s gone now, destroyed by typhoon Odette I believe.

  • # 3 there is or was a dive class in Vistamar and I would see the instructor teaching new divers how to
    function under water with an air tank. It was in one of the swimming pools as one end was over 6′ deep. My
    brother loved to scuba dive, something I will not do. I do not swim well, more like a rock actually. I can back
    float pretty good. I’m also a little afraid of what is in the water – like fish bigger then I am.

  • # 4 It has been several years but used to see boys swimming with no suit in the water in Vistamar. I would
    guess age 10 or less ? No girls, more modest for sure. I think van life could be fun – if you could get a 4 wheel
    drive for safety or if not, put a wench on the front in case you are stuck.

  • # 5 last comment – time for my nap, I am 80 after all. Island hopping – 10 years ago, my brother came to visit.
    My wife decides to take him island touring, and with two other couples. Stopping at our last island, been there
    an hour and lets go home. Wait, motor wouldn’t start. Out of everyone on the boat, my wife included – no one had
    a load on their phone. Several other boats around us, wave at them, no one came over, boats started to leave. I
    thought that was against maritime law – I guess it’s tough luck in the PH. Fortunately one dive boat came over and
    gave all of us except the crew a ride to shore.

  • 3:06 Corner gambling brings the worst elements of the neighborhood together and sometimes ends up in fights, even murder. That’s why it is in part illegal. It starts with kids like this and by the end of the day it’s all adults with drugs, and alcohol involved. I lived this life as a child in my native country. Very dangerous. I used to spend days at a time gambling in a basement of a friend’s house with a bunch of other kids (teens). Vendors would come and bring burgers, hotdogs, and drinks to support life down there, basically. We would pay them 3 to 4 times the price they bought them for. We could afford it. We had no respect for money. If we got caught gambling, we would get from 5 to 10 years in prison.

    • They don’t really have any experience how we live in the West, I tell people who have never been to a developing country…keep an open mind.

    • @@aboveitall9600 You have nice areas in the Phillipines as well …. They are not stupid just because they are poor… 😉

    • @@ninaanetteassarsson4328 I didn’t say they were stupid, I said experience. The poor often don’t have access or opportunities to the things we do in the West. Chrissy’s first time in elevator was with Tim K. She clearly knew what it was.

    • We’re in Bangkok now. A little ill prepared. Don’t have an international driver’s license so gotta stay within Bangkok

    • @@qadventures enjoy… they have good public transportation BTS,MTR? rail . Water taxi etc. I usually take the rail to the city then if needed a taxi or moto taxi.. traffic is as bad or worse the LA and you know how that is.. Great food for sure and prices for local food establishments is very inexpensive… check out the temples .. if you have shorts on you’ll have to rent (cheap) a wrap to cover you knees… driving can be a little tricky at first .. steering is on the right.. have fun do some videos..

  • Enjoyed watching till the end! So many informations first hand about the Philippines.
    What a cutie under that umbrella! ☀(Bus Stop – The Hollies🎶)

  • you were saying how bad the traffic is in Cebu City. Thought you were from Los Angeles, San Gabriel valley anyway. I lived in Covina for 28 years and feel Cebu is actually better than LA. Traffic may be busy in Cebu, but delay is much shorter than in LA, except maybe Friday night is just as bad as LA.

  • I live in a big camper, 1100 peso per day, ” 20 buck” Trash, sewer water, Wi-Fi internet and electricity are free.

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