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  • She needs to be registered with the UNHCR as an applicant for recognition of refugee status. Congo is in ongoing crisis, as can be seen on the UNHCR website. Once applied for, they can get temporary protection visa help for the Philippines or elsewhere. Going back to Congo right now with no resources is probably not safe.

    • I think in her situation going back to Congo period is not safe. Even if she gets back and stays in the city, if these people are really after her they will travel to the city to find her. This is a really sad situation. She must find some way to become a legal citizen or legally stay in some other country. Because going back to Congo does not sound like an option unless she wants to be found and than who knows what will happen to her and her children.

  • Ph government should have moved to help this family even with deportation. Bad place to be without documents or money.

    • Not that simple when the home country is in major long term crisis. The Philippines isn’t a major processing place for refugees, it takes some expertise which is rare due to lack of experience.

    • @@chrissimpson4322 They stay in that crisis due to the lack of critical thinking skills and the reluctance of foreigners to invest because of the restrictions imposed by the Ph

    • @@arizonafarang4034 it’s more just a gap in the system, advocacy tends to be a pay as you go situation for people stuck in custody, & the human rights resources which are available of course are prioritizing local Philippines Citizens. The way law works in the Philippines also with just about all lawyers being generalists, finding specialists with relevant direct experience & able to work pro-bono is very difficult to impossible.

  • Contact UN system in Philippines, bcus Congo is in crisis they can qualify for refugee/asylum help. The mom also has ID as Congolese.

    • “Our” Congolese community here in Belgium call it “ manioc”.
      In Asia it is cultivated all over and known as “ tapioca” flour.

  • something is wrong with this story. Be careful who you help. She gets $5,000 but doesn’t own a phone, she knows who to ask and can get fake passports, etc. something is now very crooked in shes explanations. Be extra careful

    • Good looking out. I am still learning her story and haven’t committed to anything. But at the same time, I understand the circumstances of her country and the same desperation my paternal relatives went through shortly after the Vietnam War. Just gathering uour life savings to jump on to a boat with no plans and no destination. Just blind faith

    • ​@@qadventures I understand what you mean and I don’t wish harm on anyone. Often when children are involved, people throw away logical thinking and go with emotion. I would like nothing more, if all the children of the world were helped. often the problem is parents who start using the system for good and become greedy. I can’t help it that a lot of things were bothering me in this interview and that’s why I immediately said to you to be careful.

  • As she does not have a valid passport, the embassy must issue a consular permit. If the embassy is lazy or if it expects a bribe, these people can be stuck for a very long time. Many poor countries refuse to take back their own citizens if the passport is invalid or expired, even with valid national identity papers: the country hosting the migrant is often the victim of blackmail by the migrant’s country. I am a European, for each person to be expelled, we suffer financial blackmail or requests for visa quotas, it is worse when the person is mentally disturbed, delinquent or terrorist. Almost all countries have signed international charters but the reality is quite different.

    • I know nothing of the Congo. I just have an understanding that it has a very unstable government. I think it’s best for me to attempt to reach out to the UN, in this case

    • ​I don’t know the Philippines. In my country, she would already have a court-appointed lawyer and this lawyer would have already started an asylum procedure. Whether the asylum file is admissible or not, the lawyers in my country do it almost automatically because these court-appointed lawyers are paid (by my country) for each process and not for the result.

    • @@qadventuresoh sorry Ken, it was no criticism to you. 😊 Just the opposite. Many responses in “the Ken quest” were like “ the government must do this and that”.
      Full respect for your efforts

    • @@woutergijs5246 Ken is the name of the elderly man who was recently helped to return to the UK. Derrick is the name of our host on Q Adventures.
      Just helping 🙂

  • Derek I’ve been following you the past couple months. You are an empathetic man who sincerely cares for people’s challenging circumstances. Keep up the good work. I’d gladly donate to any family or foundation that you have vetted & back.

    • Thank you for your support, Clara. I don’t vet or back anyone, nor do I ever ask anything for myself. I only do as I do as an individual. If any of my viewers feel something is worthy, there is a PayPal link in every video description and my viewers can decide for themselves as an adult

    • Merry Christmas Derek 🎄! Thank you for all you do for people in helpless situations. God bless you❤🙏

  • Contact Tulfo he’s a well known Senator in the philippines who helps people, especially foreigners in bad situations, whos this immagration lady that took the Congo woman’s $4700? There may be some sort of corruption here? Also this woman seems like a political refugee since she fled Congo under duress of being murdered because her husband was a police officer. I pray🙏 for this woman and her children.

    • While her story meets refugee status, not all refugees tell the truth you know, there are many thousand African women coming to the UK with children saying their husbands are dead, when in fact the husbands are already in Europe and working and sending money to fund her trip to Europe, this woman just took wrong advice and ended up in Philippines who are not as soft and hospitable as Europe.

    • I still have lots of questions in this case. It’s not straightforward. I know nothing of the country Congo. I am conducting my research now

    • Hey, hey… that’s a great idea. But then again, they don’t have the legal status nor identification to establish a bank account


  • You never rest, you’r always attentive to people in distress, kudos to you Derek, you have a big heart. It’s touching.Most people just look the other way, I think🤔

  • It sounds quite obvious that they have been dumped there by an unscrupulous immigration officer in exchange for 4.700 $.. From the frying pan and into the fire. I think your channel needs direct access to Ruffy Tulfo as the stories you are highlighting will be of great interest to him. Perhaps some of your Filipino subscribers will know of the best route to share your videos with him so that these type of crazy situations can be exposed.

    • On the contrary to your comments, she paid for transport to a travel agency so she can reach into her pocket, willingly, to purchase those flight tickets. Only at the airport immigration that they found her fake passports to be of no entry stamps that triggered everything.

      I have reached out to tulfo many times to no avail

    • The law is very loose here. I still really don’t know, but I did confirm with a few personal friends who are government officials saying what I do is fine. I also get the parents permission

  • husband speaking – that is quite a large facility, was it built to be used as it is or what was it when it was new?
    I if you know )

  • She and her children are blessed to be housed and fed, and hopefully, they appreciate it. Thank you so much Derek and Ai – you guys are angels! ❤❤

  • Brother you have a huge heart for people and it’s commendable. I’m hoping that there’s no secondary effect from covering the Congo family being that there’s a lot going on currently in this part of the world and pretty much every where else. Keep doing what you do it’s great work, as you exercise wisdom in all of your efforts.

    • The more I look into it, the more not possible for my involvement. I would still reach out to the UN to see if they can do something

  • Derek if the Congo does’t have an Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines You might be able to contact the French Embassy as I believe that act as an Agent for some of the smaller Contries. Hope this helps.

  • Dez, despite her lies and criminal actions , papers cost a lot of money, and costs money for facilitators
    She Needs to be put back to congo .

    If true she could have been in contact with the UN in Congo

    Where she can move to neighbouring if trelling the truth

    She is lucky she had a place to sleep



  • Her frustration, anger, helplessness, hopelessness is obvious. But she remains strong for the sake of her children. Derrick is doing a good job just by highlighting the case; hopefully things can move from there.
    Good luck & God bless.

    • ​@@qadventuresI’d dispute that to an extent, a couple of months ago you knew nothing about international social security agreements, welfare entitlement comparisons UK/ USA/ Philippines, now you are almost an expert.
      The Congo government has no reach in the Philippines let alone Congolese gangsters. There’s no harm in finding out the resources available as best you can & ensuring the staff at the detention centre are aware of these services. UNHCR Philippines, Aus Congo Access, Amnesty International, Red Cross International are a few leads. (It’s not unusual for staff at these places to be overworked, underpaid, under resourced & less than adept at handling unusual cases.)

  • Her original plan was to be in the hospitable Western Europe where she would get everything free and payments for her kids.
    Her need would be to claim asylum in the Philippines but don’t expect he to hang around, she’s an economic migrant wanting a rich country to support her needs.
    Well done Philippines for not treating her better than your own people, that’s Europes downfall.

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