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  • God bless you Bernie for saving, caring for Ken, helping him, may you have a merry Christmas, & a gr8 happy New year’s, 🦘🇦🇺

  • I hope all the nay-sayers accept the reality now and move on- SUCH A FINE outcome- im sure Ryan and Bernadetta will be seen again on this channel- Both are true FILIPINO HEROS !!!

  • Ken would have passed away without Bernadetta stepping in.

    In extreme poverty she took mercy on him, and was a huge part of saving his life, and getting him home.

    Anyone saying anything negative about her should be ashamed of themselves.

    While they were typing on a phone she was sharing her meager amounts of food and doing his personal care which is burdensome all while giving him a roof.

    In my eyes, she is a true hero, and I’m grateful people like her exist. ❤️

    • She is a true Angel full stop any Idiot fool saying anything bad about Bernadette is Scum Complete Scum Filipino’s on the whole are loving caring decent folk I know I’m married to one and she is also called Bernadette. Ken thank you so very much from a English man I’m sure your heart feels better now and Bernadette you are a True Angel darling xxx Ryan well done son life will be good for you .

    • Ken’s transformation was due to the kindness and compassion shown to him by Bernie,her family,you and Ai. I won’t waste my time on the haters who probably have never helped anyone in their life. Looking forward to hearing from Ken.👍🏝🇵🇭

  • Well, she is a bloody hero, nothing less! Derek and Ai I hope you both have a perfect Filipino Christmas! 🎅🎄🌟

  • Thank you my Friend! Emotional indeed so early in the morning! I forgot…..Good Lapu Lapu Morning to you guys! Have a safe trip to Leyte!

  • He most probably had parasites and had not been taking the medication that we take every 6 months for these unwanted stomach invaders. He had so many health issues which this wonderful lady stepped up to deal with. A really great human. Ken will always remember her genuine kindness.

  • Bernie and her family are such wonderful people – just love them! Bernie is beautiful! ❤ ❤❤ ❤ ❤

  • Wow ! How can ppl that know nothing about the situation criticise the family ? So sad 😥 Amazing family, help a stranget when they have like nothing them self. Not just a stranger, someone sick and so much imigration and finacial problems ! Lovely humans ! 💕

  • They are Angeles Gods people xoxoxo Thanks for loving ken and all the help you gave him. xoxoxo I’m sending you a donation for you to add to your savings its not much but 100.00 id like to send you to say thanks for being a loving person.

  • My heart goes with you awesome people. Your kindness and generosity extended to Ken is wisdom and pleasing to God Almighty. Godbless you all.

  • Yes Bernadette & family really took care of Ken and you Derek and your wife you guys are so good and really love him like your family GOd sent you to him .. thank you and I’m really touched ..

  • Lovely lady with s big heart. I hope she will get some help. To make her life easier. Thanks for s nice different video

  • I had to watch this because you guys show that there’s still good humanity especially after watching so much sadness going on in the world these days

  • Salamat po, Bernadite, Ryan and Derrick for helping one of our kabayans. We hope you all have a ‘very merry Christmas’ and a happy new year.
    Its very heart warming to know there are people like you in this world.

  • Thank you Bernie for rescuing Ken from a possible starvation and death. You are a lady with a big heart. God loves you very much. May God bless and keep you.

  • Bernadette deserves a medal for her compassion and humanity ❤ true representation of real humanity and compassion that we can all learn from. Much respect to her for saving Ken’s life, i really believe he would sadly 🥺 not have survived without Bernadette ❤ malnutrition is very difficult to reverse so all those asking why is Bernadette is looking healthy you should be ashamed 😠

  • Is there a way to send GCash directly to Bernadetta? I would like to send her some money as appreciation for the compassion and kindness she gave to Ken.

  • Bernadetta and Ryan, what you accomplished is far beyond kindness, it is heroism. You are Heroes.
    God bless you forever. Big up also to Derek, Ai and all the people who helped Ken. ❤

  • Great interview to bernadette to know all about ken story..thank you ate bernadette for helping ken..ang thank you Sir derek for helping ken until he went home…great job mabuhay Q adventures..👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • You do what’s right because it’s right, period. Some people can’t fathom that probably because they have never had anyone do something good for them. Sometimes it takes moving mountains other times it’s just an authentic hello or have a nice day to a stranger that sets you apart. You never know who is struggling so be kind and offer to help. Thank you again for helping Ken and any future humanitarian quests.

  • there’s really not too much I can say, except I send my apologies if anyone from my country talk badly about this beautiful woman, sometimes in the Western world pacifically USA most people in my country have no idea, what poverty is I mean what really is. And they say stupid things without even knowing what they’re talking about, I have travel to China many times I have traveled to the Philippines. And I have seen Parvati so badly, it just turned my stomach. When I first went to China I went there to see a young lady and she said to me you have to stop giving your money to people, I couldn’t help it every corner I turned icing children starving adults begging and one look at them you could tell they was seriously starving to death, I am not a person to turn my head to the problems in this world. But I did have to control myself, because I had to take care of myself first before I can take care of anyone else. When I returned from any of these countries I said to myself thank God that I am from the USA where I live a good life, it makes you appreciate what you have in this world, I am positive when this woman goes to live with Jesus she will be treated with the utmost respect. For what she has done for humanity I think this woman for being the woman she is that she cares about people, I am proud to be on earth which such a human being as this woman is, and I think much more of my countrymen should visit these countries and see life is not a bowl of Cheerios in many countries, thank you Bernadet for you being you.

  • I am married to a Filipino and we went back to the Philippines last year for the first time (for him) in over 40 yrs. He is a very giving and warm person, it’s definitely in their nature to want to give and help where they can. They want to feed you and welcome you into their home and make you feel like a family member. This I know and I’m grateful I have been with my husband for close to 20 yrs.

  • Derrick, the world has a number of low minded people to alert us what is good. Give them no more attention. We know. The power of good is with you and the heroic family that saved Ken. Don’t give away any power to the likes.

    If I am down under, I pray that their spirits rescue me, too.

    Filled with true love.

  • thank you All for the help extended to Ken. I only support bloggers like you who has a good heart to help. God Bless All 🙏❤️

  • Thank you for your for your coverage of Ken & showing us angel Bernadetta & her care of basically a stranger. How can I send USD funds to this family & a Bayanihan box for her okai okai store. I follow you from🇺🇸 & am a fan of your content, keep up the good work.

    • Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a recognizable address. However, she is only a few houses down from me. If you feel comfortable, send it in her care to my address and I will get it to her. As for usd, I have cashapp and zelle if you want to reach out to me privately via whatsapp or messenger. Usa number +1-626-626-6347

  • Thank you Bernadette and everyone for you have done and made it possible for Ken to return home I think the question being asked about Ken being so thin and malnourished is a question that would have crossed many minds but the important thing is everyone did all they could do with the little they had I’d like to have seen some money going Bernadette’s way as a thank you to her thanks for the video Ryan

  • I always thought Bernadetta was so kind in taking Ken in. She’s a one in a million. To have so little and yet to give. What a beautiful heart she has.
    Ryan is quite the young man to be so protective of Ken. Making sure no one was taking advantage of him.
    This is an honorable family that is to be respected. Their example is how we all should try to be like.
    Much love and respect to you from Michigan, USA. ❤👏👏👏

  • The RRCY is a facility designed to provide intensive treatment in a residential setting for the rehabilitation of CICL whose sentences have been suspended. It serves as a nurturing out-of-home placement for children in need of rehabilitation. The target clientele are CICL aged 15 years to below 18 years and not more than 18 years old, male, who have committed a sexual offense and ordered by the court to undergo rehabilitation at the DSWD facility (RRCY)NO CHILD SHALL BE ADMITTED IN ANY REHABILITATION FACILITY WITHOUT A VALID ORDER BY THE COURT AFTER A HEARING FOR THIS PURPOSE. (sec. 45, RA 9344)

    • BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said that arrest warrants were issued for these 83 aliens, who were seized in various operations conducted by the members of the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU).

  • I’m shure she did her best for ken,I’d guess ken is very grateful for her kindness ❤️ 👍there’s no reason to be rude,,unfortunately there are ( some) dumb ignorant commenting viewers, best to delete or ignore such small minds.!!

  • Good video, Brother. 👍🏼
    And thanks for standing up for her.
    Many blessings for all of you..!! ( I wonder if you could find out who’s the person that took Ken to the juvenile place was?

  • Well this was a much needed explanation of all things …. ” Mission Ken ” from the horses mouths and i hope those who were less than generous to Bernadette ( and you 2 guys )are adult enough to post an apology !!! MYSELF id like to say a big well done to all 3 of you who each for the generosity of spirit and time managed to finally get Ken home . Ifyou are able please pass my message on to them and I hope you all get the Xmas you richly deserve .

    • @@qadventures Derek I hope you wont be offended by this suggestion , how much would you need for all of you to go out and have a celebratory meal together or similar ….can you let me know , I think it’s the least you all deserve !!!

    • @meichong8278 not offended at all. However, I think the money is better used to help Bernadetta finish her home. So hang on your your generosity for now, I will start on this project with my own funds, and if you want to apply the “celebratory dinner” as a contribution, you are more than welcome.

  • One love from Scotland you are all truly angles on earth you saved a human being from another country you opened your hearts i believe in Karna and I pray you all have a wonderful life ken would have died without your help Bernadettea you have a beautiful soul ken is a celebrity now its wonderful to see the sparkling of life back in his eyes merry Christmas from my family to yours stay safe everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • God bless everyone who helped Ken after his bad turn of luck where he was so vulnerable but just wanted to survive. Proof if we all act as a village looking out for our fellow people anything is possible to achieve. Govt Bureaucracy is a tough cookie to tackle. You’ve all done very well.

  • Hello,what a beautiful and wonderful lady to take Ken in,and caring so lovingly for him.I know he is so appreciative of her doing so.I could see at the airport when he grabbed her arm and had to say goodbye to her.This was hard to say goodbye for everyone who was helping Ken.Thank you for all you and Ai did for Ken.Hope his medical and housing care is going very well.Happy Holiday’s you two.Be well,Pia and our Family in California.😘🙏👍💪👋🖐

    • Hi,Ryan is a wonderful young Man to help Ken go back to the UK.He should be very proud of himself.I am sure his Mother is.Ken had many guardian Angel’s in the Philippines.Nice video thank you.Be well folks,Pia and our Family in California.❤🙏

  • Amazing human beings. I hope. Ken gets into a home where he can be cared for. You all did a wonderful job so I tha you

  • Hi Derek l tried to send a money Xmas gift for Bernadette by using your old link for Ken’ l thought it had gone through but it hasnt. PAYPAL was my attempt. Can you advise me please.

  • amazing she was literally sharing her half of nothing…7.00 dollars a day to take care of two people!

  • Bernadeta is an angel to ken for having a big heart & kind hearted person, God sees all what u did to a foreigner despite of her living situation, God bless u !

  • I am dismayed how people with so little can give so much. This small group of people is a work force to move a small mountain for a complete stranger with nothing to give back. What a shame it is for us in better situations to not show gratitude for these Godly people.

  • Please do not listen to the comments of the haters. What all of you did to help Ken was absolutely wonderful! He may have a type of illness that caused failure to thrive. I’ve had first hand experience with an elderly family member with this condition.

  • Damn fine job by everyone involved. At least Ken is getting the care he needs and he’s going to have resources again when and if he can come back to the Philippines. God bless you all for helping him.

  • All of you deserve a big round of applause for pulling off the Christmas miracle of keeping Ken alive and getting him back home👏👏👏👏👏
    Bernie 🥇you are one in a million, God bless you dear.
    Merry Christmas 🎄
    I hope the new year brings all of you good health, joy and helpful financial blessings. God bless you and thank you all for making the world a better place💓

  • i’m waiting for this story of aunt bernadette… very much appreciated…thanks to ur team..words cannot express to thank u all for the possibility of ken’s going HOME to U K

  • God bless Bernie🙏😇. Her salary is very little but she shared it with Ken. I hope her kindness will be rewarded soon❤

    • @@qadventures Whom had extended your generosity wholeheartedly to Ken is truly humanity without you who had been patiently assisted him for everything, it wouldnt never happen to save and even given the hope and courage to live the life despite of his condition!
      May the Lord guide you and your wife and for everyone who had the helping hand to make things all possible for Ken to go back to UK!
      God has watching over.
      Merry Christmas🎄🎉

  • Derek how did Ken get to this state? What happened in his life? No friends, family, children, wife? No one from his culture came to his rescue only strangers who did not have much themselves? You did a lot. Don’t down play the effort you put in. If it was not for you and your channel, he would still be stuck in the Philippines.

  • God put You, Bernie and Ryan in Ken’s path. You guys are super wonderful caring people. Ken was very lucky. I hope some day Ken is able to return to the Philippines. You guys are like family to Ken. GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙏 ❤️ 🙌.

  • Hi Derek. Thank you for sharing the background story of how you met Ken and how Bernadette and Ryan started helping Ken. You all did a great job. Bernadette started it and you helped finished the mission in helping Ken home. Through you all, Ken was not defeated but came out a SURVIVOR. You have big hearts. Many people only help those who could be of benefit to them. For you guys, you reached out to Ken in his lowest state in life. That’s real genuine compassion. All the best to all of you.

  • I am very upset whomever made those ignorant comments. Makes my blood boil! Ty Tita Bernie and Kuya Ryan for taking and caring for Ken. Also Ty Kuya for everything! I pray for for everyone and for Lolo Ken!

  • Merry Christmas for now, and may we have peace in the world 🌎 on JESUS’S birthday, Caring is sharing ❤️ let’s pray and I challenge all the big mouths to take care of 1 homeless person at a time and we to can be heroes best example from Bernadetta , I’ve started my challenge Dallas Texas 1 at a time ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • These are typical old school Filipino people..True Heroes that require no credit..I’m pretty certain that once Ken is able,he will give them the Thanks and rewards that they so richly deserve..Anyone that had bad thoughts about their intentions during his stay with these great people absolutely disgust me..Shame on them!

  • Thank you Bernie for looking after ken if wasn’t for you Ken would probably not be here, you deserve award for what you done thanks David from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️

  • Bernadetta Thank you for your kindness and breathing life into Ken. He’s a very fortunate be surrounded by caring people. Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year…

  • ❤❤😊😊😊 also in England some people are homeless there are 309,000 that no home in England yet their kind would not accept them into their home Ken was very fortunate that most Filipinos are very hospitable because most English is not. here in England if you become homeless is very dangerous if the cold weather won’t kill you other human being will.

  • She is the living example of the charity paradox.
    A poor person will share its sweet potato with another poor person that has nothing more spontaneously than a rich person giving the leftovers from its elaborate lunch.

  • Its not correct to state there is no help here. I have been working with an American, he is very ill and has no family, the embassy were unhelpful. After a lot of persistence the local barangay took him to Government hospital where he spent 11 days in IC. After until now the DSWD arranged him to stay in an evacuation center on the out skirts of Bacolod. He has been there now 2 months, during this entire process no money was paid to anyone, all costs were born by the government.

    Unfortunately his condition is deteriorating and he will pass over soon. The cares at the evacuation center and or the DSWD may admit him again to hospital, sadly its just time.

    What have I learnt from this, one must be very persistent and never give up, try to get on side with local barangay Captain, they can move mountains.

  • I guess there is hope in the Ph. Now if there were filipinos like that working throughout government offices, hotels, and airport things would be more pleasant

  • God brought Ken into Bernie’s life for a reason. That was his way out to get help. God works in mysterious ways!!!

  • We need more people like you Bernadette… you showed so much compassion to Ken. Great will be your reward in heaven!

  • Sorry but I do not agree with your final statement that ” nowhere else in the world would a lady help a complete stranger ” , all over the world I assure you that there are hundreds of thousands of women and men that help strangers and my partner and her sister are two as are a few of my friends that would also not hesitate to help anyone in need. By the way we are in Thailand