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    • Please elaborate to help me understand and grow. Made you nervous how? Good or bad? And in reference to what?

    • Even your wife became frightened at times. Hahahaha
      But I agree.. it is the best way to success.
      Loud and clear like a military school.✌

  • u sounded very firm……….but it was necessary……..once u have all the local rules and regulations/issues covered,,,,,,great work.

  • Kat, don’t be hard on yourself. We all learn, even us elders not perfect and make mistakes. Ya, its crazy how quickly it adds up. I saw its best to have 3 daily uniforms and 2 physical eds. I supported 3 kids under the age of 15, they lived a ways from school they used a service that would take them to and from school. I did month for them, it was like 1500php.

    • That’s great!!! I think 1500 would also suffice for Ashley but I wanted to take it a step further to see how she manages the extra cash. Maybe I can squeeze in a private money management course. But now, I observe.

  • I think they get asked to buy materials for specific school projects as they are given throughout the year. I’ve heard that from others before.

    • Thank you for the support. I already have 1 that felt the sex question was not necessary. I know it’s tough but necessary for history not to repeat itself

  • Dang…that was a hard hitting discussion…but if she is capable, focused and serious about capitalizing on the assistance it really should not be a problem for her to hold up her end. What was a bit confusing about her back story was she was watching her young siblings…still not sure who will fill that role when she is in school…also about when she was working…reallly did not sound like she worked outside of the home very many months.

    • The mother will take her responsibilities of the kids back. That’s why I will give Ashley a little extra to contribute to the family so they can respect her as a contributor so she can continue school without interference. Ashley was only working for 2 weeks as an illegal, underage worker. She felt her employer short her wages so she walked

  • No thought of the consequences of bearing babies. If it feels good they do it. Babies are spilling out of every bamboo hut, including the gaps between the bamboo slats. How do you teach a nation to be more responsible? How do you teach a nation to not throw trash everywhere? It all starts at an early age otherwise you are trying to herd cats. Mimic the Japanese culture and the problem disappears.

    • Japan is a country that is dying. They don’t reproduce. Almost on par with European birth rates.
      The future belongs to those who reproduce

  • That is a messed up question you asked her. Can’t believe you went there. Really not a question a man should ask a young girl.

    • Although the question was difficult and made everyone uneasy, I chose to ask it only to allow her to see history should not repeat itself. I see her as a victim of poor family planning. She approached me for help and I thought it was a fair question as I wouldn’t intervene knowing a good effort is not in place. In my mind, why fund someone’s school if they would quit shortly to have babies?

    • I think looking at the big picture, some things have to be brought to the surface, Ashley has a chance to get herself an education and out or poverty to change her and her families future. Rules and boundaries have to apply so there are good and bad consequences, I hope Ashley focuses on herself and takes the opportunity ,may be the one chance this young lady gets..

    • More often than not, these kids lack opportunities and access to resources. It was a difficult question, but I thought it was necessary so she doesn’t repeat her parents history and really focus on this opportunity. See you soon Rangi

  • we are all the product of choices we have made….you have afforded this young lady new choices…..a chance out of an already predicted outcome.

    • I know I will get a lot of drawbacks with that question. But I thought it necessary as it’s part of education and not have to quit school again due to pregnancy

    • That’s why their way of life will never break the chain. Someone should to tell them the truth.

    • Change is a combination of education and choice. My personal mission is not to shuffle a culture but only to help 1 person at a time

    • I agree. Derek should not injected his beliefs upon her or her family. Im glad people are help her and i wish i could but on the first interview, i am helping two filipina sisters already. One sister starts college soon and her sister starts 11th grade. I have told their cousin and Tita that i want 4/5 uniforms for each young lady and little nephew.

    • @stanley boothe if you watch his videos you do help.

  • How do the local banks work there? Is she able to open some type of savings account or student checking? That may be a viable option rather then people knowing she is getting the money and waiting for it. Maybe if it went into the bank some of it may stay there.

    • Banking here is frustrating. Different employees within the same bank will tell you contradictions. It would be impossible for Ashley as she doesn’t have government ID. I also think the way I set it up is best for now. It obligates her to give a progress report weekly. Check and balance

  • I have been following for awhile and I applaud you for your work. I have been paying full university for a person and I have never ever asked her about her sexual practices. I would ask you to delete that part of the video. Very very inappropriate.

    • I appreciate your following and understand your point. By deleting it doesn’t change what took place. I am fully aware of the scrutiny that will come🙏

  • I think it was a legit question, she is Grade 7 so she has 5 more years to go to finish high school. I didn’t catch how old she was. But a lot could happen in 5 years. Hopefully she will stay on Corse. Good job.

    • I already have… if everything in life was easy, we won’t learn much. Although I recognize the challenges with Ashley… I feel she deserves a chance to prove me wrong. And the investment is minuscule. Dishonest people can’t keep a straight face for long

    • 🤣 funny… but that will not happen. You see her looking down because I edit out all the Bisaya translations from her to Ashley just to shorten the video and cut redundancy. 🙏

  • That was very fair to ask for a weekly progress report. 5 years is a very long time and it is easy to get off track. Your audience will FEEL LET DOWN if there is NOT SUCESS for your audience’s help. Great you are trying to organize all this. It would be a good idea to visit the parents and get a COMMITMENT for SUCESS.

    • GREAT idea!!! It crossed my mind but decided against it because I didn’t want the rest to take advantage of the situation. But after reading your comment, getting a commitment from the parents has its psychological benefits

  • The grade system is the same as it is in Australia. High School starts in Year/Grade 7 until Year/Grade 12. Wishing her all the very best. So good to see she is keen to get her education.

    • In my country, women can’t attend 7th grade unless they show evidence of hair growing on their chest.

    • @Chochi To is that true or are you pulling our leg? Where are you from?

  • From my limited understanding :
    Elementary is K thru 6
    High School 7 thru 12
    They have testing similar to GED ( General Education Diploma) so it’s possible for a student to test and get out early with HS Diploma.

    • @Q Adventures I thought that’s what Gel said that she was so excited to start high school. I think they just don’t have jr high there.

  • How can I support Ashley without breaking Philippines law or putting you in a difficult position I use paypal for most overseas transactions.

    • Taxes are definitely not my strong suit. I definitely receive less than the actual amounts contributed due to fees of whatever platform. I would be pursuing this anyway, with or without donating participants. As for taxes, I do have an accountant in the US and in the Philippines to handle tax matters. Much of the finances spent on my guests are generated from proceeds of my scooter rental business and youtube monetization here, not only from donations

    • @Chochi To Technically they are not “donations” they are gifts subscribers voluntarily contribute to his channel because they like his content and it helps improve his channel. Once the money is given to him, he is free to use at as he wishes. So if you send him money and wish to help a particular person I’m sure he will try to accommodate your request but ultimately the final decisions would have to be his as he shouldn’t collect money for any particular person.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 “Technically they are not “donations” they are gifts subscribers voluntarily contribute to his channel ”

      In that particular example, they ARE donations to his channel, which is considered income, no problem. Most people know that. However, the issue arises when people send specific donations to help a particular person in the Philippines. Last time I checked was during the pandemic and if you do that, you have to pay 30% tax as an intermediary. Dustinbackpacks I believe got in trouble for that back then.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 “So if you send him money and wish to help a particular person I’m sure he will try to accommodate your request ”

      There lies the issue. Same with Gfundme. Most people think GF is tax free. It is tax free if you know how to do it. If you “accommodate special requests”, then you are in trouble with the IRS and possibly violate federal laws regarding money transmission.. One guy who is going to get in big trouble for this one day is Marknowhereman. The evidence is all over the GF’s comments. But Derek said that he has tax professionals on both sides working for him, so…

    • @Chochi To that’s why I say you could make a recommendation but the final decisions would have to be his.

    • @Q Adventures it seems like she was banging her bf…did you consider attaching a no s*x condition to your support?

    • @Regular Guy “it seems like she was xxxx her bf…did you consider attaching a no s. condition to your support?”

      That’s too much to ask, Scotty Boi.

    • @Chochi To I don’t think so bcuz you could give her money for school, but if she ends up getting pregnant next week then what’s the point. Not to take away from what Derek is doing, but I would absolutely attach a no boyfriend policy. If she wants help finishing school there is absolutely no boyfriend.

    • @Regular Guy the no boyfriend until after school seems to be quite a popular choice from young Filipinas I see on YouTube who are serious about their education and bettering their life. I think the boyfriends come into play when they don’t see an opportunity to get out the the situation they were dealt and just think they will repeat the cycle of their parents.

  • I apologize for being off topic. Am thinking I might decide to move to Philippines and wondering if I could bring my dog there with me. Do hotels and apartments allow pets? Would it be best to wait till she passes? She is only 5 and I’d be heartbroken without her. Of all (20-ish) channels about the Philippines I am watching you stand out for your integrity and honesty. Again, apologize for being so off topic.

    • No apologies needed. Yes, you can bring your dog. The process is tideous. Just remember to get transit permits to whatever country (ies) your flight has a layover in. Most places allow dogs but it’s your responsibility to make sure they do. Call to confirm. Don’t believe the internet or whatever hotel booking sites

    • @Q Adventures thank you so very much. Would it be ok to bother you with other questions? Example….I heard a mention of a certain Visa for ex-military. Is this a (possible) better option for a long term relocation to the Philippines? Do you know a good place to look into this? Unfortunately I’m pretty computer illiterate. Again, I thank you for your help.

    • @goat man I believe the visa you are looking for is called the “SRRV EXPANDED COURTESY VISA” YouTube wont let me post a link but the website you are looking for is called “The Philippine Retirement Authority”. If you google that and then search the website for the visa I mentioned above should get you the information you need.

  • Oh Derek, that question! 😮Maybe it’d have been best for Ai to have asked that question with the girl alone and off camera. We can all see that this video was meant with the best of intentions but if the beneficiary (and maybe family too) are ever left feeling a sense of disrespect, embarrassment or shame over the line of questioning it may devalue your charitable nature in their eyes. I know you are well aware that there are always going to be individuals who will be envious of Ashley so don’t give them an opportunity to undermine your fine works so easily by showing a lack of discretion and ultimately leaving yourself open to unfair criticism.✌

    • Wow!!! Well said and great points. I didn’t see it from her family’s perspective when the question was asked

    • I understand your point, Jeff. I felt it necessary. I also prepared her before asking the question, she expressed her desire not to answer and I backed off immediately with respect. I felt it necessary to approach the question with honesty to illustrate the importance of not getting pregnant and interfere with her goals

  • It was, no doubt, a tough question to answer on youtube – But in context with the history of her family and the reason she had to quit school in the first place, it was a justified question to make a point and maybe help keeping the history from repeating itself. It is not like just throwing a lot of money on her would be beneficial for her, without any sort of learning or responsibilities. So the touch questioning had to be done. It is not easy to find the balance with things like this and I think you do a great job with the best intentions.
    I hope she will use this great opportunity she has been offered to try her best to complete her education with good grades. One can not expect for everyone to have top grades, but one can expect someone given a chance like this to at least try. All the best wishes for Ashley

    • Thank you for that. “Context” is the key word and everything else you said is spot on. Not so much the money as it would only be about $20 a week but more so the time. I wouldn’t wish a pregnancy on her 2 yrs in and forced to quit school again when all can be prevented.

      Thank you for your support🙏

    • Yes, I have. I responded to 1 of your message explaining why I cannot assist you with your request. I have also just responded with a brief explanation

    • @Q Adventures the only reason I said you could to be involved was because I had some comments, me doing bas things from some of your viewers…. But it was never my intention to make it difficult for you to be involved all I was asking to connect me with someone you think it will be a good help but hey I get it …. Giving employment to someone in need over 18 is out of the question.

      Thx anyways.

  • One of my nieces goes to a private senior high school in the philippines and her uniform cost was 3000 pesos for shirt, skirt,tie, socks, and a pe uniform. I guess each school is different .

    • I would imagine the supplier is also a factor. And in this video, we truly don’t know the cost but only a speculation from Ai from her past experience. Whether 500 or 3k, it’s still a necessity that I will provide so she has the opportunity to go back to school

    • @Q Adventures yes and it is nice of you! School is do unpredictable in the philippines. Tuition, supplies, projects. Sooooo different i have learned. I am also the benefactor for my niece’s School! It is an eye opener 😅😅

  • I am going to have to take the side of Ai. I really liked this video but just declare you got something wrong. State what it was and have fun

  • Ash is awesome. It takes strength to do the hard thing…. Letting others into your life.(good and bad)

    • Yes. I agree with the “good and bad” 100%. We are still walking on eggshells. Trying to find a balance

    • Yes. We have a reward system in place. I just didn’t want to lay everything out so she can work hard for herself and not for the preconception of a reward

  • I admire your effort… Most if not all Filipinos know the word “No” “Wait” and to make do as things really are… Also there is a saying in the Philippines to “complete your education before boyfriends” Then the rest takes care of itself…

    You are focused and have purpose and making the world better… One person at a time…
    Trust but verify….

  • This guy has no idea of Philippine characters, women here prefer freedom and happiness over money , please don’t bring the western toxic to the Philippines, like America who always try to offer help but with so much strings and interests attached, in the western world that’s a noble act but here it’s like caging a beautiful bird , giving all their necessities but freedom, if this girl is not saved she’ll get destroyed and become like the hated western women’

  • Love your videos. I’m about to go through the school thing here as well with my step daughter so thank you

  • Woow brother, u have such a great heart, the CREATOR will reward u in a big scale, and im glad u asked her all what u did, even when others doesnt like it, why?, because u taking the position as her father, the responsible for her grown, so its necessary for u to know well like she was ur own daughter, that is basically what u doing it, adopting her as a daughter… a lot of blessings to u n ur beautiful wife🙏😇💙

    • Thanks for understanding my perspective. I don’t want to spoil her either. She asked for school and the opportunity is created. It’s up to her to show progress before we up the anty.

  • Put a number of neices & nephews through to high school level. Got one neice graduated college to become elementary school teacher. College was 18k peso per year tuition, but lots of other charges: uniforms, supplies, projects, laptop, transportation, lunch. But promised wife & I would break chain of poverty with that generation. For family very first high school diploma ever & of course 1st college grad ever. Very proud of them & their hard work. Am now rebuilding sisters’ house. Road construction caused flooding when it rained. We raised property up even to road with concrete on lot and in house. Raised all walls, new roof, etc, etc. Basically making whole new house. Very happy with progress. After 2 weeks, 5 guys working sunrise to around 5pm we are almost done. Will have about $6,500 invested in house but we redid everything, it is looking great, can’t believe built a nice block home for under 7 grand.

  • good man i listen to the respectful way you talk to girl and advising and explaining things to her , im glad you and subscribers are giving her a life changing chance of a brighter future

    • Thank you for hearing that. Some said I was probing too much but I though it necessary to help her ensure the objectives and not repeat history

  • Me and my pinay GF here in Cebu City will sponsor 2 kids here for $100 each per school year. 2 uniforms each, dress shoes and sneakers, socks and under garments, backpacks and the reminder is for school projects.

  • Create a passbook saving book like old time bank to show deposits and withdrals plus balance. Let your wife play banker and teach her about saving

  • I assist a family near Cebu with a daughter who finished high school.
    There were fees. No fees K to 7, just expenses.

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