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  • I got a manicure pedicure at El Spa when I was there. Tipped the two young ladies doing the work and came to less than $20.

    • @Q Adventures I wish I had visited the Philippines younger in life. I feel I would have prepared myself better to retire early. Still retiring early but will have savings and etc to last many years til I collect SS.

    • It’s never too early or late. Do with what you have on hand. Life is too short to reminisce or, worst, regret

    • @Q Adventures correct, life is short and I definitely have learned that. Just going through a few things and getting things setup before I fly back over.👍

  • derrick i have a idea for a show you love to interview people why not interview the guitar makers on lapu lapu i am sure many here in usa would be interested in the amazing artizans plus for me can you do a show up on tops the look out over cebu city i only made it ip there at night time i would love to see the views during the day

    • I was thinking of doing Tops after getting a drone. But I’ll do my best.

      The guitar makers. Do you have any leads? I would love to do it as it features local tradition, culture and artisan that you speak. I am just not musical so I would be hesitant to speak words of ignorance

  • I’m glad the gentleman made changes to enjoy his life … Have you seen any #honda #xr650l in your area or the PI ??

    • I haven’t noticed as these bigger bikes are extremely rare due to toad infrastructure, cost and ease of getting around. I looked at a Kawasaki Ninja 636 and the price is similar to a Toyota Wigo. So for a local to choose a big bike or small car, 90% of the time it’s a small car. But you CAN get it through special order

  • Need to see your lineup of motorcycles for rent. You have a few. Are you still renting out rooms as well?

    • No more rooms Eddy. I have 2 kids living with me now. I have 10 bikes in my fleet now but the demand leaves my garage empty most of the time. 1st opportunity I get, I will make an updated video of my inventory

    • @Q Adventures it the size I was looking at. I always felt like I was riding a moped, smaller then a 175 cc

    • Gotcha. I’ll make an updated video in the next few days. I have a return the day after tomorrow and I should have 1 of each model and at least I can speak on it then

  • Great educational video. Thank you Derek and John for sharing. The info is a big help. Keep up the good work.

    • Without saying it directly, John basically told us he isn’t sure if what he just accomplished can even be attempted in 6 months from now let alone yrs

    • Knowing John, he probably did. I just personally haven’t been to Mindanao so I didn’t know the reference

  • Derek, help out Mountain Angel, Gel. She has her comments turned off. Not been able to comment on her vlogs.

  • its hard to change back to the U.S. reality after having been touched by the Philippines….my feet are in ohio…my mind and heart are elsewhere.

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