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  • Nothing wrong with the lighting in my opinion. It’s way more important to hear what was said than to see. Plus I absolutely respect that she wouldn’t want 4k definition considering she’s already dealt with people staring for years. To me it’s much more important to hear about her life than feel the need to see physical difficulties for her.

  • I would like to help this girl as well as all the good you are doing. I normally watch your video’s at 1.5X speed. Only because time is short and I like what you do. I don’t think we could be best friends. But I appreciate your honor and time and effort to help others. You are a great ambassador and help so many. I wonder what happened to the orphanage series. Anyway. I’ll do a pay pal to help a little for all you do. To go out to eat is around 30 bucks at a cheap restaurant. So I’ll send you that to help.

    • It happens. There are a few excellent documentaries on YouTube discussing the problems with orphanages in se Asia. Although I only speculate with my own experiences, I felt I saw too many biological parents of those who are supposed to be orphans. I don’t know if the word “orphan” was literary or metaphorical. Either way, wasn’t my cup of tea so I pulled the plug. I couldn’t sleep for a few weeks bcoz there were some great and deserving kids there

    • @Q Adventures I hope my comment doesn’t reflect negative vibe….. This is why I’ll love to concentrate on one person, and one person only.

      Is not that you can or can not afford giving but just like he said that sometimes advantage is on the horizon.

      If a friend ask me for a $400.00 loan I’ll rather say I can’t but I’ll give $40.00 and you don’t have to pay it back.
      A $500.00 gift sounds way better than asking for a “what can I do for you” syndrome.
      Just because you only see 10 ants crawling it don’t mean thare are 5 underground when it could be just the back door to 5,000,000 members in need.

      It is heart breaking but this is how we grow mentally….. Aka experience and/or maturity.

    • No bad vibe at all. I take everything at face value. As you can imagine, my time is very limited and precious as I have my responsibilities to my business, creating content for my channel and the 2 girls that are living with me now. If you exercise the option of supporting my channel with a donation, you must entrust me to manage it my way. I will upload a video of Ashley in the next few days and you will understand why small consistent allowance is more efficient over a large lump sum donation

    • @Q Adventures I was referring to the orphanage ….. I know my monthly donation it’s not much but it help. To be distributed at your own discretion. The trust you will do what is right, one person at a time.

    • Sure… I appreciate you. I gave the Orphanage an honest shot, but didn’t work out and I accepted it. Now I am focusing on individuals and sometimes it works out like Gel and Marylyn, other times, it doesn’t and some still too early to tell. I will continue to do my best


    • Thank you and I will do the follow-up video as I am still in the very infant stage of learning about Ashley.

    • @qadventures Great 👍🏼.
      If possible, try to find out how much it will cost to fix her teeth just in case the viewer’s wants to help.

    • @John Cano I would also include costs for a dentist and doctor since she cant remember ever being to one, the teeth may help some if she is self conscious if it i affordable.

    • if youve watched the other videos it benefits not just the girls but the entire family including men brothers etc. its not just the girls. and if the girl is a minor, chances are the money actually goes to the parents including the father. its just not apparent in the video.

    • Thank you for your rebuttal. And you are correct. It was by design that it wasn’t apparent. I don’t want family members to develop unrealistic expectations and start to be irresponsible with finances. Just a way contain potential bad behaviors

    • @Dennis Byun Look for “lets help Jesus smile” and a video with Marylynn I think where he interviews her father about his furniture business and builds a bedroom for her and her brother. This is kind of a new venture so there are not so many cases but in general girls are usually more open to ask for help then men.

  • ” A Foreigner in the Philippines” ….. Australian & Filipina….they have been into philanthropy since 2019….they are based in Talibon i think….try and have a meet up and maybe you can find a solution…..keep going mate….keep up the good work

    • Thank you for that suggestion as my time doesn’t allow me to consume much of television programming. I will reach out.🙏🫶

    • Terrance is a Scam Artist and a Crook and there is a pending lawsuit in California based on 110 counts of Mail fraud. I have lost $2000 with his so called ” Charity ” that doesn’t give out any Receipts and Tax Credit. He has stole over $100,000 usd just from Americans. He is driving a truck that cost $90,000 in the US and I know the price because my brother has one. He went from building homes to giving out $25 to college students…

  • What is the ultimate goal with this Girl ? Does she want to go to school? Does she need money for living expenses? What is the long term goal and her immediate need right now ? Going to work and school is too much of a Strain so what is going to cost a month to support her ?

    • The ultimate goal is to grant her the desire of going back to school. After high school, college or trade school. She will start back at 10th grade so she has 3 yrs to contemplate her future path. For now, school enrollment and allow her to make up for lost years and BE a KID. I will do an update shortly as I am gathering more information about cost of going to school. Either way, we are working diligently to get her enrolled ASAP as most schools are starting August 1st

  • Great video my brutha! I’m interested in helping the young lady out. (I only ask that I can help her out anonymously) I’m not sure what she needs financially as far as school cost. Do you have a business email where we can discuss this farther?

  • The situation in the Philippines is so different. In all reality school is important but just getting a High school education is not going to get her more money in the job market. Im not big on Sari Sari store but sometimes they can be a Confidence booster. I would be willing to invest $300 usd on starting a business for her. The idea would be buy $300 in sari Sari items and another $300 to help the family. I could start this as soon as 27 of July and then set up Remitly money transfer payment on the 27 day of each month. My investment will pay for all the items so the family gets 100% of the profit. I have a Remitly money transfer Account

    • David… I understand your good intentions but I think education is important. She also has a desire to chase education. A sari sari, in my opinion, doesn’t create enough of an income to help her become independent. High school is only the beginning. I have every intention to help her go to college as I am learning the school system here. Please reach out to be to have an intellectual conversation if you have the intention to help Ashley.

    • I watch another channel that helped dozens of family’s open sari sari stores and revisited 1 year later and 95% of them failed. Mainly because not enough money and they used product for the famiiy and locals and neighbors used store credit then didn’t have money to pay and the sari sari store owner understands this all to well so what are they supposed to do to their neighbor.

    • Those are all valid points. And from my own observations, the biggest problems are consumption of your own products and too many competitors. On my block alone, there are 25 stores, some are even immediately next to each other

    • a reasonably good education paves the way to opportunities abroad for e.g. singapore etc. now whether u are able to sustain work overseas under pressure etc is another story. but u got to start from somewhere. if u have the resources or lucky enough to be afforded one, there is no harm in having sufficient schooling in my opinion.

    • @rasserie gmail I agree especially since it seems like the schooling their is affordable and not like here in the US.

  • Lets focus on her Birthday first…we can get her a Cash cake and I could send you the $300 usd to put in the cake to surprise her..and maybe take her to Viking buffet if there is one near you ..she gets a free buffet on her birthday when 4 or more Adults are paid for..i think it cost 1000 peso for Adults.. last year I paid $1200 usd for a family of 15 to go at the Viking Buffet in Davao..it cost $300 for a van rental to drive from Tagum to Davao

    • That would be great, David. I haven’t noticed a Viking, but there is a great buffet in SM Seaside that Ai and myself frequent. It’s only 700+.. we have a small fleet of motorbikes for rent so we will utilize that for free or utilize public transport to save cost. I feel it’s more important to be frugal so she can use most of that money for school than be extravagant. Thank you in advance 🙏🫶

    • @Q Adventures I’m completely onboard with this just let me know what you need.

  • Its the same thing over and over again with these videos. Guys offering to help but given ZERO information about how to contact the woman, how to send her help, how much the schooling is, how much living expenses are, etc, etc, etc. I dont see why it is so hard to figure out that showing poor people just for the purpose of showing poor people is not beneficial in any way. Unless these interviewers are paying outright to subject these woman to these videos, it borders on cruelty. If you cannot provide relevant information along with the womans video, it is almost pointless.

    • @rasserie gmail Read what I just posted, he doesnt have to do all of this on his own if he would put a little more thought into how to do this. All that is really needed is his advice to the local women on how to operate their own email accounts and how to get started in dealing with the outside world. Without guys knowing how to help, then yes, he has to do much of it on his own with his own money. Not in the way I describe.

    • @L Whitsome In your eyes that may be the perfect channel plan, maybe you should start a channel, take your own advice and let us know how it works out. I on the other hand actually do brand management for a living and have built quite a successful business over the last 20 years doing so and i will tell you your plan will not work.

      First of all, you are talking about basically creating a brand for everyone you help, a free email address does nothing except expose someone to the masses of the internet.

      Secondly, I am sure her and most other people who are in her situation have absolutely know means to collect any money or other tangible help nice people would like to provide without alot of assistance of people near them locally, like trying to obtain legal ID, setting up bank accounts or paypal etc etc.

      Although this would be nice to do for everyone you try to help in a perfect world, in the real world this takes a entire team of people which most small channels do not have and cannot afford.

      As far as not helping anyone under 18, that to me is just ignorant, if you can help the child in order to help the family than that is what you should do. Gel is the perfect example of that.

      The reality of the situation is every case will be different, some people require an immediate gift or donation, lets say to get a roof fixed or to help pay a months rent because of a certain situation.

      Others on the other hand will require long term investments from the community such as this young lady, She will need to be enrolled in school, see a doctor and a dentist, have school supplies, uniforms, clothing and probably a travel and food allowance set up for her. There would also presumable be some kind of housing or boarding cost when she turns 18 as well since her home life does not seem to be very stable and family support for 3 years of schooling is probably not likely.

      These are all ongoing expenses that even if Derek could afford on his own, would basically limit him from helping others.

      Since that is the reality, he posts videos to his channel highlighting a problem and sees how many people respond saying they would like to invest time, money, food or however someone might like to help and if there is enough engagement from the community then he begins to figure out a plan.

      Worse than not helping people in this young ladies situation would be to offer her false hope of an education and a better life only to not be able to follow through with the entire journey.

      Imagine if she got everything she needed and excelled in her studies only to find out there was no money or anyone to help for next semester or next year and she had to quite again even though she tried her very best and is doing great. That would be far worse than just saying, sorry I tried but I don’t have a solution but my viewers donated fifty bucks for you and sending her on her way.

      So as you can see there is much more involved than just a free email address. Even if 10 viewers sent her $100 each and she had $1k USD, do you honestly believe she would know how to manage that money responsibly to achieve her dream of an education? Or do you think she would fall prey to being manipulated and swindled out of the money or lean how to exploit those trying to help her in a dishonest way by thinking how easy the money came?

      I am sorry for the extremely long comment and do not mean to be disrespectful to you in any way but not all channels are “Click Bait” some vloggers have managed to build a community that cares and understands that together even the smallest acts of kindness can achieve great things for others.

      However, with that community there is a great responsibility of the vlogger to do the right thing in the right way as they are representing their community. So even though he has wanted to do this for a long time, this is just now becoming possible so unfortunately things are moving slow to make sure they are done in an efficient manner. If you as a viewer have nothing else to give, please at least be kind and give your patience while he figures all this out.

      So far, the few people he has been able to help he documented and did follow ups with them and often discusses them in other videos about others as well.

      Of all the naysayers I see on his channel I am yet to find one single person that donated anything comment that they weren’t happy how their funds were spent. So that in itself says something.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Exactly, he is ONE big hearted guy who cannot adopt every poor person he sees. But when I see a dozen guys offering to help a woman and they are given no way to do so, it is kind of a pointless endeavor. It just took me all of about 5 minutes to find worldremit that allows anyone to send cash to anyone in the Philippines who has an ID to collect it. For $3.95 you can send up to $5000 and they can pick up the cash at thousands of locations including stores and pawnshops. 1. So she needs an ID. 2. Announce the cost needed for that and collect a donation to pay for it. 3. Get her ID and follow the email plan I already explained so she can make direct connections herself. 4. If they are bullshiters and trolls, simply test them with the $20 send and if they refuse, they go to spam. 5. Once she finds a few real helpers, she is on her own from then on. 6. If they stop assisting her or dont follow through, that is called the way of the world and she would still have benefited from such interaction for the next time. She would be no worse off than she is now.
      This guy cannot possible do for everyone what he did for Gel so comparing to her situation is pointless.

    • @L Whitsome this is becoming a moot point as you didn’t offer any kind of a plan to help anyone long term. You offered a free email solution for creepy dudes who are to cheap to buy credits on the dating sites a way to exploit people going through hardships. Do you think she has a phone or computer or even the knowledge to scan through a 1000 emails to to decipher which ones are credible and which aren’t? Judging from your proposed plan I am going to assume that you are not really familiar with working with social media accounts and the amount of volume those free emails would get. Even if your plan was feasible who teaches her how to budget her $5000 to make sure it goes where it needs to for her future? I took my time in my last response to you in order to clearly explain valid points concerning this situation and you either, didn’t take the time to read them or just have a free email on the brain mindset. He is not trying to give someone hope of a better life only to end up failing and saying “oh well your know worse off than where you started” because in actuality they would be. I am fortunate enough to say I have never suffered anything remotely close to what some of these people go through but I can only imagine in their situation there is alot of praying that something, somehow, changes to make life a little more bearable for them. So by starting something and not following through you are definitely leaving them much worse of than where they started.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 I didnt want to be stating things that are not true so I found a random Philippines girl channel who was asking for money for something. Some event or whatever, it doesnt matter. She had an ID so I told her I wanted to test worldremit but I needed her name from her ID. She gave it to me so I created an account for myself in about 5 minutes, I then sent her $20, making sure that I clicked on “PHP pickup” so they convert it for her automatically. It sent me a text saying the money was sent successfully and gave me a code number to give the receiver for cash pickup which I did. About 45 minutes later, I got another text saying that the receiver had picked up the money. She has a phone so she also got a text giving her the code number but I dont even think a phone is needed, just an ID. She didnt even have to make an account at all and no banks were involved. So yes, it is very simple for guys to send these women money if they want to. And if they make promises and dont follow through, Im pretty sure a new video calling them out directly will appear on Qadventures stating that “lwhitsome lied to this woman.” etc

  • Let me start by saying your incredible for the children you are already helping. For that God Bless You. Now, you seem SO emotionally attached to these kids and their unfortunate situations…….have you ever considered starting a non-profit where you can receive charitable donations from anywhere? I’m only pulling at straws here, because this would be a HUGE responsibility. But your heart seems so big that I could see you doing a lot of good for a lot of children. Please just take this as thought out in thin air, and none should expect you to save the world. Your doing
    more now than most people in a lifetime so stand proud. Hopefully someone cam come up with a legal and viable solution to help. God Bless

    • Yes Bill. It crossed my mind but acting as an institution will require me to form a board, hire employees and rent an office space. All monies that I can divert to kids with actual needs. I am confident that my channel will grow big enough to support what’s in my heart. And also with a charity, I won’t be able to guide as many young people personally as I want to

    • @Q Adventures As I expected, you e thought this out. And regardless of how you proceed, your changing kids lives and to be honest, your my hero for what you do. All the best my friend ☺️

  • I met a few girls in this same situation while in Lapu Lapu. Its a tough life in the Philippines for most people, especially for the young crowd it seemed like. Many do not finish school and do not have any higher paying skills.

    • I, unfortunately, agree with you and have the same observations. But solving world hunger as an individual is an impossible task. I am just putting in work to do my best 1 at a time

  • Somebody asked what was the ultimate goal is for Ashley to get her education. I believe if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a life time. That’s why Ashley should be given the chance to pay for her own schooling. Like Gel, she can create a youtube channel, and talk about what school is like for her. She doesn’t need fancy equipment. If not youtube, something else so she can be financially independent. Here is a draft of a business plan for ashley’s youtube channel. Business Plan for Ashley’s YouTube Channel
    Executive Summary
    Ashley is a 17-year-old girl from the Philippines who has had to put her education on hold in order to take care of her younger siblings. She is passionate about education and wants to continue her studies, but she does not have the financial means to do so.
    Ashley plans to create a YouTube channel to raise money for her education. She will create videos about her experiences as a student in the Philippines, as well as educational content about different subjects. She believes that her channel will be able to connect with other students from low-income backgrounds and inspire them to continue their education.
    Company Description
    Ashley’s YouTube channel will be called “Ashley’s Educational Journey.” The channel will focus on two main categories of content:
    • Personal vlogs: Ashley will share her experiences as a student in the Philippines, including the challenges she has faced and the successes she has achieved. She will also talk about her dreams for the future and how she plans to achieve them.
    • Educational content: Ashley will create videos about different subjects, such as math, science, history, and English. She will also create videos about study tips and how to succeed in school.
    Target Audience
    Ashley’s target audience is students from low-income backgrounds who are interested in education. She also hopes to reach students who are considering dropping out of school.
    Marketing Plan
    Ashley plans to market her YouTube channel through the following channels:
    • Social media: Ashley will promote her channel on her social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She will also use these platforms to connect with other students from low-income backgrounds.
    • Word-of-mouth: Ashley will encourage her friends, family, and teachers to share her channel with others. She will also create a referral program where viewers can earn rewards for referring new subscribers.
    • YouTube search engine optimization: Ashley will optimize her channel for search engine results so that people can easily find her videos. She will do this by using relevant keywords in her video titles and descriptions.
    Financial Projections
    Ashley’s goal is to raise enough money through her YouTube channel to pay for her high school tuition and other educational expenses. She believes that she can achieve this goal by generating enough ad revenue from her videos.
    Ashley’s YouTube channel has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of students from low-income backgrounds. By sharing her experiences and providing educational content, Ashley can inspire others to continue their education and achieve their dreams.
    Call to Action
    If you are interested in supporting Ashley’s YouTube channel, please subscribe to her channel and share her videos with others. You can also make a donation to her education fund. Thank you for your support!

    • I appreciate your feedback. Ashley is very different from Gel. Ashley doesn’t speak English which limits her to only domestic viewers (not even her countrymen in Manila as Tagalog is spoken there and not Bisaya like Ashley). Local viewership is compensated much less that “1st tier country” audience. And most importantly, Ashley has ZERO desire to be a vlogger. When any situation is forced, it often doesn’t work out well due to the lack of interest and motivation

    • I completely agree with your analogy of teaching someone to fish as opposed to feeding them a fish, which is what originally got me interested in what Derek is doing with his channel. As far a Gel is concerned she truly is a rare gem or the “Angel” in the mountain. The kid is a one in a million type of person that happily for alot of people Derek happened to stumble upon. YouTube would not work in this case for alot of reasons like she is shy and self conscious, she doesn’t speak English, she has no family support and the list goes on. As far as the business plan, chat gpt is a long way from developing a realistic business plan. The target audience wont work because that audience is lucky to have running water and electric let alone internet access. The promotion wont work because she has no social media to promote on so nobody knows who she is. YouTube SEO is very expensive and/or time consuming. It would be nice to try to find some type of way for her to also contribute to her education but I don’t think a job or any other extensive time “commitment” is the way to go as she is at least two years behind in school already so in order to help her the best we all can I think getting her enrolled in school with a realistic budget and a proper checkup at a Dr. or clinic to make sure she is healthy and a trip to the dentist would be the very first steps. Then if needed maybe some private tutoring or something to try to catch her up to grade level. In general YouTube is a vey hard “business”, if you do it because you like it, it’s good but if you start out with a mindset to make money it is very competitive and generally shows in your videos so it usually doesn’t work. Using Gel as an example it is very likely if she follows a steady plan and her attitude and personality don’t change her channel will very likely surpass this on and many others before she graduates high school. Her case is also very unique because of her family dynamic, her father the banana merchant is now a professional camera man for his 12 year old and the last video was great even with the flaws.

  • Do NOT take on more than you can handle. Please provide more details, tuition, uniforms, school lunch, transportation cost per semester etc. My future plan is to retire in the Philippines in about 3 years from now and to help the widows and single moms in my province as well. Capiz/ILOILO area. If everything goes well, we will meet up in the future.

    • Kudos to you, Bob. I am working out the details you mentioned as I am oblivious to schools here. I just know tuition free, but the incidentals I will make update video asap

  • Love your videos brother! Just some constructive criticism, when you interview people put the light on the faces and not behind them because it’s really hard to see your video and who’s in it it’s amazing what you do and how many people you helped and I respect and appreciate you so much

    • Yes. I explained at the end that the lighting was done on purpose has Ashley has some deep scars on her face that she was very self conscious about

    • @Q Adventures oh okay. I completely apologize and I understand the Judgment sometimes in the Philippines. You know a lot of your videos really humble us. I visited the Philippines for two weeks and what I saw was pretty shocking and you’re doing a good thing man I just want you to know. Karma will bless you. You are appreciated. So many people to help so many smart kids that can’t finish school and work for 200 pesos a day

    • No apologies needed. Was only pointing it out as a reference. I really appreciate your support of my personal mission

  • Hey Derek, much respect to you for helping these young ladies out. 👍 I believe you mentioned Ashley’s mother has a goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)? I wonder what it would take to get her to a doctor? I believe that getting her mother treated and back on her feet would be highly beneficial to Ashley and the entire family’s situation.

    • Yes, I did say that. And as much as I want to help, my focus and emphasis is on the younger generation. In this specific situation, we fix the mother’s thyroid we still cannot fix her abusive behavior towards the kids, birth control, etc. I feel her pain but in this case, Ashley showed the will and motivation so my focus is on her. Sorry if I sound insensitive, but Ashley has 8 other siblings that need help more than her mother’s Goiter operation.

    • @Q Adventures Yea man, I hear you. It’s a tough situation and that was just a thought that went through my mind. If you’re only able to help Ashely, that would still be awesome.

    • Yeah. She has the motivation. The goal is to help her be independent so she can help her own siblings and family break the cycle

  • Great interview. Always interesting. Check into the cost for her school, it should not cost very much. Computers and school are very important.

    • Yes. Checking as we speak. I will do an update with costs rather quickly as most schools will resume on August 1st. And yes, will be very low cost. Tuition is free. Just more on the incidentals

    • I think it is going to be a little more than costs for just school to really help her.

    • The camera didn’t reflect it, but Ashley’s hands were shaking so hard. I am proud that she spoke her mind. Cat was amazing in translation AND reading Ashley’s body language. I am proud of them both

  • you should do fund me account or register yourself as a non profit charity and maybe get some help from governments as a charity…

    • Gofundme is out of reach outside the USA or at least in the Philippines where I am. Not accessible. I spoke against organizing a charity multiple times. Nothing wrong with it, but I will be obligated to form and pay board members, employees, office space, etc. With the very money I could use to help directly. Amongst other restrictive reasons

    • gofundme isnt the right platform for multiple individual projects anyway as the fees add up and it would be a nightmare to track the different campaigns.

  • “My two sense” It appears your intentions are honorable with regards to helping all this people. Have you considered that when trying to help poor people that you might actually hurt them? Nobel-winning economist Angus Deaton discuss this phenomena by applying date and research to show this correlation. While NGO’s have unlimited resources to provide assistance to others and themselves invariably they fall short of their endeavor. If I was going to sponsor someone to attend school I think I would invite the whole community and maybe have a contest of some sorts, while collaborating directly with the schools and local businesses, that way all children can participate not just girls. Establish a non-profit or contact the Cebu Rotary Clubs this will take the focus of you and shine a light on your mission.

    • @ExpatNTraining many charities and NGO’s only fall short of providing help to others not themselves or most board members.

    • Even Ai was subject to that working as a dental assistant. She had to be quarantined in her office for 2 months during covid and not be compensated even when exposure was in the course of work. The employer’s reason was the office was closed for that time and had no income.

    • I had a few subscribers offering to drop $300+. In my humble opinion, that foes more harm than help. $4 a day will actually promote productivity and motivation. $300 is excessive wealth to people like Ashley, believe or not

    • @Q Adventures i agree i just wanted to point out the pay comparisonbetween the pay structure of the ph and the US where i think your vierwers are from.i easily spend 20 dollars on one meal per day which is roughly 1000 peso each time i buy lunch or dinner for myself

    • @Q Adventures I think its great that people want to donate to help her but the funds would have to be dispersed as needed because all at once would be a disaster an she has know means to manage funds and budget properly yet. Hopefully this is a skill that can be learned in the future, I personally think she will ultimately require more than just schooling though. Such as a doctor and dentist visit, probably some sort of boarding or housing when she turns 18 because it doesn’t sound like she has much family support and maybe a tutor if she shows the ability to advance back to the grade she belongs in if that’s available there. Long story short it is definitely a long term project but could also be a life changing project for the young lady.

    • Yes. I have already experienced the backlash of giving someone a lump sum. Despite $200 is not a lot of money to us, to a young local, it’s the most money they have ever held at 1 time. That could translate to a new phone, the bar and worst yet, drugs. Seen it

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 yeah too much money at once is not good because the pressure of supporting the family would make it difficult to stay on track as the money would go to the parents…if the parents dont support her educational needs first,theyll probbaly find a way to have her feel obligated to family first her needs less important, so be carefuil with that

  • Here is the problem here . Like you said if you try and take on every hardship case you come across in the Philippines you will be resource short in no time at all . Even just trying to help our family there we can not do it all .

  • Wow bless you for helping these young lady’s continue their education journey you are a fine example of what all humanity all should be

  • Derek you mentioned in a previous video that it’s Illegal for a foreigner to receive money for a Filipino, perhaps you could work with Ai to setup a Filipino charity that Ai would be the director of (assuming she is still a Filipino?) that might resolve the legal issues, you could still be an employee of the charity if needed to ensure it’s run correctly and to promote it here and other places, but it would be the charity that actually receives the money to avoid legal issues and also hopefully you might be able to get long term funding for it so you could ensure it’s longevity and ability to see these projects through.
    Obviously I’m no expert in this sort of matter so you would need to consult with local experts in what’s the best way to set something like this up, with some luck you might even be able to train up one (some?) of the first kids you helped to take over down the track when you and Ai want to step away or reduce your workload down the track and hopefully you’ll still be helping because of the charity you setup in 60 or 100 years time, how awesome would it be to leave a legacy like that.

    • That would be totally awesome!!! However… intentions and reality doesn’t necessarily correspond. I have decided against institionalizing before I started. As you know, once I start a charity or a foundation, I need to pay salaries, rent and answer to board members. I would loose so many resources that can directly benefit the families and loose freedom in having to answer to board members. I also acknowledge the benefits, but freedom is important to me. I am actively requesting to gain support from local government to bring awareness of my actions within their town. That is my attempt to check and balance myself

  • Wow, Kat is super intelligent, translating is not easy and she made it look easy. she’s going to de very when she goes to college and whatever she decides to do as a career. Well done Derek, killing it! Peace!

    • We just finished enrollment into a private school yesterday to pursue the studies of psychology. How fitting for her right?

  • i know i will get some stick from this but you do ask us to comment what we think, i can tell your a nice guy with a good heart but! i don’t think you interview people its more like an interrogation, lets start with gel the last video you sat down with gel and her dad, you were giving them the orders telling them not asking most of it would have gone over the 12yo head even her dads, the other two girls you have brought to your house to live to get a better education, when you went to their home you told them they were coming to live with you and then said if its ok with your father, meaning you didn’t already get permission from their dad. very rude, when talking to the to girls jn the last interview you are telling them you will decide what course they will take its their choice not yours, by all means pay for them but let them do what they want its their life their future. since last october i have been helping a girl wit education, i bought her a lap top, printer, iphone 11 and airpods, i give her 2000 pesos a month allowance that this month i increased to 2500, on her 16th birthday, thats 22500 pesos to date and i made it clear to her mother i have no intension of coming there or interested in a relationship, i have made no demands on her mother or daughter, just my observation of watching the videos

    • I always appreciate productive input. Surrounding myself with “yes mans” can’t help me grow. Do you see the other comment on this chain? Stuff like that, I don’t care to respond. It says “she won the lottery”. It’s pure ignorance and whatever country this person is from… $30usd is “winning the lottery” then kudos to him/her. Definitely not the Philippines

    • Pure ignorance…..sige okay sir. Why don’t you go to marigondon crossing and ask the tricycle drivers…the habalx2 drivers, the guards in front of 711, the beggar that only sits in front of the palengke….ask them about boy untol….they know who I am. I’m not ignorant by any stretch…..I’m like a bird on a tree watching everyone silently.

      Laptop, printer, iphone 11, airpods, and a cash allowance every month for a 15 year old for just talking online is like winning the lottery for these people. Tell that to the guy driving a trike for 300 pesos a day in the burning sun….but you guys seem to not really take an interest in that, only little girls….don’t get to comfortable my friend…..you may think your slick.but theirs a new breed of predator roaming around, and they don’t like little girls, they like old men. You already showed where you live stupid

  • you have a big heart bro.we can not help everyone there.its hard to endure when you see the poverty firsthand.you can only do so much.take care derek

  • This was a good video but there was to much light you were not able to see there faces good at all so I’m saying next time try something else and fix this matter

    • Your answer is given if you continue watching where you left or starting at the outro at 24:45 👍🏼

  • Hi Sir, even though I’m a subscriber and watch most of your videos, I rarely comment here. But now I feel I had to share my thoughts ones more. I remember I did commented ones before about donations/trolls but I think to have an idea to get around.
    Because giving freely and helping others should never been blocked by anyone. I think I’m a tough guy but this video I did wiped a tear away.

    I feel your dilemma and fear as you don’t want to start something you can’t finish. And so many want to help everyone beyond what we can realistic accomplish.

    Now I was thinking about the usage of the channels membership to raise money dedicated to specific projects. But to my surprise I don’t see you have activated the option yet, or you don’t meet the YouTube’s requirements yet? Please look into that as it will come in handy sooner or later.
    A YouTuber that is monetized often have membership activated giving the members some privileges on your channel. They are recognized in the comment section with a star behind there names and there names are colored depending how long they are member. You setup the privileges in an description with different levels and fees that are automatically renewed monthly.

    Now I was thinking through, what if you name the different levels we can be member of like, “Teachers, Guardian, Family supporter”, sorry I just come up with weird names as I’m not too smart but you get the idea. Each group has a monthly fee. If 10 people signup to be in the Teachers group for 10 USD monthly, then you know you have 100 USD to spend monthly to students to get them back to school.
    As a privilege you can upload private videos (like occasionally an interview with one of the students) that is being shared to those members in that group. That’s part of the YouTube membership utility.

    The benefit is that you see what you can expect to budget monthly, you are not asking for donations but the members know what the money is spent on. You still have freedom to choose which students are deserving and how much you think is right.

    In short, please look into the YouTube channel’s membership and become creative to put that into usage 👍🏼

    • Wow!!! I am glad you commented this time. It’s so thorough and you pointed out a few things I have overlooked. I will forward your comment to my moderator to look into this. Thank you 🙏🫶

    • YouTube takes 30% of channel memberships so it is best to promote it on your YouTube channel but actually have the memberships on a different website where you can offer more to members for less of a financial cut. I do like your levels idea though that is very good.

  • I was thinking the pandemic played a lot of reasons.
    Stay at home classes led to many not having the money for wi-fi lap top or cellphone load.
    Pray she holds true to her desire to continue and complete high school. If possible college. 🙏

    • You are absolutely correct, Jeff. The pandemic is a huge factor.

      As you know, high school diploma doesn’t mean anything here as far as a career goes. We ARE shooting for higher education and continue to give her support as long as she is receptive

    • @magaiver Do you have everything in place such as time and billing management, employment contracts, some form of holding account for wages etc.? If not and it is legitimate VA work and not a get rich quick scheme send Derek all the details including job responsibilities and duties expected, how will they be paid i.e.. hourly, commission, what the rate of pay is (in American $ not pesos), frequency of pay and method of pay. If it checks out and he is interested and wants help I will setup the backend for you guys to handle all the logistics if he wants.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 I don’t know who you are but disclose my intention and obligation with him. Thx

    • @Redbugg99 BrandSolutions in my channel moderator and very involved in my channel.

      I also received your email and I think it’s best you reach out to an employment agency of sort. It wouldn’t be feasible for me to go back and forth with qualifications and monitoring

    • @Q Adventures thx for your help but I’ll discuss our differences with Derek first so he can understand my intentions and before we can give any person hope of employment …. Nothing personal.

      I’ll provide everything no strings that way any potential person will not loose anything of value.

      Again thanks.

  • Very good job Derek. If i wasnt helping two filipina sisters in Pagnasinan, i would help Ashley too. My wife is from Bacolod area. We live in Virginia USA.

  • This man has a good heart , only problem is he doesn’t know Philippine culture yet , i do hope you change your approach to the locals , how would you feel if i were to approach you with my vlog and scold you on your wrong approach to the locals ? Just for my vlog content, like you my intention is good right ? My advice come as a local that understands being in the others shoes

    • Your comment is taken with utmost respect. My position, however, right or wrong, I was not scolding her. Only to educate and ensure her of my expectations as it is I who is out of pocket to assist her with her goals. She declined to answer and I didn’t insist. She can refuse my conditions at anytime and decline my help. But I just want her to finish her education (per her chasing me down) without the interruption of unplanned pregnancy. I admit to still being ignorant of local culture, but I ask you to understand my position of not having the ability to accept failure

  • I am watching this and I can sympathize with you and I’m curious what the later story of this was now been two months later and if she was able to be helped or not

    • Unfortunately, we funded her needs to enroll but she never did. We also tried to give her a job, but she didn’t show motivation. There’s only so much that we can do

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