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  • Wow. Very beautiful women. Sounds cliché but highly appropriate for both of them. Wish I was not stuck in the matrix (USA).

    • I have not traveled to the world because I am still saving. I have 60K in my bank account, but need to figure out what to do with it to multiply it.

    • I am also anxiously counting the days until I can travel Probably start next year and forming plans for the future but I just want to have everything in order so I can at least spend a month or two there to really look around and figure stuff out.

  • what a great opportunity….from very limited possibilities… to an expanded possibilities…great new adventure Q

  • Considering the electric infrastructure in the Philippines, and the development of the nation as a whole I suspect is steadily happening studying electricity seems like a safe bet. And if you educate that further, you can go anywhere from the engineering industry, IT infrastructure, and so on. The Philippines has enormous untapped resources when it comes to Solar and wind power. This change will hit the Philippines sooner or later and everything from engineers, and technicians to cable cutters will be needed in quantity.

    There should not be a shortage of jobs for properly educated people in the foreseeable future at least.

    • That’s a good point. However, from the limited research I have done while visiting colleges and trade schools while Jason of Traveling Machinist was here, their curriculum was very specific to whatever company that was sponsoring the course. Their Machinist major, according to Jason, does not qualify them for much outside of the sponsoring company. In other words, students pay a tuition to learn a specific job for a specific company.

      I just want to afford the girls the opportunity to chase their future as they see fit and I am only acting as a guide

    • @Q Adventures I see but does the education open up for further development if you wanted to continue studying at a higher level?

  • Your love and compassion for helping give a step up to succeed in life shines through.😊😇 Blessings 🙏

  • as always you are doing amazing work Derek. you just change these girls lives and future. it’s amazing how much it is possible to this in the PI, in the states, as you know would be very difficult to do something like this. you’re killing it Derek! Peace!

    • I don’t understand. Why would you think a kid in the US, the most powerful country in the world, would need such type of help, with all the help that is available to them in their country?

  • in the province of leyte i never wore my helmet but in tacloban i did coz i got a ticket for me my ex gf ang her ate haha

    • @Q Adventures speaking of baboy i watched your video in pool on my 75″ 4k super hi def tv normally i just watch on my pc monitor lots of skin buddy haha just joking

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  • The young ladies needs to adjust to the new environment. Girl want to have fun. It’s good of you to help them. Putting yourself out there,the expenses. Please keep us updated.

    • Yes… we have found a private school with a STEM program today. Will get her enrolled tomorrow. I will do update videos from time to time

    • Yes, Eddy. Ai and myself had always been in a 3 bedroom place by ourselves. We used to rent the rooms out to subscribers to support newbies to the Philippines. But since our channel has improved, the girls have their private aircon room and cr and I have closed off my room rentals

    • @Q Adventures I’m sorry to hear that, not renting out some rental space. But , as you said. Your Vlog is do better and we know the cost is cheaper in the Philippines. Your going to have house full of women. In a good way. A helping hand.

    • Not to many options as schools program for her. Many go through school and end up at a 7 an 11. Work on there English. The most important thing, I can say. And God bless you. For wanting to help.

  • 2 Beautiful young girls getting given real great support and oportunitities…. Doing wonderful things for people you too 🙂 keep it up. Brings a smile seeing them happy and having that suppport :)💚

  • Hopefully, when the older one graduates, she can go to college, and she can get an education in something that gives her a better life. Even if she has to spend an extra year working hard to catch up. Because those career options you discussed are not ideal. Otherwise, you would be better off exploring other options for her.

    • Yes. We discussed her interests and career paths yesterday. I am guaranteeing both of them college. Cat, the younger sister, is more decisive with the path of science but Keth, the elder, is a little more difficult. But we will continue to get her exposure and discuss

  • You could also look into paths that would be able to lead to with virtual work for an overseas company or opening her own company using foreign markets or offering foreign companies services. With the internet and global connection, they don’t have to be limited to earning PHP.

    • @Q Adventures Those are ambitious goals, though not really what I was referring to. I meant simply that if the oldest wanted a path other than culinary, electric, or gas, that she could test her interests in graphics, content, sourcing.. the list goes on. There are many people wanting to hire help, and especially if she can combine trainings with a portfolio of work. Eventual pay would depend on ambition. Working hourly, she could make what we be considered a very good wage there, but if she could perfect a skill into a service offering and possibly outsource some of that, then she could have a very profitable business.

      You, know.. one thing that I’ve discovered from following foreign vloggers is that YouTube and PayPal seem to withhold US taxes even though most of the foreigners don’t register in the US. It might be a local service that someone could start to help guide local vloggers into seeing up US tax numbers, accounting, and filling so they could either avoid the immediate withholding or file and get some of the withholding back. I’ve only recently heard of the issue, so don’t know heavily what would need to be done, but the idea is there for you or anyone else who wants to look into it.

    • @chlupl id this is a field she shows interest in I would be more than happy to work with her and Derek in this field. However, it still wont change the course of her schooling if it isn’t available to her there so whatever formal education she is able to get would have to come first as that is what will be needed to graduate. I agree that acquiring skills in design, coding or graphics are a plus even for remote work, she would both have to be interested in that type of stuff as well as be able to handle her schooling and learning these skills which could become difficult to do at the same time with the changes she is already facing.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Absolutely.. just pointing out that there are other options out there, so she shouldn’t feel limited to what is being prescribed. I have a VA over there that has taken some of the locally offered VA courses and they seem to be the same as Q described where they are charging for training to work for their company and not much else. There are many online courses based in the West, but the cost translation to PHP would make it quite an investment without help. With your expertise and experience, I’m sure you would have some good input.

      Great job at dressing up Gel’s channel, BTW. It is good to have someone able to contribute.

    • @chlupl Thank you for your kind words, without going into to much detail there are some significant changes coming to both Gel’s channel and this one. As for online VA courses you mentioned we actually do manage some. I had to go look at the prices because its not really part of my day to day but the cheapest seems to be $500 USD which I would only assume, like you said is probably out of reach for most people in the Philippines. That doesn’t matter in this case though because as I have already discussed with Derek that whatever the girls show interest in that I have access to I will happily scholarship them to also have access to. While this does open up doors for them I think they would really have to want it in order for it to work as they would have their regular fulltime studies and then these online trainings as well. I’m a big fan of Derek’s “change lives” strategy as opposed to a small donation and moving on. The way he works can truly change lives and break the cycle of poverty for the next generation of these people. Even if it’s only one family it is worth it and Gel is a prime example of this. There is something much more rewarding of working with someone you KNOW has everything it takes to do great things except the knowledge and means to do it on their own as opposed to charging a spoiled rich kids parents 5K to make them popular. The emotional reward is far greater than any financial gain and your only hope is that they follow the plan and are able to also pay it forward to others in the future.

  • It’s a wonderful thing helping these young ladies to have a better future. Just I thought, Is it possible to have a theme song for jell’s channel.

    • Yes. We are working on that to improve her channel. But we couldn’t overcome the licensing aspect and she is too early in to budget for music licensing payments

    • @qadventures  I am a reggae and dancehall singer I am willing to do some music 🎶 for free just let me know if you need my help.🎶🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • The opportunity to further their education is such a life changing chance. The road ahead may not be easy, nevertheless I wish them both very successful futures. As Calvin often says, the universe repays this type of kindness. Hats off to you Derek and Ai!

  • Enjoyed this video. My attention is often focused on Filipino education with it narrow job prospects and reduced earnings potential i.e. call-centres and culinary posts. It was refreshing to see you offer such sound advice and help to these girls to ensure their career choices were more than just a way to pay the bills.

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