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  • We appreciate your leadership in trying to improve quality of life for this family … But 1. Get yourself some eye protection 2. Work out with PAPA what he feels comfortable with … Its not worth doing all this work and he feels uncomfortable … You mentioned you got the “boot” or was told to stand down … You just don’t want to alienate yourself from the situation by donating more and more and he is not happy …

    • Oh no… I might have articulated that incorrectly. He’s grateful. I think he saw my exhaustion and relieved me is all

    • Derek did a decent job but I think Papa wanted to do a better job. You can see how he notched the plywood around the ceiling rafter. He may have wanted to frame it out more prior to hanging the plywood too. He may even take it all down, update the framing and then reinstall. We dont know what is going on in Papa’s mind. Nice of you Derek but I would have just paid for the material and labor I am sure they can do a better job than us.

    • You are correct about paying for labor, Wesna. We could’ve created a job for the day. But papa did give me instructions before leaving to work during the day and I did what he requested. I would have done it very differently back in the states, but in the Philippines, things are more practical. Papa will not remove anything and was very happy and grateful. We will just add the 2×4 beams in the exterior to close up those seams. THAT… we will hire labor as I fear heights and too heavy to climb on them tin roofs😁

  • thats a definite upgrade for the second floor……ima send ya 20 for a less wonky ladder going upstairs

  • Well done Ron and Well done Derek. Really enjoying your vlogs. Keep them coming mate. Your doing Gods work my friend.

  • the only problem is that the rain will hit the ply and run down and pool on the floor. It really should have been put on the outside

    • We’ll be putting another layer outside and for the ceiling as a form of barrier for the heat. Thank you for pointing it out❤️

    • @Q Adventures Do they sell plastic sheets to insulate the outside from the rain? Maybe foam sheets at the least, not sure if they got all the stuff you can normally pick up at Home Depot lol but worth a shot

  • I can donate for her family to you via crypto. I won’t use Paypal because of it’s crack down on free speech. $2100 fine every time you say something they don’t like in their terms of service.

    • Wow!!! I appreciate your generosity but I don’t have a crypto account. Only zelle and cashapp. Feel free to reach out to my via any contact method listed on my “about” page

  • Loved to join you on a project on my visit later this year. My stamina might only last one hour ( depending on the amount of beers), but I’d be more than happy to pay one of the locals to be my proxy 🙏.
    What barangay are you in?

    See you soon.

    • Would love to get the physical help. Beer will give you stamina. The locals are always willing to help but I had something to prove with this one. We were in barangay Labogon of mandaue cebu. But we go here and there to help with whatever we can and also depends on how receptive the locals are. Sometimes, they don’t welcome the help coz it creates jealousy with neighbors amongst other reasons.

  • If that is quarter inch plywood it can be scored with a razor blade and broke back like drywall. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    • It’s engineered wood and too fragile. I have to respect the patriarch’s wishes and not try to build them a mcmansion. Just practical improvements. I am more focused on sponsoring Marilyn’s college education and relieve her father of that financial obligation

    • @Q Adventures I understand, do what you can. I fear enclosing the upper room will make it unbearably hot, but choices have to be made and protection from rain may be more important.

    • Precisely Tim. I am more invested in Merilyn’s education. The house is built with cheap materials to solve a temporary problem as they don’t own the land the house sit on top of and the next typhoon will tear up the community even if the materials are better at double the cost. (As I understand it). I don’t want to tlbe the ignorant foreigner that comes in and try to change the rules. I am more interested in a long term solution. I have made the offer of mentoring Merilyn and sponsor her trade school or college as I did with Eric. I think that is a better solution

  • Congrats on 4,000 Subscribers!

    You’re a good man, helping out the families and just doing your best. I’m sure your channel will continue to grow.

    • Your words means the world to me, Cryto. I don’t have the opportunity to do stuff like this at home. Too much liability

  • Every little improvement goes a long way in the Philippines, I’m sure the family is very grateful and you are going to make some good lifetime friends I bet.

    • Subscribed btw. I like these channels, it’s real and raw. Channels like MrBeast are honestly helping the wrong people for the most part, and its ultimately about just ego and not even helping people with just focusing on views.

    • I know of MrBeast’s name but never tuned in. For me, however, solving world hunger is a noble cause but I am only 1 man and KNOW for a fact it’s an impossible task. I like to see through my work despite age or whatever else. So far… Eric and Merilyn will have my support and sponsorship for college if that is what they want to pursue.

      Thank you for your subscription and support

    • Yeah. Cut my duplicate measures out to the video to spare my viewers of too long of a video

    • Some of those studs were really spaced far apart, hopefully the 1/4″ ply will have sufficient support

    • We going back in a day or 2 to add vertical studs and horizontal to seal up the seams. Still work to be done

  • A great way viewers can help and just do not have time to watch all your content is to play your videos in auto. Ive done that for other vloggers, I start it in auto and I can walk away. There are times I have done that on an extra device so I can watch other content at the same time.
    Also, Im sure already know this but I recommend screws if available for what youre doing.
    Once over there I would love to help with projects like this.

    • All great points Timmy. I brought my power drill with me thinking we will use screws. But I have to respect the patriarchs wishes and directions. It’s not my place to criticize.

      You look me up when you come to Cebu, Timmy. I would love to spearhead large projects as my channel grows and finances are better

  • Wiring money bank to bank costs $55.00. PayPal is the way to go, but they cancelled mine.
    I figured that spot was where the cat peed on the floor.
    Who brings tools to the Phils??????
    Shouldn’t the plywood go on the outside so the rain doesn’t drain into the inside? Once the plywood gets wet, it will likely delaminate. Well, better than nothing. 
    What happened to Luchelle? Didn’t see vid how you met these girls.
    Just about to ask where a window would go.

    • Luchelle and Marilyn are cousins and neighbors. My gf, Ai, lived in this neighborhood in her younger years and family friends with luchelle and Marilyn. I bought these tools in the phils for my personal use and I did what the father asked of me. I am not to go against his wishes

    • Luchelle is too shy on cam and I didn’t want to talk on her behalf the entire video. Luchelle and Marilyn are both Ai’s friend

  • good job. Wonder why the house isn’t sheeted on the exterior first using water proof material

    • Most these folks build on lands that are not theirs. So going cheap is the habit of most these folks. Also natural disasters will take these types of homes away easily. So building cheap means rebuilding cheap

  • You can hear someone using a nail gun in the background. Salute to you brother 🍺 enjoyed your video. I wish you success with your channel 💯💯👍

    • Yes, they make furniture there with the nail guns but the hose didn’t reach upstairs and I didn’t want to be the spoiled foreigner to take their tools, stop their earnings for a little convenience

  • Hi, great to see you helping these wonderful Filipino people. By closing in the walls, could make it very hot. Unless you are able to fit a few windows. Kiwi

    • Yes. We are finishing it up this weekend with 2 windows and plywood ceiling to block some of that heat from tin roof. We were able to get enough donations to hire labor for the day and a proper ladder also

    • Thank you for the encouragement. More coming as I am part of the community also. It’s difficult to live a certain standard and see your neighbors in need

  • Just Subscribe to your channel Brother. Thank you for caring for others much Respect and love and Aloha from Hawaii.

  • Try Western Union. You can put it in Q name and then he can possibly give them the pesos. Just pray for humanity

    • That’s a very thoughtful suggestion but I think some subscribers are hesitant not knowing that I utilize 100% of donations towards philanthropy

    • @Q Adventures just provide paper trail. Western Union and receipts for materials and you should be good. I’m moving in short time nyc to pH. Would be great communication more. I’ll be in Davao area with my girl she finishes up university

  • Q maybe also good to purchase Solignum : wood protection sealant. I’m seeing my Pinay next month and I’ve seen home in same condition. All prayers

    • It was all the family’s wishes. I didn’t want to impose on them without understanding their situation fully

    • @Q Adventures I understand, but if there’s a better way, why not do that? Can you get cordless drill/driver and electric saw there? That would save a lot of time. Seems they only know one way, but could learn the “West” knows our shit!

  • Q adventures? Did you know tang from so “yummy kaya”? Or “zes style”? The OG youtubbers

  • You should of gotten exterior grade siding or thoroughly painted those sheets and installed it on the exterior of the frame. You’ve created a shortened lifespan with that shoddy workmanship.

    • The complexity of the local ways are difficult to understand. Many times, it’s against logic. But they, nevertheless, have very valid reasons. I was there to help solve an immediate problem according to the patriarch’s wishes. I know there are better ways but made a choice not to impose my ways on them

  • Great job, i wish to be there n help u wiyh all that grest labor u doing for that family, the universe will duplicate all the good things u doing for that people❤🙏💙😇

    • Thank you Victor. I did that to demonstrate a point. The point I wanted to drive was that I am not some random cyber hobo that just give away subscriber generosities for content and leave the locals to fend for themselves., I am here to put in work and resources in myself. It takes a community

    • @Q Adventures love it, believe me i really wish yo b there n do some like that for people, special for the one i been help for long time but i hope people like u can do some for them too because u get help from suscribers, n in my case its just me, but i do what i can for them, she is from cebu, but i prefer to talk more in a private way if u dont mind, in order to see what we can do, n ofcourse to help u with others as well, filipino people are the most amazing people i ever knew, its hard for me to see how hard life the having😥😥

    • @Q Adventures as i have a lor of knowledge in construction n engeeniering i know i can even teach them to learn how to make a better improvements on their own homes

  • you pronounce contribute funny. i thought you were from the Los Angeles California part of the US. Contribute should be pronounced Con and Tribute or Con Tribution contribution i think you said it correctly one time

    • I am from Los Angeles. However, English is my 4th language and been an introvert most of my life and still working on my speech to an audience

  • One way to keep the boards from vibrating while nailing the plywood is… Hold another hammer or rock on the other side behind the nail you are driving. It will absorb the vibration, and help the nail to drive faster. Likely you will need a second person on the outside to do this. Also, you would have to set up some way to be outside and not fall through the roof of the other building.

    • Hahaha!!! Falling through the roof crossed my mind, but damaging the neighbor’s house was not an option

    • I hear you. But I was following instructions from the patriarch and he had valid reasons for his purpose. I am the guest at the end of the day and didn’t want to impose

    • @Q Adventures
      I get it Brother !
      I’ve lived in the Philippines.
      They do things the way they’ve always done things… even if it’s wrong.

    • It’s practical for, specifically, Merilyn’s family. Thanks for the input and support of my channel

  • You’re so nice to these people who really needs help❤😊🙌🙏🍀👍you’re amazing and a blessing to others, thank you😊🩷

    • You know… when you see potential in a young sole, it’s a blessing for ME to be granted the opportunity to participate

  • AT 23:15…
    Dude, I was CTFU when you said this!

    • @Q Adventures (Hahaha). Bro, it’s all good. All of us “foreigners” are fat in the Philippines.

  • Western Union is the way to send money to Philippines from any where in the world within one minute the money can be collected by the receiver in Western Union agents that are every where in Philippines with the reference number and 2 forms of ID. Two American dollars or just over is the fee charged to send small or very large amounts of money Ive used this method without fail using a Western Union App on my phone for over 6 years every fortnight. Keep up your good work of helping people in need.

  • May God bless you for all that you do for the less fortunate there , although they lead very simple lives Americans and the rest of the World can learn by how humble and friendly these people are

  • You need at least 6 windows so they get fresh air & daylight, wooden windows that any local carpenter can make
    for them very cheap 3’x3′ with hinges and a latch that swing inward nothing fancy (of course not glass windows). 
    Those people will suffocate if you dont have enough windows the place will feel like an oven. Labor there is very
    cheap, my advice to you is to hire a local carpenter who you could pay 500-800p per day and go with them to buy
    the material. A carpenter’s salary is 15kp per month (500p/day).

  • Youre not much of a carpenter. But you have a huge heart brother. I commend your effort to help these people.

    • @Q Adventures He he, I’m the opposite: degree in mechanical engineering and working metals all my life. Have most of the classic metal working machines, solid metal and sheet and know how to operate them as well as welding, polishing…..
      I’m planning to visit Ph and wondering If I could teach what I know.

    • I spent a good numbers of years as a contractor in The U.S. and I’m pretty skilled in just about all the trades, so I might do some “Charity work” when
      I get to Davao City 4/2024…

    • @Andrej Premk you can… I have a subscriber who is a machinist. He’s planning on a move here to teach cnc machines. But he also will follow up with job placements and application of skills taught

    • @Q Adventures, I want to help. I live in boring England. But I lived in South America, Uruguay. Building ecological housing. Lifetime. Really nice Cool😎Houses. Hot outside, cool inside with no AC. I sent a message/Fk😉. Leo !! I’ve got Makita tools.

  • Great job helping them. The outside of the wall needs something waterproof like tin.

    • The patriarch got that handled. Gave them enough money for supplies and hired help. 90% of it is done already. Look at the update https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cXeNb90PNU4

  • So nice of you to help as I am a Mechanical Contractor that also has a Corporate Maintenance background and I’m retiring to the Philippines and hope I can do some of the things your doing and help some families out as most don’t have the money or skills to do some of the maintenance and improvements.

  • Wow, I’d love to live over there for a while and to be able to do little projects like this where so little effort makes such a big difference to these nice people..

    • Yeah. It’s mind blowing when you experience it 1st hand. It’s like… what was accomplished for how much?!?!?

  • Maybe put some reflective material or insulation on the ceiling after the walls get enclosed there won’t be the breeze flowing through and that tin roof will generate alot of heat

    • All these are really practical for us accustomed to the west. But the patriarch has his own ways and reasons that I have to respect

  • Thank you for helping this family building and constructing the walls and improvement for the house. We Filipinos also contribute to help the Country of Vietnam by sending our Engineers and troops to Vietnam during the conflict, also accepting and allowing the Vietnamese Boat people or refugees to our Country during those era!

    • Yes. My family and I were in Bataan refugee camp for 6 months back in 1986. The locals there had every opportunity to take advantage of us but they did the exact opposite and helped us. Always teaching us the mountain ways, giving my parents and outer community fair currency exchange rates, etc. That’s 1 of many reasons I am here now. Philippines has a special place in my heart and I am rearing typing this last sentence

    • Yes. It does. But a little bit of a hassle to go there to pick up regularly. Also has max monthly limits.

  • This is just Amazing…Top Quality work for free…I noticed that the skilled labor in the Philippines is really lacking. I see expats building a house and have trouble filling skilled labor and workers who can do top quality work.

    • I feel and it’s my observation and opinion… that it’s the CUSTOMERS that always want to haggle for lower price that leads to inferior materials and workmanship. I personally know of a few expats that wanted to ensure the ingrity of their dwelling so they purchase their own materials and paid higher labor for skilled workers over day laborers

  • I can see such a good business idea of starting a construction school in the Philippines teaching different skill set from Electrical.. Carpentry… Plumbing…and branching out into Construction business building cheaper and faster made homes…

    • 1st step is to watch my contents to help with YouTube algorithm. Thank you for doing that. Secondly… anytime you want to stop by to contribute in any way, it’s always welcome

    • Spreading your channel here to my friends and family in the states. My visit there in Salong was life changing for me. Your videos are bringing me back. ❤️ The Philippines and especially the people

  • Great job with what you had to work with I been here in the Philippines 7 years still not use to how they do things

    • Since you been here, you understand these communities are at constant risk of having to pick up and go at any instant. Or the next disaster will level the entire barrangay. So they are staying practical in their own terms and I couldn’t impose on them

    • @Q Adventures yes I do realize that it’s wide spread not just in one area here in the Philippines it’s better to build with brick and concrete cheaper lasts longer that coconut wood is crap and the plywood here is laughable made in china should bring tool over here and start helping I’m game but am raising my family here also wife and 3 children and a brother in-law I take care of I’m on luzan

  • I like seeing this, I would help Filipino’s with money but I don’t know what is being done with the money, you’re a true blessing

    • Yes Ted. I feel more productive mentoring someone to be productive and self sufficient over giving cash and not know what it does

    • @Q Adventures Are you going to be doing more of this type of work with repairs and updating homes?

    • I don’t have anything lined up, but I imagine so. I don’t usually plan these things. They come up spontaneously. Some individuals I come across that I want to extend a hand, but sometimes they refuse. There are many other circumstances that may also play out. The bottom line for me is to help people who are motivated to be self sufficient

  • my skill in philippines have, you can build good concrete and brick house same size than this video have less than 4000 $ small house can build about 2000 $ i has build 4 house in philippines and 6 house in thailand.

  • It’s soooo obvious that NO ONE there knows anything about building a wall….HA HA HA HA!!! The up right studs are in the wrong place. The OUTSIDE should be done FIRST…The beams holding the roof up are totally UNSUPPORTED the right way…..ALL the wood that’s exposed to the OUTSIDE is going to ROT very quickly in the tropical climate…. It’s a shame because this is what I want to do when I get to the Philippines. To honestly help out as much as I can for others.. BUT do it the right way……

  • Maybe they should of bought the corrugated tin panels instead of the plywood. Since the tin would protect the studs and act as the exterior wall. Those plywood could of been used to divide the rooms already underneath the roof. But not to act as an interior wall from the outside wall, if there isn’t an outside exterior wall. Buy the corrugated tin next time. Probably a lot less than plywood.

    • All great points. Bit the patriarch had his valid reasons and I couldn’t impose. I was just there to help with an immediate solution

    • @Q Adventures I should’ve known you’d have such things, my friend.. great video 🙂 my favorite kind to watch

  • New subscriber blessing to see this ,always better to give than to receive the word of God so so true