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  • follow up question…..do you hear that much laughter in your neighborhood on a sunday ?…i sure dont!

    • Agree when I was young here in Ireland we had nothing but we were outside playing until dark. Now the kids are all inside on their xbox and phones 😢😢😢

  • The more I watch and see the character of the local people the more I respect them, thank you for sharing.

  • Amazing how they use whatever available resource they have to meet basic day to day needs. Whether it be salvaged wood for fuel or plastic bottle cap/bag for kindling/firestarter.
    Thank you for sharing.🙏

    • It’s probably a far stretch but clothing lint is great kindling too but i doubt anyone has access to laundry dryers in the poor neighborhoods. The filters inside the dryers accumulate alot of lint and that stuff is super flammable lol. And it’s free, best of all lol.

  • Really a lot things in the western culture is wasted and not needed that one reason I buy almost every used

    • That’s a great approach. I fell victim to the desire back there also. Being in the phils now made me realize the true distinction between want and need

  • My knees and back are busted, but I’d love to shoot basketball with the boys for a short time.

  • Burning gas, diesel, and plastic is not intelligent or humbling. Breathing in burning toxic chemicals is bad for oneself and the others around you. I hope they have stopped doing this method.

    • The use what the have .. I’m sure where ever your living there’s a big Multi national company blowing some sort of shit up into the sky or the water supply 👎👎👎

  • I’ve been watching videos about PH for a long time and been their 3 times. You have a lifetime subscriber!!! It’s more fun in PH!!!

  • I could only pray to find what they have with NOTHING the joy they have and give freely such beautiful people God bless

  • Growing up in PI, these basketball games gets very intense. Doesn’t matter if the ball is deflated and uneven gravel.

    • 100% agreed. The other side of my wall is a basketball court. I always enjoy watching from my balcony

    • @Q Adventures Games go till sundown. If the game is not over, someone is usually pointing a crappy flashlight. Nowadays, phone flashlight. and when it’s over, there’s usually blood from falling and hitting a rock or something. Broken tsinelas but somehow still staying on their feet. Like anywhere, money is usually involved😂. I have a very bad case of homesickness now. Thank you for that😂

    • Never say that, my friend. I have ZERO expectations. I am extremely grateful just by you watching my content. Anything else is above and beyond ❤️😊

    • @Q Adventures thank you and I understand. Though the wish is more for me. I really do want to give more, especially to my people that are in need. I left when I was young and thought thank god I don’t have to deal with hardship in the Philippines. I thought so little of my country and regret all of it. Now I can’t wait to retire so I can live there again. Money is an issue. I am extremely homesick and have shed tears a few times because of it. The little things that you show on your video that you don’t even mention chokes me up, The peoples mannerisms, the tagay, the neighbors singing really loud karaoke that usually annoys me… I miss it! There are so much more. You sir may be the push for me to look for other ways to not wait till retirement.

  • Poverty shows who are our friends and who are our enemies in life. An old saying in UK that with thought has a lot of meaning. I have a Filipino partner and two adopted sons plus nanny and a huge extended family we share every thing in our family unit even with strangers who need a little help just maybe. A way of life I would never wish for change in. Sharing is certainly caring.

  • I in not as happy as these people but hey my flights are booked for December for 6 week vacation that’s what’s keeping me going 😎

  • So the poor people have to pay for water ? The big companies have to make money from everyone 😢

    • As you should Faye. Having ambition is good, but to desire material things that are out of reach is poison

  • 2:02 lol… that song i’ve heard in so many videos before… i think is very popular en Philippines “Brother Louie, Louie, Louie!” xD

  • Using the plastic to start the fire is very bad for your health because of all the chemicals thats used to make the plastic it can cause cancer and other health issues🙏

    • 100% agreed. However, nothing was cooked in the open fire and that’s how the locals do it and I didn’t want to be rude to impose on them

  • I won’t rattle on about how poisonous the fumes are from burning plastics in tight spaces, but offer a few alternatives instead that may be able to be salvaged. Besides dryer lint, I also use nut shells. Dried citrus rind is surpisingly good, as it will leave oils in the rind. Expired candles will leave a bit of wax after using them, or you can just grab a bunch of cheap birthday candles. Hard to find closer to the equator, but evergreen tree sap can be boiled into a firestarter that you can mix various things into. Used cooking oil is better than used motor oil, but either is better than plastic. A simple firepot can be made by soaking any porous stone that can withstand the heat of a fire in used oil cut with lamp oil or spirits. Watching a short video on how to make a feather stick will lhelp with stretching kindling out. You can replace an oil lamps wick or make a simple lamp with this stuff called carbon felt. It’s called a forever wick, because it will not burn and lasts forever. Hope any of this can be of use.

    • @Q Adventures  Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you. Always wanted to travel the world helping strangers along the way, but never had the funds. I get solice watching videos like yours. Recent sub and though I can’t support financially, I’ll gladly pass along any tidbits that might improve a situation.

  • So many people think that having money brings more happiness…and that can’t be further from the Truth..Money gives us Options in Life .Money makes things easier..but money brings more stress because you have to be more responsible with it .and the more money you have the more people are trying to take it away. There is poor people in the Philippines and in the US and in Canada..and many other places..but some people have no money but are land Rich..they have everything they need to survive..they have to work harder harvesting the land but the food is free ..they eat what they have and don’t have many options but there is less stress…

    • We initiated that talk. You say bring stress, I was more dramatic and said it brings evil. We have structured it well, in my opinion, to keep Gel protected physically, mentally and in cyberspace. We will pull the plug in a heartbeat if we see the harm

  • @Q Adventures Man I have been to the Philippines 5 times already and the hospitality is amazing from the Filipino people.
    My girlfriend is a province girl and we have stayed in Makati twice and around Christmas time they just called you over for a chat and gave you a drink just like that.😁😁
    In her province they are just the same, coz that’s how nice the Filipino people are.

    • Yeah. Only those of us who has been here truly understands such hospitality. It’s just a fable for those who hasn’t visited. It’s hard for them to believe such hospitality and kindness exist

    • @Q AdventuresYeah so true man, coz I love the Philippines and everything about it. It’s an awesome country with the friendliest people you could ever meet and has the most beautiful islands in the world. I was made so welcome wen me and jai visited her family in Zamboanga and the hospitality was amazing and so friendly everyone there. Same anywhere you go buddy.

  • Looks sketchy but instead of putting the glass of beer to their mouth they offer it to you.😂

  • My wife grew up in a barrio like this, more in casual country, just outside city. I stayed out there on a weekend or two every month for years when we lived there. I loved it. People were poor, sure, but everyone was always happy, smiling. As long as basic roof, food & health for family – everything is good. I love it when we stay there. I don’t run to hide in aircon hotel either. I stay in barrio in family nipa hut or raw block house. Just a fan for night time. I am not a better human being, if they can take it, I can take it. Hehehe. I am also able to speak, read & write basic Tagalog & that helps (where it is spoken, which isn’t everywhere).

    • Wow!!! You 1 up me for sure!!! I must have my aircon to sleep and sleep is very important to me. Not saying that I am better than them. I feel they are better than me in many ways. I am still searching for their secret sauce and I am learning from the local culture everyday

    • @qadventures  – No, you are still the best, my man. I had a house in Angeles City and didn’t have aircon there either. Just a few fans. It just never bothered me & I have always lived in very hot locations.
      The local culture is very interesting. But I found it similar to other Asian ones as far as the importance of “face” or self-respect. Always keeping that in mind before speaking really goes a long way.
      Also their ability to be ammune to hardship. People that are strangers, beggars, homeless, orphans. I realized I just cannot help them all so I found myself becoming thick-skinned after a while. The Philippine society in the lower middle class and poor is not comprehended by most Americans. Kids in USA avoid school & education. In all Asian countries, it is sought by most children who see education as the first stepping stone in the life of success.
      I love coming home. My wife and I have property in Tarlac, Tarlac, Pampanga. Split between Florida, USA.
      Keep up the great work & videos.

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