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    • Yeah. I just don’t do well with crowds, and I appreciate unmodified nature more. At the same time, I do understand the need for tourist attractions, it’s just not my preference

    • I don’t either, Eddy. All my trips are random and spontaneous. Even the trip to meet Paul. I reached out, he said ok, we packed and drove 3 hours on a motorbike to take a 30 minute ferry over

  • Nice ride and I love the view after the small boats by the pier. I also feel the same way what you said. Into the video 5 min 50 sec, I feel the same when I go away on vacation. Nice little restaurant you found to get out of the rain. You guys take care and I’ll keep watching the videos 😄.

  • Great trip guys. I’m new to your channel & enjoying ur content. Are you holidaying in the Philippines & where. I’m going to Dipolog area in a month & looking forward to it.

    • No. I live here now. Coming a year in a few days. Moved here from Los Angeles CA. You will enjoy…👍🙏🫶

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