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  • Great video. How is your camera mounted ? I’m playing around with a few options. I have a helmet mount and thinking of maybe a chest mount but the reviews of the GoPro chest mount don’t seem favorable. 🙏 thx any advice would greatly appreciated.

    • For this one, Michael, I mounted my GoPro Hero Black directly under the visor of my helmet where my mouth would be so i can speak directly into the camera’s voice receiver. This video is one of my very 1st videos and I was just playing with what works and not. I’m pretty technology retarded, see?

    • @Q Adventures lol 😂 yea me also ! But I thought that was a great video. Relaxing to me to watch that drive ! I want to leave the USA and move to the Philippines 🇵🇭 at some point ! I have friends there that are living the dream ! Where there’s a will there’s a way ! Thanks 🙏 again !

    • Well… if you want it, you have another friend here. The expat community here are very supportive, from personal experience. I live 10 minutes away from Mactan Airport in Cebu. Have extra room and extra motorbikes. Reach out if you want to do a trial run.

  • Hi Gary, (Nice name by the way), I am a new subscriber and am really enjoying your content. I’m in the US but am thinking about trying the Phillipines for a while. From what I see of your apartment, that would be about the size I’d be looking for. Is there anymore available in that area and about what would the rent be. If it is too personal, I understand. I am just trying to find something that would accommodate my budget.

    • Not personal Gary. Open book here. I pay 25,000 pesos (you convert it with xe.com) for my 3 bed 2 bath. The floor plan is generous (not typical of a filipino home). There are so many for rent in my community. Even for less (around 20k for the same floor plan). I made a mistake in renting from a property manager from hell and stuck for 1 yr.

    • @Q Adventures Thanks for the quick replay Gary. I appreciate it. The price isn’t too bad at all for the amount of rooms. I think I would enjoy that more than living in a high rise condo. Great videos and looking forward to more.

    • You are right Gary. I also prefer not to take an elevator down 20 floors to access my transportation. The community I live in is 10 minutes from cebu Airport, surrounded by ferry ports, lots of foreigners live in this community because most locals can’t afford to live in this community, has an Olympic size swimming pool, and a very friendly and supportive community, amongst other things

  • Hi great video really enjoy the ride all the way down there. Other than a few technical difficulties with your mirror and phone mount that kind of broke. Also that little rattling was driving me crazy, LOL. But I believe it was from your phone mount, right?
    Your little yellow scooter has some get-up-and-go.. I hope it lasts you for many many more years to come.

    • Yes. The rattling is from the phone mount. It was 1 of my very 1st vids (experimental). Sorry for the annoyance. And I DO still have my little yamaha. It’s great

  • At the least I’ll know the ins and outs of using a motorcycle in the Philippines. If there’s an opening go fo it.😅

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