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  • What I love about this video is the damn ROOSTER in the background!!! Full props, Big Cock!!! You go Boy!!!

  • I guess I’m the 3rd. I’m still in the mindset of exploring, so my time there in the Philippines had nothing to do with “recognizance” as Jason would say. Although I’m retired from work, I enjoyed being right smack in the middle of all the entertainment that Angeles City offered. Cebu was a little to tame for me.

  • I think hard now live America then philippines life he right a simple life good as in western world we want everything materials

  • carcar city cool where he go as family near there in a jungle good to look around explore and people help there if have a proper likes it also hot filipina women that most cannot get western world different way of life need bring things filipino cannot get

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June 2024 | @Wise

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