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  • Dude you can not buy land in the Philippines…ONLY a Filipino Citizen can purchase land…you can lease or your GF can buy it

    • It’s ok Doug. I am working with a lawyer and buying it under my filipino business. Thanks for your concern but I am done extensive research before making this decision

  • Even if you do or can buy you need to make sure that there is a title on the land and who owns it..We are going on year 3 of trying to get a title for the land we bought we think we are starting to see the end of the tunnel now..the owners were selling it then they would sell it again and then sold it a 3rd time before we bought it ! We are in the process of getting a clear title for the land now

  • Having a place in the mountains is nice to escape the heat. There are so many beautiful mountains all over the Philippines.👍🏽⛰️🏝️

  • Nice area to live in sounds very quiet up there… I’m surprised you don’t speak Bisyan * Q.
    I am Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 & American 🇺🇸 Born in MANHATTAN and Raised in THE BRONX in N.Y.C.
    I didn’t speak Bisyan fluently but I get the JEST ( My Spanish Helps me out a little ).
    I live up North in the Province of Balamban in Cebu and I love it up here. My wife and I bought a 300 sqm. Corner Lot in a nice quiet area. I am Save up at least 2 to 3 Million Pesos to Build our Dream Home.
    Great Video My Brother…

    • English was my 4th language. Picked up a little Spanish being down in MX for a bit. I’m languaged out. Bisaya won’t stick. My brain keep pushing it back out

  • Hugely risky enterprise. You don’t know the full story until you live there. Why not lease for a while. Just a few examples. Local farmers spray insecticide and drifts onto property. In burning season air is toxic. Sudden watercourse traverses property but not evident until rainy season

    • Yes. I have considered all that. Residents are far and between. They are all open for discussions of these topics. Trying to make a difference and am not spending more than I can’t afford to loose

  • province life is so peaceful i envy the people who can live that lifestyle.hope you can purchase.take care that property

  • I am building a mountain home in Sablan, Benguet. After that I’ll be looking for some beach property.

    • I’m on the same boat brother. Beach is where I want to be but mountain is a peaceful getaway and to maintain “off grid” living

    • 1st thing after purchase, we will hire someone to put up a fence and the neighbors will look after the property. Also no one really lives there. Just farmers going to work

  • It was nice seeing the area where you plan to buy. Lots of luck and congratulations on your new venture. I prefer mountain living over city life any day. 👍

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