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  • Thank you very much for helping the orphanage in Cordova. That’s very generous and kind of you Sir. God bless you in three folds.

    • @Q Adventures Could you do one of these videos where you interview one of the staff? I would love to know more about how to donate money, time and help make everyday life a bit easier for these kids.
      I will moving to the Philippines very soon to retire and i want to give to the community by helping Orphanages.
      A video with a staff member that can give ways to contact them, have a list of needs for the orphanage or any specific child. My heart just melts when it comes to children in need. I know i cant help every child in the Philippines but i can do some good for one child by helping the orphanage.

  • When it comes to buying out the theater, yes you will have to pay full price for each seat in the room. The theaters do not make money on the movie and must charge full price for each head/seat.
    The theater makes money on concessions and arcade games.

    • Thank you for the input. But the Philippines oporate differently. But regardless what it is, if you are not motivated and make no exceptions for your own people, what encouragement does an outsider have?

  • all vlogers just go to the beach in boracay and palawan but its soo many hidden treasures here in the ph and i want u to know if u come and vissit me here

  • whats is that palawan boracy white sand we have here also in ilocos what they dont have is our sand dunes its like ur in the dessert of dubai

  • I have visited Cebu orphanage. Kids need vitamins. Some of the babies there are the most beautiful kids. ❤❤❤

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