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  • Makes you wonder how this would affect kids here in the US a place where being humble is not heard of any more 🙁 The best kids i have seen are from mixed marriages here (filipina spouse) . Also home schooled . All are polite and well mannered .

    • Yeah. It’s a complicated and sensitive topic. But I do observe your point. My speculation is… people, in general, appreciate more when they have experienced a lost.

  • Maayom Buntag Darrell, saw you first on Sunshine Shoulders. Listening to you brought a smile upon my face. Because ‘we are all brothers. And yes we should not confine ourselves, we should explore. I subscribed to your vlog and looking forward to your inspirational videos. Charlie

  • Very kind of you to spend time with the kids. They all want to have a family or even friends. Just being there means a lot. To bad you don’t speak there language. In time.

    • Many of them speak English. I think I am too old to learn a 5th language (6th if you count my broken spanish). All joking aside, I am just observing and learning from them now. Am actively working with the director to see what I can do to contribute

  • What’s up with your audio problem on many of your videos? It works fine the first 8 to 10 or so minutes, then stops. I’ve tried 3 different of my headsets and the problem is not mine.

    Are kids at this orphanage ever in for adoption?

    • Sorry for the audio problems. The video you are commenting on is an older 1 so I was still figuring out techniques.

      In answering your question, yes, some are up for adoption

    • @Q Adventures  thank you.
      I’m new to your channel so I have a lot of videos to watch of yours. What I’ve seen so far are really good content, I like what you’re doing.

  • Would have been a lot more enjoyable if you didn’t keep cutting out the sound track, not one of your better videos

  • i thnkk if you can donate/ get a computer and a projector.
    to be able to give classes all day around, on projector. subject to the ages of the kids.
    that can be very helpful, interms of time mangement and learning.

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