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  • In some ways I feel sorry for these children, they are growing up in age where everything is changing so rapidly but already they are being indoctrinated into the belief that a life in the west will bring wealth and happiness when sadly for many the opposite is true. Not only does familiarity of our surroundings breed contempt but so too is the heart treacherous and as you said ‘we all want something we cannot have’. It’s nice that you a trying to re-educate them about the false appeal of a western lifestyle and also the naivety of trusting strangers, something that maybe the parents are guilty of too. I hope to visit the Philippines one day but I’m going to try and learn some Tagalog first before I head out. Big fan of the channel and all you are doing to help these families, best wishes to you all from the UK.

    • @S everything you said are valid. I am particularly appreciative of comments like yours. I get constructive feedback and not just all positive “yes man” comments. I still have so much room to improve while trying to be respective to the local culture no matter how far from the truth they are as I know it. I must maintain that balance and learn from them before berating them with a bunch of western beliefs that may or may not be applicable to them. I am going back on Saturday to learn more from the family

  • I can relate to this lovely girl when i was at her age Derek.. I stay in province before and experience a lot of things , living in province is enjoyable than the city, you can do what ever you want…

  • One of your BEST video I have seen, one I wished I could have been on. She was a wonderful young lady. And the kids wanted to be a part of it.

    • Yes Eddy. I will go back in a few days to learn more from her parents. I hope to fund her birthday and give her something special. But nothing will happen unless the parents give the ok

  • Great video. Wonderful young lady. would love too seem them prosper. Maybe purchasi that land instead of renting it.

    • That’s logical, but not feasible for them. She IS wonderful, well spoken and a lovely daughter figure

    • @Q Adventures Just curious. How much does land cost there. Maybe use the land they rent as an example.

  • Awesome vlog with awesome people. It is great to see there is always one person in front and one person at the back to make sure you are safe and taken care of 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏 …

  • That’s what I thought about USA before that I thought nobody works in America but dang you have to work to stay alive😂😂😂..Excellent advices Sir.. Thank you for your kindness to the Filipino’s..

  • I first time watch you on donating plywood a family living upstairs . And now this . Yes you are right there are a few bad apples in the world . I am glad you warn her . By the way ; not sure if you know what is going on here in the united states . We are in a silent civil war between left wing and right wing . Trump owns CNN now . My state iowa launches the campaign of all runners in the president races . I have already subscribe to you . I will follow your utube for a while .

    • not a war between left wing and right wing – but TRUTH AND LIES, Democracy vs. Fascism, creating and destruction, helping those who need help and the wealthy and powerful, cruelty and empathy. But, yea, the right wing agains the left wing nonsense.

  • cant wate to see the d/day party i hope you get her the iphone 14 or better a samsung s23 or a fold 4

  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip to the mountain and the story of the young lady. Also props to you for reminding and teaching them that not every stranger is kind. You never know what’s up with peeps these days.

  • It didnt surprise me that no one would give you information about the gun makers but thats a good source for machinists.

    • I did. Even offered them full concealment. I just know this is a long play. Have to show my face in the community more to assure them I am not an undercover po po

    • @Q Adventuresyep, definitely tread lightly over there on that subject, it will take time for them to trust giving you information. I used to have 3 mills, one of them cnc in my garage years ago. Had 3d files and blueprints for all that stuff since its legal in America to make your own firearms. Good luck finding what youre looking for. 👍

  • thank you for the respect you afforded them and your simple wisdom for that teenager

  • Derek, I don’t know where to start. I’m so glad you went off track and followed Jil on this journey. She’s an incredibly brave and intelligent little girl. I’m so glad you offered to pay for the store item. I was on my way to Danio when I was there to visit the adventure park, but whether didn’t permit. Anywhere in the United States this would have been taboo, but you understand the filipino culture there and with your adventurous spirit help enlighten your audience. I like your format on exploring the filipinos. Please tell Jil who I am and and want to wish her a happy birthday. Yes I’m also from the LA area like you Derek. I’m going to help make her birthday special by donating some money towards her computer. I’ll look for a PayPal link on your page after writing this. I hope to see you at her birthday celebration. Nice work Derek Somari

    • Thank you and I confirm receipt. I am so very curious and want to understand but at the same time keep a respectful distance

    • @Q Adventures thanks for the confirmation because that name didn’t match “Derek “

    • @East Oakland World Traveler yeah. been in sales all my life. Derek works much better than Hung Quach with clients 😜

  • I just subscribed and enjoyed this video the most of what I’ve seen on your channel. I made a small contribution and hope you have enough to get her a laptop. She is very charming, respectful, and smart and her English is very good. I hope you do more videos like these.

    • Thank you Ben. Small and in mass is my hopes. I would rather accomplish $1-5 from 100 people than $100 from 1 person because I don’t ever want to inconvene someone

    • Leaving for work now. Chat later. Serious about sending funds but I want her to get her iphone and laptop.

    • Yes. That will also work. Very generous of you. Reach out to me via Whatsapp or messenger. Both registered to my usa number. +1-626-626-6347

    • @tom chew thank you sir for your kindness and generosity. What a wonderful gift that will change her life

    • Wow! she’ll love it Sir! I’m so excited to see her on her birthday party with a great and very kind vlogger….Sir Q adventure Filipinos will love and support you!

  • Are you ever charmed, in a platonic way, by any Filipino men? Like if they were generous , kind, ect?

  • that was truly an adventure! your guides handled you with expert kindness,, unaware of the gifts they had given you…your cup runuth over!

    • Not yet. Will do so this Saturday when it’s convenient for the parents. I didn’t want to intrude in their schedule

    • ​@Q Adventures sorry Derek , I sent that before the end. Looking forward to seeing the video after the 8th.

    • No apologies… I just likebto respond to every comment as my following is still small and manageable

    • That’s how I feel. I’m an American who married a Filipina, adopted her son, and love my nieces and nephew to pieces. I also care for a child living in poverty through a charity called Compassion International. You can find lots of Filipino children who need sponsors there. One of the happiest days is when I receive a letter from my sponsor child. 💗

    • I have every intention to. I received a few donations on her behalf and I like to document it to assure my subscribers that 100% of their donations goes towards the cause

    • Sorry. It was unplanned and I tried to repeat everything she said to the mic. I also wanted to keep a respectful distance as I am a stranger

  • I miss living in our province when I was a kid with lots of coconut tree that we harvest every 3 months. Aside on coconut we also have different types of veggies to eat and survive.

  • I go to the Philippines every six months for a month at a time, the people the are amazing, the food is really good,

    • Wow!!! Next time you come through cebu and need a scooter rental, pls give me the opportunity to be your provider. I don’t have deposit requirements and I don’t have milage nor geographical requirements.

  • Frame at 28 minutes …response of respect and greetings to grandfather is so amazing … I feel warm inside everytime I see this…

    • @PiKL Media  I’m here in davao province… it’s so wonderful to see the respect to elders practiced as a common daily routine. I’m not used to it myself… but the few times, little ones are around me. I’ve been given the honor… and inner joy was overwhelming to say the least since I’m an old man who lives alone…

    • Got that straight. It was fun and funny at the same time when my fat and old ass fell🤣

    • In a heartbeat if the situation calls for it. But I don’t want to be the “outsider” who comes to a foreign country and separate families

  • YouTubers like yourself that take the time to show us the best of the Philippines . I hope your subscribers at least donate $20 to make Gel’s birthday a great one. She has a lot to contribute to her community in the future. I know I’ll be sending my donation.

  • Because we can sale our house for half a million and leave the states and come to pinoy and buy land for $10,000 usd and build a big custom house for $40,000- usd and live off the money that’s left for life….

  • Derek another great video, the young girl who was showing you around was doing an incredible job. I really hope that you can help her.get what she needs, as far as the phone, thanks Gordon

    • Yes Gordon. I will start with giving her a nice birthday party, then internet, then laptop so she can share with her siblings. The phone is not quite a necessity or I don’t see it as an item that would help her with school

  • That young lady has very good english and assuming rural public school learning. She just put L.A. Unified School District into shame. She got a bright future.

    • She scores in the 90’s! A A
      LA Unified is a joke. Baltimore didn’t have a single high school student that could Read at level or do basic Math.

    • All the money in the world, billions of dollars to give to Ukraine and our school systems are among the worst in the first world. Why do we keep voting for the people we vote for???

  • Derek Thank you for sharing the simple and beautiful family life of these lovely Filipinos. Angel’s English is so beautiful to hear. Do some more videos with her so we can hear her lovely voice and see more or their life. It is so impressive how caring and considerate she is.

  • That girl is Amazing! I hope she has an amazing b-day, she deserves it!🎉 🎂 Happy early bday! Peace!

    • Thank you for such positive wishes. I will be going back to plan with her parents a nice b-day

    • @Q Adventures will be looking forward to that video, will be amazing. too bad your buddy won’t be able to attend since he’ll be going back home. Again, what an Amazing girl, super smart, respectful, eloquent and list goes on. she’s an Angel. Peace! P.S. also for her to know and understand “needs” and “wants”, i was amazed! most adults don’t even understand that concept. She’s gonna do well in life.

    • @Elton Randolph it’s entirely up to you… as you know, computers come in all prices based on processor and memory. Feel free to make a donation within hour comfort and we will work with that

    • @Oliver Ortiz Receipt confirmed. That was a very generous donation. Thank you very much for your kindness 🙏

    • @Q Adventures love helping a good student in need
      Hopefully you can give it to her on her birthday

    • @Oliver Ortiz if it’s ok with you, I will buy it from the states and have my friend bring it to me when he visits early July. Despite carrying the same brand, electronics here are, by far, inferior and super costly. But I will inform her verbally on her birthday proper as her school break will start soon. With other donations and my personal resources, I will also set the family up with an internet plan and teach her to start a Youtube channel herself so she can be self sufficient with my mentorship in the background

    • @Q Adventures sounds good
      I’m from Los Angeles too
      I live in Azusa
      Look forward to seeing more videos ✌🏻

    • The PayPal link is listed in the description section of the video. Here it is again…


    • More than that. We’ll do a bday dinner on Thursday as time is more restrictive from her school. Then we will have a full bday party at a local resort with a pool with her friends on Saturday

    • @Q Adventures I’m sure she’ll enjoy that and make her very happy she’s really a nice person to guide you.