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    • Actually… the property proper has brush but not too many trees. The trees that ARE there are fruit bearing, like coconut. My favorite

  • Great environment but put on your business hat if you get serious… is that river clean or polluted???

    • Business hat is on. River is clean, but not reliable. Will be using rain catchers, water tanks and pumps. Just using the spring as a backup

  • I heard triangle bamboo that could be Yamashita treasure sign if that bamboo’s planted during the war to recover the treasure needs maybe more maybe less depending how large the treasure is.

    • That’s exactly what they were telling me. But I’m sure whatever treasures there were, it’s all gone by now. But if we come across any treasures during excavation, I’ll be sure to document it

    • Hi, so why did you leave? Were you bored or had decided that it’s not the life for you? I’m curious because I’m flip-flopping right now between deciding to retire in the mountains or in a city. I’m a city boy but is craving to have a peaceful, close to nature and mountain air environment. Your input might help me to decide.

  • Nice property but no road and possibly being a 2nd lot could be land locked and have right of way issues, beware for any buyer It’s always better to find a property that is right off a barangay road and of course is already surveyed and titled as it is quite a bit of cost to have this all done and takes quite a bit of time. We have 3 1/2 hectares here in the hills in Bohol and bought it about 12 years ago.

  • There’s a saying “If it’s steep it’s cheap” not sure if it applies to the PI. Good luck and verify right of way.

    • @sentinel we will just be leasing the land to developers. We already have a few investors with creative ideas to develop around nature. I will not be part of the development

    • @Johnny Lawrence I’ve already done research . Did my due diligence . Just didn’t get my cousin to move and run it since I’m not retired yet then when the right property became available .

    • @FatboySE103 so have I and so have a thousand other people and there are numerous videos right here on youtube covering this with legal advice from a filipino lawyer. would love to see how you can get around filipino law please provide your sources LOL

    • @Johnny Lawrence buying real estate in the Phil is entirely diff than here in Cali. So in Phil, you definitely need locals who have experienced buying and selling real estates. Real Estate brokers there are different than here so a buyer , you have to be extra careful. I consider YouTube as a source of ideas and information and entertainment but will not rely on it when buying real estate

    • @FatboySE103 ok so in summary you have no legal basis or sources of info. gotcha. guess you will be the first non-filipino citizen to buy a house there solely in your name as a foreigner. .

  • Totally unusable land no good to anyone my gf mum and dad live in a similar place. No water no electricity. And it’s always a very tiring walk for water lol. You can but a lot better land for a lot less. If you take your time

  • I believe today a Filipino can only own 5 hectares in there name. Please correct me if I’m wrong

    • I would have no idea, Mel. I operate through legal counsels and I learned that there are exceptions to every rule

    • Thank you for the input. Most people take uninformed vloggers info very matter of fact. There are exceptions to rules in the Philippines.

  • I dont trust this old philippino man he seems not honest. Im glad you have 2 lawyers and are doing alot of due diligence. please be careful and take your time check everything. There are many other cheap lands for sale in pi also check them out and become an expert. real estate fraud is huge in pi and many missunderstandings and land disputes here too.

  • I love your channel! your a great guy and im really enjoying this video. thank you for your efforts. i hope i meet you someday

    • Anytime Sam. Just give me a holler in advance so I can stay stationary for a minute to meet up

  • Not sure if you know but people can not own 10 Hectors if you marry a Filipina you can own up to 5 Hectors.

  • Hi 👋 U2 lovebirds!! Love the country side/ province lifestyle. Views,peaceful, and privacy 👍This place would be a expensive endeavor to build a home 🏠 as well as a road. But anything is possible with $$$!! Did you bruise your ass?? LOL 😂. Blessings 🙏🌺🌸

  • 2:48
    What are ways a foreigner can buy land and build a home there before calling it home?

    Awesome content! 😊

    Thank you so much! ❤

  • 11:25
    How do you get some heavy equipment, that a tractor or excavator all way up there?

    And how do landlocked agreements work over there? I’m sure we would all hate to purchase a wonderful piece of raw land only to not be allowed to trespass our neighbors in order to get to it.

    • We backed out of this piece of land, Maige. Although all the neighbors are cooperative with road construction, I don’t want to invest in anything that is not spelled out on a legal document

  • 16:31
    Don’t get me wrong, I am head over hills in love with your idea of caves & ziplines to make tourist attractions.
    But how do we know that the mountains have the right soil tests to support caves?

    Maybe I missed something and there’s actually natural caves there? If not, how would we even get in the machinery for such a project?

    Do we know anyone with the expertise of experience with building caves and ziplines?

    Do we know the right legal team to cultivate the proper liability paperwork to protect ourselves of accidental injury or death?

    Thank so much for sharing this awesome content!
    We look forward to much more.

    • My next step before purchase was to hire engineers, architects, etc to test everything. But we have backed out since

  • Looks like a lot of work to flatten a spot for a house. And your yard is all steep downhill. How far from town and grocery stores? I would advise against buying it myself.

    • Original idea was to build an off grid retreat and extreme adventure park. Lots of investors interested but fell through due to title issues

  • 25 acres is nice but those inclines would have me sitting out, already fell once and broke my wrist, no way I can do that hike. I know Paul old dog was looking at land and he also backed out after getting in touch with the right people to advise him, seems their were issues with the land

    • Yeah… originally I loved the land to lease put to developers for a mountain retreat and adventure park. But there were title issues so I backed out

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