Jason (Travelling Machinist) – Video Video

Jason (Travelling Machinist) – Video


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  • Great minds cohabiting in unison. I’m sure you will both benefit and share your knowledge to give opportunities for your community.
    🙏💕 Much Love Brothers💕🙏

  • Is this new video? Did he come March 14 2024? Good luck to you guys, spread the knowledge love and faith to the world

    • Yes. The 1st part was recorded on March 14, 2024. The 2nd part was recorded the day before I uploaded it

  • So this guy wants to get out of the American rat race and come to Philippines to do the rat race here?? Hmmm interesting

    • No he wants to offer training to Filipinos in the trades;( Jason invested in Derek so he can offer that training) just like I am a Master Plumber and HVAC business owner and am coming to Philippines in July with hopes of also sharing my experience, knowledge in the trades and train interested guys (no cost) as a way to pay forward as I will continue working thru investing etc. just as i won’t own a plumbing business but wish to share my skills and talents just like Jason is doing.

  • Nice seeing Jason back. I started wetching you when you both were looking for the hidden gun makers. It’s come full circle. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. Time flys when you’re old😂

  • I admire Jason investing in Derek so he can share his Skill in the trades as that gives others Knowledge and opportunity. So I rented Jason’s bike when i first came and met Derek who is as Kind, Funny and Good Hearted as in the videos and now honored to know him. And Beautiful Ai is even prettier in person as it reflects how good of a person Derek is. His Motorcycles are Best quality and maintained so renting is a breeze with No worries. Derek’s business goes to help fund his Philanthropy helping Filipinos as he is paying it forward. Enjoy and Have Fun 🙏Y’all Live Long and Prosper🖖

  • I’d love to see Jason succeed. Teaching trades is awesome! The Philippines needs more of that.

  • All the best Jason with showing Filipinos your craft and them in turn learning for their future. 😊

  • So Jason decided to come back and live in the Philippines – wow, that’s nice, he must really love it there. Wonder what Jason’s going to end up doing there for his work. Ai has a great hair style – love it! Looks good on her. ♥

    • He’s not working here nor do you ever want to make $10 a day. He is an investor, which anyone can do. He will also teach locals for free as an act of philanthropy work

  • I do believe in Handshakes. Chances must be took! You know what you are doing. Getting ready for 15 inches of Snow here……Sucks! Nov. to END of April next year! Thanks to you & Ai for being Friends!

  • Ai is cute as a Doll ! Nice to watch good hearted ppl . The world , news and Internet neef to put more focus o that before we can see a change in the world !

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