Best Plan Is No Plans (Bohol Loop, Day1) – Video Video

Best Plan Is No Plans (Bohol Loop, Day1) – Video


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    • Pretty desolate. Also, Jan. We started with EdMarie’s dental journey. We will be uploading an update when ready. Trying to do a before and after thing

    • That’s great, Derek I look forward to seeing a more confident young lady. 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

  • One thing I was not brave enough to try. Balut is probably not that bad at 12 to 15 day. Beyond that I have no interest in trying.

  • @Q Adventures. I honestly don’t know people eat balut.🤮
    Man its just disgusting looking.

    • @@qadventures yuk noway Derek I just couldn’t stomach it.
      I barely eat fish, coz wen I was younger a bone got stuck in my throat and that’s what put me off fish haha.😅😅
      Noway would I eat embryos.

    • @@evcass69 yes exactly man am the same just couldn’t do that noway!!
      For me my food has to be cooked.

  • I’d be scared to walk on the bamboo yikes! I wonder what they feed the fish – do you think there’s some catfish in there?

  • When I lived in Ormoc my fiance’ (now wife) ate Balut once when we were having dinner out. I refused to kiss her on the mouth for weeks afterwards…

  • Hey Derek, at the end of May I will be making my Great Move to the Philippines. I won’t be on any apps anytime soon after my move. I will figure out a way to connect with You in the future. I AM so obsolete to this new technology. I even went back to the basic flip-phone, no apps. I still have the old android with Wi-Fi only. I took off all the apps, so I Google search what I AM looking for. It may be a couple of years before I AM able to meet-up with You.

    • It’s cool, Eric. All my info, including my address is on my page. You’ll find me when time permits

  • Good Morning from Spain 🙂 No breakfast here after watching that “yummy” ballut🤢😝 Well, you had a great time thats all that matters . Have a great week ahead 🤗

  • finding a random EDM Karaoke party is super fun even if Jason has to dodge a local intoxicated guy. The friendliness of the Philippines shows in sitting down to eat the ballut as they welcome you and treat you like friends laughing and joking around as that is kind of thing that endears me to the people and Ai was totally in her element.

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