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  • I’m in northern England, but 3.06 on so I can’t stay long. You’ve gone above and behind to ken, thank you😘

  • You have accomplished a lot in terms of understanding the process of pension for xpat, another 20 years you will be ready for retirement and pension 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ❤ To U Dereck & Ai ,Wow ❤ Ken is so Blessed 🙏 To Meet U Guys , “U Saved His Life” For Sure ! 100% So Much Good Karma Coming 4U Both ❤ ….. Looking Forward to Ken’s Return to England and Continuing QQuest ✅✅✅🦘 AUSTRALIAN-GUY 👍

  • It’s night here in Florida .Good morning patriots.Just want to say that I thank you so much for helping that older gentleman..You guy saved Kens life. Ken really looks so healthy now compared to when you first seen him…I wished their was more people that would help others. Great job guys, very proud to be subscriber to your chanel. Hope and prayers for you and your family plus Ken…..😊

    • God sees all and every thing people do ,and I believe God has many blessings with both your names on them .Greatness will soon come to everyone world wide soon .and with this Greatness, it will bring out the best in all of us.You two are a best example of that…..

  • I always enjoy watching all your videos don’t worry about what time it is because it’s always 5:00 somewhere😊😊😊

  • You both are
    the best on this world. Thanks for wat you do for all the people you needs ❤ greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • I’m so glad for the outcome you gave to Ken. 😀
    I’m here for the long term. You do wonderful work helping to make other’s lives better. Thank you for your kindness. I will be watching the rest of your videos to catch up. 😀

  • I’m not trying to take away from you helping children, giving them shoes giving them a place to go, I’m just stating a fact. Helping Ken was a big bush for your channel, I think not only helping children but you should also look for, other foreigners with health problems and situations like Ken got himself into, that is definitely what a lot of yours describer’s are looking for, so you need to feed them. What they are looking for, maybe also some situations, with mothers that’s left with a lot of children and their father took off, you do have to be careful that you do not get yourself involved with a heavy financial burden to, may be set them up with a little**store which a few items where they can make a little money to help support themselves, help them to understand that inventory is everything. And how they need to concentrate on making the store bigger for more income, from time to time have someone go by to see if they are going to do good and then you have a follow-up, and if they just throw the money away then go on to another one. I think there’s a lot of potential and doing a lot of help like that that people would be very interested in, I think you are a very decent human being, and unfortunately a lot of people do not even think of helping other people, I once seen a old lady fall in the street with two handfuls of groceries, she was very old I drove by with my car. Because it happened just as I passed her. Just a little bit down the road I turned around to make sure she was get in some kind of help, and there wasn’t one person there helping her and many many people have drove by, I stop my car right in the middle of the road I got out and I helped her get to her feet and her groceries, I even had cars beeping their horn at me I did not care what they thought. After she got her bearings together I offered her a ride home, I think she was a little afraid and she said no I said okay you take it easy I have to go now to get my car out of the road, I drove down the road for a couple minutes and just did one more loop around just to make sure she was okay and she was doing good. I don’t mean to make it so long but sometimes life is very strange, and in America it is so sad but people it seems like the majority of them only care for themselves. And that is a shame. But if I wish you those are some things I would look at, and then you can help the younger people also. I think maybe a combination between both of them will give you a lot more financing, whatever it is I wish you the most luck that God can give to you you and your wife.

    • Well said. If I come across another Ken situation, I will surely intervene. But going out of my way to seek one out is not what I will do. I prefer to help the younger generation as they have a full life ahead of them. Even that, I do my best to identify ones with high potential and not fight my mentorship as I am only 1 person and my time/resources are limited.

      In the matter of fact, I already have a perfect candidate to set up a booth and already in progress. But Ken situation diverted my time as Ken is more dire

    • Wake up I was only giving you that advice because I could see a big drastic difference in your prescribers, and in the long run the more money you make with this YouTube channel the more money that you can help to younger folks, that’s the way I would look at it if I was in your situation. And yes I would seek them people out for the channel would grow bigger, and throw in the teens every other or every three videos I think your channel has a much better chance of getting very big that way, but you made it clear. But however it goes I still say you are a fantastic person and so is your wife and I wish you the very best life can bring you@@qadventures

  • Good morning from 🇫🇮. It’s 6:10 here. Thanks to both of you for helping Ken. You’re heaven sent. God bless you more than a thousandfold 🙏😇❤️

  • The health care in the UK is doomed. It will take years to investigate what’s wrong with him unless he is taken to the hospital by an ambulance and his life is in danger.

    • Even then , he could wait hours to be seen! Agree is overworked now. I went to a and e back in 2002, took a few hours, but was then transferred to another hospital 15 miles away , for a night, then the next day admitted to yet another hospital. Stayed there a month!

    • Hi Derek and wife 👋🏻❤️🙏🏻…You’ve both helped Ken so much 👍..Unfortunately the UK has thousands of people waiting on accommodation, Council houses are very rare nowadays!! He may get put in a Hostel I’m afraid 😳…hopefully he will have a better life than what he had💯…Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • @@silondon9010 If he has somewhere to stay but in the UK if he won’t have anybody to look after him he easily find himself on the streets. I hope there will be somebody to look after him. All I said was the UK health care system is broke. People are dying here because they can’t get the treatments on time.

  • I was on the phone with my Filipina when you were live . It’s snowing in my part of Alaska about 20 f out right now going below 0 this weekend .

  • I hope they have a huge “welcome home” party for Ken. You and your wife need to be there!! I will watch your other videos.

  • Thank you so much for helping Ken get well….Your persistence in helping Ken re-instate his benefits…..You are both so kind and loving…..God Bless both of you…God Bless Ken too…

  • What I see is that when Ken arrives in the UK, he will essentially become homeless. He has no place to go over there. He has no home there. He has no family or friends over there. Are you going to find someone to take him in and take care of him when he arrives? Otherwise, he may be less well off over there than in the Philipines. They aren’t going to fix him in the UK.

    • @@user-vs7sm3ny5dExactly 💯…,At best he will be put in a hostel or old people’s home ?? With so many restrictions 🤔❤️🙏🏻

    • He’s homeless here eating white rice alone before I met him. He has no resources here and doesn’t even go outside unless I hire a local to walk with him or I do it myself. He is better off going home. Most importantly, he wants to go home

    • You screwed this poor man.He will likely wind up in a worse situation because of your quest for more attention such as subs and viewers People like you always fall hard

  • Brilliant work this is from sri lanka wish you all the luck in the world you are indeed a great guy to all those around world is a beautiful place with people like you

    • But that would be for an assistant to filter. She / he would read everything and give you all the feedback. An assistant would also help with other things to. E.G research and budgeting.

  • There may be other foreigners stuck in the Philippines who may benefit from QAdventure. The experience you went through to help Ken is good. Watching from the beautiful island of Palau. God bless you for helping those in need.

    • @@qadventures unless you can’t. Afford the heating bills, I used to go to the public library for a few hours to save on energy bills. Btw, Ken will be entitled, once settled, to a free bus pass, which he can use after 9.00 am. Another way to keep warm, ride around on a bus all day!!

  • I think what you are doing for Ken is wonderful and i hate seeing the negative comments , so what if its helping your channel grow you deserve it , many people would just ignore this lovely man and not put the effort in to help him like you both have, so for that Thank you.

    • Thank you, Summergirl. My channel growing means more compensation which means I can do more WITH the compensation. Much of my YouTube compensation goes back into helping.

    • @@qadventures you are the best!to see the difference from in this man that looked he was almost dead from starvation to the light and hope in his eye ! Bravo for all the people that mAke a dream come true!
      My wish to the world .More. Angels like you!!! Bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You express yourself so well.I’m in total agreement with helping others. Thank you both for your love and compassion.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your content. I’m in! ❤️🙏🏼🌈

  • Just a warning guys, if you want to set up a form of charity ( invite , donations, ect) to help kids education.
    There are strict regulations in place for that, I would strongly suggest getting legal advice!
    Your heart is obviously in the right place, so would hate to see you get into trouble!!

    • @@qadventures hi Derek, that is very good to hear! Wish you every success. But, unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day!! So you must prioritize your available time, allow for rest ect! All the best from Pangasinan!!

  • With immigration laws aside I think Ken would rather stay where he is than traveling back to be mostly confined inside when he’s back in the uk. All the best Ken. Hope we will get updates on his progress

  • ideally try find family in the philipines with an anex willing to rent him a room supp.
    lying meals .be a nice income .Hell end up in some depressing home staring at 4 walls in the u.k..We give better accomadation to bogus asylum seakers in the u.k .than pensioners who have paid into the system their working lives

  • I’m sure most of your viewers watch all of your videos and check out everything. You just have to be patient.


  • While my wife and I were in the Philippines last month we enjoyed helping less fortunate. I’m home now back in the states and I go out today to give some necessities to the less fortunate in my area.

  • You and your wife are such amazing and warm-hearted people. Initially drawn to your site by Ken’s story, I will be looking forward to your other videos. 15 years ago, I adopted a filipino family and supported them over the years. I would love to find out more about the area they live in: Mindanao, near Davao on the island Garden City of Samal. Could be adventurous 😂😂 . Thank you for all you do.

  • I like your thumbnail 😇 Just sat down half asleep with a cup of coffee to watch the QTube and 💥 there it was. 🤣

  • hello from switzerland 🇨🇭…. thank you so much for helping Ken to make his dreams come true . You guys are wonderful people. God bless you in every step you take 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌷🪻😘😘😘

  • My lovely lady and gent you are good people but maybe help the kids first my brother married a phillopino lady many years ago they live in australia but share their love to the young who need a chanc3 god bless

  • A new idea that can directly assist Filipinos would be the idea of portable LED lights for school kids. I found a honest and dependable school teacher in Roxas City that distributes the lights. Amazon provides free shipping to the Philippines and there is no custom duties if it is beneath about $165 USD. I donated about 100. My lights are no longer available, but you might get a sample batch over $50 USD to test and no shipping fees.

    I have many photos, but can’t show via YouTube.

  • When buying clothes for the UK, it is best to buy clothes in the UK.

    Ken can bring Filipino exports like sardines, dried mango, and other items with his weight allowance.👍

    The Philippines probably does not offer much Winter gear, if available get it but don’t expect to see it. My suggestion is an Amazon digital gift card or another gift card from a UK clothing store. He could have the items picked out as gifts and then delivered within the UK to make the gift more efficiently spent. No import duties also!

    • It does not, but he still needs layers. I will give him cash money to buy clothes on arrival. Perhaps within the airport

  • I believe that Ken is telling fibs about his real name, His real name is Satoshi Nakamoto 😲😲😂🇳🇿🙏 Bitcoin to the moon in 2025 😁👏🎉🚀🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓

  • I’m happy that Ken is going back home. As much as he wants to return to the PHI he should stay in the UK for free healthcare and services. Uk has better services for seniors given to what he’s going through. I understand the cold weather and all.

  • Watching you from Kenya. Ken looks more healthier than before. Thank you so much for making this happen to Ken and more of GODs blessings be your portion all the days of your life.

  • God bless you and your family as well..being so kind to those who really needs help, keep up the good work,stay safe