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  • I think it would be good for him to stay out of the Philippines. Thailand has better medical facilities and apparently is cheaper to live. But he should stay in the UK for a while and get healthy.

    • Better idea stay in the country where you are a citizen he has no business here in the Philippines we are not set up to take him in as a public charge

    • Ok. But it’s ok for Filipinos to go to his country and many others, to take the jobs from the people of that countries. Ken is free to do what he wants. If he recovers. And pays the fees to immigration, he can return to the Philippines. I can’t see it happening tho.

    • @MrPogiBalut  There were lots of circumstances that led up to what happened to him that weren’t normal. Otherwise, he probably would have been fine. That’s why, at his age, I was recommending a place that has great medical facilities. Plus, there are large expat communities in Thailand as well. Also, he might want to go to a country where he can live better off his income. The main reason guys pick the Philippines if we are being honest is due to the women. I don’t think Ken is trying to get married.

    • @lorrie5881  It sounds like he doesn’t want to stay. He mentioned he wants to go back to the Philippines. Plus, the amount he makes in Social Security probably doesn’t go as far in the UK. He needs to go where there is infrastructure in place. He is too old, like you said, to rough it in the Philippines.

  • You Sir, you are the real MVP. Thank you so much for your dedication and relentless persuit to give this lovely old man his life back. So grateful!🎉🎉

    • Derek gives foreigners a good reputation. Because there are many male foreigners out there acting like they are in high school and living for drama. Derek keeps it real and has shown himself time and time again to possess a big heart and great character.

    • Oh, thank you for that. I had to move away from a gated community with over 800 units and about 70% expats and I keep being solicited into expat politics. LOL

  • What simply fabulous news!👍🏼♥️😘 So much work but so satisfying to everyone involved especially Ai and Derek!

  • Ken Sir Thank you for visiting us here in the Philippines please don’t return here your’e not a Filipino Citizen but merely a tourist or system is not set up to look after your needs your a lucky duck that this gentlemen stepped in and was able to assist you next time maybe your not as lucky. You have no official business here in my country and we are already overwhelmed with indigent people here that are suffering and don’t have an option like you do to leave the country your presence here is equivalent to an undocumented person, coming up to the United States south of the border, staying unlawfully, and then expecting the Americans to system, to look after them sir I wish you the best of luck. Please don’t return thank you, by the way, I am an American born white Irish Italian who lived here over 30 years. I am a dual citizen and I speak the language fluently I’ve spent most of my life here. This is my home now not yours.

    • You missed some basic information. Ken had Social Security Income from the US after being a legal US resident. His Barkley’s Bank Card was stolen. In summary, Ken had money. It stopped and so was unable to cover his bills, including leaving the country as required. I have met Filipinos that intentionally over stay their tourist visa in the US. Ken was not intentional about not leaving.

      Watch a few back episodes and then see the complete story.

    • WTF, Philippines/Filipinos were happy to take his money until the C19 lockdown screwed basically all seniors and restricted their movements and ultimately contributed to Ken’s indigent state. You may be a Filipino citizen but you’re still a foreigner with that attitude…seems you forgot to leave your entitlements back in the states! Honestly hope he makes it back just for you!

    • @@PeerLinkInitiativeLibraries extremely mean. She was somehow able to become dual. But that word white really stood out to me. How crude

    • Goodness knows what awaits him, we have elderly living in terrible situations here, they can’t afford to put heating on or eat properly because of the high costs.

    • @@shelleyf5793 yes I know, it is a worry!
      He could just disappear into the system.
      However, if he is actually admitted into hospital, they won’t release him, until accomodation and a care plan is set up , at least that is what happened to me back in 2002!

  • Great news Q! Seeing positive things like this in the Expat Community really makes me feel good that I Subscribed to Q Adventures!!! Nice one Brother!

  • Ken don’t forget about all of us here which as been following up ur stories,can I thx the camera man behind and u too bro for the big heart for helping out peoples ineeds god blessings u more for ever Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Praise GOD! Glory to GOD! Thank you Q for all you do, may God bless you and your family! Ken be home for Christmas ❤

  • Thank you so much for taking care of Ken…You are an angel…I’m from England…My heart goes out to him…He has worked so hard and deserves all the benefits due him…God Bless Ken and you….Thank you so much…..

  • ❤❤❤❤ Thank you Derek ❤❤ Your the real superhero ❤❤❤God blessnyou more ❤❤Your awesome 😍😍😍

    • I am so sorry we had to reschedule the Island Hop to the next day, Joe. I had an emergency where I had to do a round trip to Dumaguete on Saturday. It was exhausting.

    • No Prob Derek. Travelling is exhausting! Did you get those BB Nets I gave Keth? Hope to see you soon. Be in Lapu Lapu until Jan. 3. Salamat po!

  • Who will be taking care of him once he’s back in Wales??He can’t be alone for his activities of daily living needs(food, medicine, bills)It’s obvious he’s very lonely & jumps into relationships with any woman who gives him the time of day.Ken also doesn’t seem able to sort technological issues by himself..😔

    • We, as well as the embassy, are working with charities to help Ken navigate through the UK system. We also have individuals who are willing to look after him. Staying in the Philippines as an illegal and has access to nothing is not the option. Most importantly, Ken WANTS to go back

  • Thank you for the up date thank you for looking after Ken you are both a star and Ken is looking really well .😊

  • Q Adventures- Im speechless – i understand well how hard you worked to accomplish this-this is your niche in life i think

    • It may, perhaps, be…. but regardless of loss in viewership, I will stay honest to chase my passion of helping the younger generation elevate

  • Will Ken ever go back to the Phillpians and when he goes back to the uk wil this be the last we hear about him etc

    • He wants, but I don’t think that’s reality. I have set up everything to include him in video updates but there is no telling what his medical procedures are and how his recovery process is

  • I am so happy that Ken has you both in his life. Thanks to everyone who helped this gentleman get his earned social security. I pray his funds will go into an account that he can access.
    Please don’t forget to close his current 3 accounts he has in the Philippines. Prior to boarding his flight back to the UK.
    I am so happy that Ken is going to get the health care he deserves. Bless you all for helping him Amen.

    • @@WindTurbineSyndrome yes in Ken’s situation I would do the same, with his USA social security, plus his UK pension.he would have enough money to live reasonably well.
      The climate in England is not good for the elderly. One has to spend a considerable amount of your income just keeping warm! Social security/ pension in the UK is minimal, compared to the rest of Europe. Many pensioners, living in Britain face severe hardship!
      So if possible, Ken should return one day( be happier?!)
      Just needs to get all the paperwork sorted out. At least both the USA and the British Embassy, know now about him.
      Ideally, he should find himself a nice Filipina lady to marry, whole different ball game then!

    • @@WindTurbineSyndrome my worry is that his health problems, will not be dealt with sympathetically by the UK authorities, if they think he will not be staying permanently( have to pass the habitual residency test).Or, He may be charged for his health care( which could be very expensive!).
      I myself had to do that back in 2002,’after only living abroad for two years!


  • Amazing update as all the Time, Energy resources and favors are paying off as Ken is more then a 1000 times better since he was befriended by Burnadette and spotted by Derek and Ai during an evening walk. So close to the finish line 🏁✈as your Good Deed has been inspirational; it also shows how there are still some caring, loving people in the world.

  • What a gift this Christmas for Ken!!🥰🥰 First of all, thanks a million for all your help to Ken, you are priceless 🥰

  • Amazing! God bless you for all the help you are giving this gentleman. Thank you also Paul (“Old dog, new tricks”).

  • that’s nice to hear that you have a call from SSA so he can get much more money.yes if kin no medical they can get right away .coc me when pandemic & I ask medical in San Francisco for medical right away approved .

  • God has surely laid his hands on Ken. Please watch over him and get him home safely. He breath a sigh of relief to know that he now has monetary means to get home. I am going to miss him. God speed Ken!!

  • I’m glad that things are working out, but also a little sad because whatever them lumps on his body, and they removed them. With his frail state I don’t think he will be coming back, I could be wrong but I don’t see nobody in the UK spending that kind of time getting him a return ticket. They’ll probably just put him in, elderly home but whatever happens I’m sure he will be a lot better off than just sitting there being’s wasting away, I wish them all the luck in the world to return to the Philippines. And live his life there God be with you Ken I will pray for you

  • Thank you so much for helping Ken God Bless you. May Ken get back to uk. Ken will need a very warm coat as it is so cold here in uk 🇬🇧

  • Bless you and your family Sir. I have been following your story about Ken. I am so happy to hear the progress about him.

  • You did a wonderful kindness to help Ken. What a wonderful man you are! ❤️.
    And thanks to everyone who helped Derek make this miracle happen!

    • I would agree you became his life line now cut the line and help the locals only. He’s from a develop country and should know how to help himself. Derrick you have much to learn about our way of life here I’ve been here 32 yrs learn the language if you intend on staying here. But watch out because if you need real help you could be on your own your wife is just going along with with happy you can care for her. I married a US Educated medical doctor that doesn’t need me to support her she’s got a thriving surgical practice here. Adios pal

    • @@MrPogiBalut Actually, he didn’t know how to help himself. That’s why he was in very poor physical health and in the situation he was in. It doesn’t matter if someone is from a developed country or not, sometimes people just need a helping hand due to their circumstances or health.

    • @@MrPogiBalut who he helps is his choice. Ken has been there a long time and has cognitive impairment. He was hungry and had no means to help himself. His health became a huge issue. We can help anyone in need. Clearly there was a need. We are all children of God.
      What Derek chooses to engage with his wife is none of your business. Sayonara!

    • @@kristinab1078Thank you for your response. I’m in the USA and at 72 I need help with life. I’m very fortunate as I have some close family members who help me out. Besides each one of us needs help from time to time. 👍🫶🏼

  • Congratulations! That is fantastic news! It was a mammoth effort but you have done it. Thanks also go to Paul in Dumagete for his part in providing assistance to smooth the way.
    It won’t be long now, Ken and you will be able to go home and get your health sorted out where you are entitled to these services. I know you must be relieved to know that the wheels are beginning to turn.
    All the best to you, Ken, may you have a safe trip and be received by equally helpful, loving, and kind people on the other end of your journey. Keep on progressing on your road to good health.
    All the best to all those involved in helping Ken to get to this point to beginning the next leg of his journey and a hearty thanks to Q Adventures for all the special love and attention you have shown. You’re so awesome!

  • Please can you make sure Ken will be able to manage alone in the UK . He has lived abroad a long time and it can be hard where he goes . Expat returning has its difficulties too. 😢

  • He looks healthier getting around better and looks like he’s fixing get his money situated and go back home get things taken care of. Big thanks to you and your family for helping him when he was lost thank you 🙏

  • What a wonderful pertson (savior) you are for Ken, my heart hs been heavy for him , I pray God has seen your good deeds and you will get your rewards in Heaven May God bless you and all who have, and are involved in this wonderous works xxx

  • Bless dear Ken. Thank you Sir. You rescued this forgotten beautiful man. I’m tearful because I’ve watch this journey unfold.

  • You both are angels! Social media is always here to help. This is how life SHOULD be always. Thank you Paul also. You also are an angel of love. This warms my heart. Ken, your loved and so glad to hear your going home.

  • I’m glad that Ken find some one like you who help to some of displace foreigners in the Philippines. You are his guardian angels of Ken. Thank goodness you are really very helpful to him. Hoping your efforts will not be in vain. God be with you.Take care and be safe .

  • Wow its an answered prayer.Salamat po kuya sa iyong pagtulong kay Ken.Basta kuya cguraduhin mo po that you will handover Ken to the right people in the government of Uk.Dapat po ay may maayos cyang matitirahan at me magaasikaso ng pangangailangan nya po sa araw araw kasi he is fragile and needs looking after.Sana po meron man lang cyang next of kin na maasahan sa UK but will not take advantage of him.
    Sana totoong me kumalinga sa kanya .Anyway we will pray for you Ken and kuya you will be rewarded by the Lord for your good deeds to Ken ❤❤❤

  • Nice to see Ken smiling in the back seat. Derek, you sir are a legend for getting involved…and Ai…always so sweet.

  • Yaaay!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Ken! You’re going home 👏👏👏😊 Derek, you are the coolest person everrr! 👍👍👍👍👍😊

  • May good LORD GOD ALMIGHTY bless & protect u & ur beautiful wife & everybody involved one love thank God for Ken

    • I hope he gets back his money before flying though so he can support himself because he has no relatives back home..