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  • I really hope that the young guy will be able to get to manila and get the surgery. Also thank you for another great video ❤

    • He will… it’s just the matter of time and for me to have all the proper information to put things together

    • Sorry. Not as of current. A website will be under construction to better organize my projects in the future. For the time being, please use the PayPal link and indicate the keyword “Jesus” to help me organize for the time being. Thank you

  • Derek thank you so much for having the boldness and humility to approach Jesus about such a deeply personal issue, this could not have been easy for you. God bless Anthony who has shown such brotherly love to help, guide and protect Jesus and make him feel an integral part of this wonderful family. Truly heartwarming stuff. Derek and Ai, your videos just get better and better and better. 👋🧡✌

    • Very difficult especially I can’t speak intelligently about this topic. But the ball is rolling

  • There’s another vlogger in the Philippines who has a frequent guest on his channel in a similar situation. He offered to help him with corrective surgery but the gentleman refused. There’s an organization called Operation Smile that helps people with cleft palates. I did a search and saw that they have a branch in Makati, Manila. That might be the same organization you mentioned earlier. I believe he would be put on a waiting list. I admire your efforts to help this young man and look forward to getting an update.👍🏽🏝️🇵🇭

  • I hope to come out and meet you when I visit the Philippines if that’s cool. You’re a good dude. 👊

  • Hi U2👋. His situation is very touching and heartbreaking 💔. You could feel Anthony s pain in regards to Jesus mother not being in his life!! Hope future plans will include him getting the surgery 👍🙏. Great job U2!! Blessings 🌸🌺🌼

  • you’re a good dude, Derek. Jesus is a hard worker, respectful and hoping he gets taken care of. wishing him well. Peace!

    • @Q Adventures you have a good heart don’t let any one change it, i have had the same done to me there is a thing called Karma sit back and watch it happen 🙏🙏🙏

  • A truly “Good Heart” is something that your born with………and you have one my friend. God Bless

    • Thank you for the compliment. Growing up in Los Angeles, I had to convince myself there is better out there

    • @Q Adventures Your welcome. The compliment is well deserved. Many people only wish they had the strength and courage to do what you’re doing for all these people. You’re one small piece of living proof that there’s still good in the world. I’m happy to have found your vlog.

    • I couldn’t make it up that far with my commitments here. I received his blessing a few days prior. I really wanted to, believe me

  • My man, if you can help him, I will definitely make a donation. Please keep us posted. Please do.

    • I have every intention to. I only fear he is not fully aware what surgery entails and fear kicks in at the last second. But intend to put together a support network to surround him

    • Yes. I received it. Thank you very much. I am creating a separate record book specifically for Jesus as there will be quite a time investment on this one

  • Dear Derek, you are such an enticing orator. I don’t know why but I always get glued to your videos whenever I open it. This morning also I did that and I’m still glued watching it though I’m getting late for my work😂
    Anyways ❤ from Nagaland, India.

    • Go to work, my brother. You just brought some tears of joy to a grown man’s eyes. Thank you, reminds me I am human

    • @Q Adventures You definitely are human my brother, and a blessed one at that too. Continue doing your work. You’re a man with a mission. God bless🙏

    • It’s going to be a long and difficult journey with waiting lists and other factors, but thank you for taking this ride with us

  • i do know that there are charities out there dedicated to repairing cleft lips, i know in my country they go to africa and repair the lips of people, maybe just google for a charity that does this, good look i hope he can get it done, if it can i am willing to donate to the cause

    • Thank you. Through my subscribers’ contributions, I have contacts in Manila now. I am also aware that this is also something that can be done in closer India. 🙏

  • Reach out to Operation Smile. They have volunteer doctors that do cleft lip/cleft palate surgeries.

  • Hi Derek.. There is an organization called Operation Smile, and is based in the U.S. I believe it originally originated in the Philippines, and now performs free cleft pallette correction surgery around the world. If you google, Operation Smile, maybe you can contact them to get information, as I am 100% sure they will have contacts in Manila.

    • Yes, thank you. I have a subscriber in the medical field who gave me all contact numbers to doctors in Manila. I am just waiting for regular business hrs to resume before reaching out. Thank you very much for your contribution

  • Let me know if you can get the surgery set up through the foundation and we can discuss the cost of the other expenses. Thank you.

  • Thank you for helping out Jesus, Derek. So often when we help others the appreciation soon fades. What you are doing for Jesus, he will remember and appreciate for the rest of his life.

    • Yes. He has never came down the mountain because he is self conscious. I’ll work on the waiting list today

  • Looks like even the Filipina Pea has started protecting herself with a disclaimer at the end of her last video. I’d highly recommend the same type of disclaimer at the beginning of these kind of videos for you. Just want to ensure you don’t run into any troubles in the future my friend 👍

  • Hello Derek, A charity organization called SMILE TRAIN does the surgery free for cleft palate all over the World. Take care.

  • Keep us updated on this man! Every man with just a tiny insecurity thing can imagine what it is like for Jesus but probably not even getting close. You were close to getting me crying the second time now, but I managed to get hold of myself 😆

    Keep up the good work in Paradise!

    • Yes, of course. A website is under construction to keep everyone updated with Marylyn, Gel, Jesus, and future endeavors. The least I can do

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