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  • No matter what you do brother, Theirs always going to be those Trolls. Always remember to keep on doing the good videos . Always your friend.

  • Hello Derek it’s from Derek from the states. Love your videos. Keep up the good work. I also subscribed to Gels channel. 🙂

  • The real pandemic is, people are losing there minds. Thinking it’s their obligation to hate on others….navigate it well

  • Just do the best you can, with AI, and live your dream. We all can’t live there, but you always bring great videos that capture the essences of the Ph.

  • Listening to the news from back home or listening to the trolls are equal in the damage they cause. When someone injests poison, even in small amounts over time, it dramatically affects a persons health. The same thing happens when investing time listening to the negative news or negative videos about yourself. There’s a reason depression is everywhere in the USA, so why bring it into your life in the Philippines. Obviously you are a very intelligent man because very few people can disconnect from the negative feeding tube to live a real & fulfilling life. I solute you my friend & have done the same thing myself for the handful of years i have left in the USA. Keep up the great work & ill talk to ya later 👍👍

  • Sounds like you’re doing a great job ensuring that your life has great balance. 👍👍

  • Good job, man! Don’t listen to haters! You have my admiration. Im planning to move to the Philippines in about 2-3 years can’t wait!!! Have a blessed day.

    Already subscribed to Gel’s channel!!

  • Yeah I noticed a couple trolls in your live. Treat them like children. If they can,t stay inside the lines, you just have to take their crayons away.

  • like you said, you made it when you got trolls coming after you. it’s an unfortunate situation but you’re a smart dude to not fall for their nonsense. keep doing your thing, keep on keeping on. Peace! really wishing the best for Jesus.

  • lol, I saw most of this coming from over here in Los Angeles, but I’m shocked by some of it. Wow

    • Haha, I saw it all and also predicted what’s to come as his channel grows. It’s very sad but also very true the lengths some people will go to destroy others happiness and well being.

  • Yes it is so difficult to verify some Filipinos with official ID’s. I ran into that with my girlfriend. Great job guys! I appreciate everything you do!!

  • I love your style. 100% Honesty and Integrity. 👍 Looking forward to your next adventure.

  • No adult man should be asking for Gel’s info. She is a young girl. Any of the other women that are on their channel, that’s up to Derek and Ai. I know there was the one young lady on Ai channel who has a bad tooth that needs work. Would be nice to set up a way to help her. A bad tooth/teeth can cause severe health problems if left untreated for a long time. It can affect the whole body and cause heart conditions or nasty infections in the body, not just the mouth.

    • Your absolutely right, the good news is there are some things happening in the background to help organize and streamline situations just like this without it consuming Derek’s entire life. Although he loves philanthropy and many of us want to get involved and help it can get very overwhelming when your just one guy and running a business too. Stay tuned for future updates ahead.

    • Yes. We are in the process of assisting her personally. She was also on my channel and the vid was the best performing. I drop by from time to time to drop off cash (a commission from the vid’s performance) to the family but health and dental work is not a.priority in their situation. So we will be stepping in shortly

  • Just came across this channel and I’m not a troll but I’m in shock after viewing some of your videos. Has anyone told you how wildly inappropriate it is to have unrelated teenage girls move into your house? Then I see you making YouTube videos with a child? What is she 10? Helping people is great, but maybe you should hire a lawyer and run everything you are doing, and plant to do, by an attorney first. Wow.

    • @Q Adventures fair enough, I’ll watch more. And for the record I was only suggesting you were using bad judgement, nothing more.

    • I DO have 2 domestic attorneys on retainer. They ARE affordable. 1k pesos a month. Also have a few small politician friends. Just trying to work my way up the ladder with higher government officials

    • For SURE!!! I love subscribers like yourself. I assure you of that. You cite specifics when you give me input. If everyone is telling me I am perfect, then I have no room for growth. 🫶

  • I just like to know? Where did you end up sitting, on the banana truck? Gels dad banana run. Sorry, give the trolls the middle finger.

    • Anthony and Jesus insisted I sit on passenger side. I wanted to ride in back with the bananas

  • With all the help your giving Gel, it could work out for her and her family. You know what can happen, in the long term. Good things, or ??? . She young and if she sees the possibility and runs with it.

    • Her mind is still such a blank canvas. The hope is she does well with it, the fear is what will come with success or potential failure. The question mark is a big fear

  • Good man Derek I like your style, you know yourself them negative nobs are only baiting you

  • keep doing what you doing bro, ignore the trolls, and youre right, you might be doing something right if you get trolled on… i wont even explain myself to them. Keep doing it man and cant wait to do the same.. making vlogs and enjoying life.

  • Trolls just want to try to bring others down, so they don’t feel so bad about their own crappy lives and failures. Ignore them and don’t give them the attention they seek and they’ll move onto some other “cause” to get it. They know they have no original and helpful content of their own so they resort to high school drama because people will go to their miserable useless channel to see what all the fuss is about, so they can get clicks and views. You know you’ve made it when the trolls come for you. I see, as I’m sure so many others do, how much good you are doing, and can appreciate and respect that.

  • Great video. You are doing great work for the people. I was in Lapu Lapu in March 2019. The people in the Philippines are very kind and caring.

  • You both have great expressive eyebrows. BTW the snakes taste like chicken at JEST & the wild chickens are really fast

  • I agree with your personal methods for posting videos about locals but I also agree with this commenter from your live stream. He is talking about the women who interview poor women but refuse to even provide something as simple as a free email account for them. It is very simple to create them an email account five minutes before the interview and post the link with the video. Or make an announcement that the woman doesnt want an email account, which seems highly unlikely. Why agree to be interviewed just to list how bad you have it and not want possible assistance from others?? Makes no sense. “Brand Solutions​@L Whitsome clickbait to exploit them for cash. In my opinion if you point out a problem and can help solve it but choose not to, you are part of the problem.”

    • Every YouTube channel has their own methods and reasons, I also feel the same as you do about pointing out the problem but not offering a solution, as you know from my comment in the live stream. . Of course their are safety concerns about simply exposing people with no knowledge or understanding of the western world to millions of people on YouTube. Take Gel as a prime example, after a 30 minute hike she told Derek he was a “Kind” man, now he did the right thing and explained she couldn’t possibly know that but it just shows that these people live a simple truthful life and don’t manipulate or deceive so they take other at face value. Now, all that being said, just about everyone including Derek want to help as many deserving people as we all can as a community in a safe manner. Stay tuned because we are working on this as fast as we can in the background and will update everyone asap as things start to get finalized and set in motion.

    • @𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝑺𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Gel is different because she is under 18. All the other poor women I see getting interviewed are over 18 and are able to determine if some emailer is a bullshitter or not. They can be informed to question every email they get until the person proves themselves. Not creating an email account for 18 year old and older poor women so they can engage with the outside world borders on criminal in my view. In fact youtube should mandate that every such interview video post a link to the poor womans own account. Otherwise, half of those interviews are probably staged for clicks.

    • @L Whitsome This is were our opinions differ, I know exactly who you are talking about and am going to try to set something up with Derek to help her, but that still wont provide you, me or anyone else with her contact info as Derek has said many times it is not what he or his channel is about. As far as her and Gel being different, not so much in reality. Yes she is 18 but has had almost no contact with foreigners at all and I’m sure she doesn’t have a working phone or internet since her house has bedsheets for walls and an extension cord for electric. As I said I will talk to Derek to try to get the young woman some help and if he agrees everyone can make their own choice to contribute or not and I am sure he will do a follow-up on the progress. Just for the record, I noticed you repeatedly refer to “young women” in your comments and Q Adventures is trying to build a community that helps all deserving people not just young women. If you really want to contact young women in the Philippines you can go to one of many dating sites or apps for that or just try leaving a nice comment on a video you see them in and maybe they will reply back to it as i’m sure they all probably find a way to watch the videos they are in. Hope that helps.

  • Unfortunately trolls are everywhere. Never mind them and continue with what you do. Love your videos and what you do

  • Hello. I’m a Sunshine Shoulders subscriber. Wishing you success for your channel 🙏🏿

  • 🧝🏼‍♂️🧝🏼 yeah you earned your troll award you have arrived Derek 👏🏿

  • Its great what ur doing. Dont let them bother u. Ulle always get haters. Ur nieces and gel are lucky to get the extra help. With the right attitude and hardwork they could do just about everything!

    • Hahaha. It’s alright. I should be able to convert 1 or 2 soon. If not, they can live in misery. It’s all the same to me

    • More weird is when they try to entice me with George Washingtons not realizing I have stopped working since I was 37. George Washingtons!!!🤣

  • I am glad you got a thick skin, not everyone does. There is all kind of people everywhere and that will never change.

    You are dealing with the trolls the only sane way possible!

    Giving a troll any kind of response is like trying to soothe a hungry black hole with food, in the end, it is your energy level paying the price.

    • I make my livelihood telling my customers exactly what you said for a multitude of different reasons, yet in my free time I cannot resist going “troll fishing” and getting them all fired up haha. It’s my guilty pleasure to call them out publicly even though its wrong

  • you have a good heart don’t let any one change it, i have had the same done to me there is a thing called Karma sit back and watch it happen 🙏🙏🙏

  • love your style, keep it going you are motivating others to search for that paradise as well

    • Thank you for your support. I have some weird connection to Bohol that I haven’t identified yet

  • Keep up the good work Derek. I’m going to be your neighbour in exactly 1 month. My wife is from Lapu Lapu and is there with my daughter now. We live just on the other side of the new road in Ibabao

  • You are absolutely corect in keeping personal information of the people that you put on video confidential, no matter what age they are, but espcially when they are underage.

    I’ve seen quite a lot of your videos now, and i really like what i see. As i told you in the chat of another video, My girlfriend is from Laoag city, and we have been together as a couple since January 20 last year, so i am searching all information i possibly can about Philippine and the culture. So far your videos have been up there with the best. I also like Filipina Pea and others. All in All i should be well prepared for the day i retire and settle down in Laoag with my girlfriend.

    But enough about myself… I just wanted to thank you once again for the person you are in your videos and i fully agree with you on this matter. Please keep up the good work and i hope to see many more videos from you.

    Greetings from Denmark

  • Your GF is so sweet. What a Gem congrats.Having said that I don’t know how she puts up with you (joke lang)

  • Stay positive because you know in your heart you’re doing God’s work. My asawa and I are planning on visiting the PI this Christmas. Take care.

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